Film Theory: Wait… Dragons are REAL?! (How to Train Your Dragon)

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If you’ve seen Dreamworks How to Train Your Dragon, then you’ve seen the incredibly POWERFUL dragons. They breath fire, ice, and even acid. Is all of this a total fantasy or could this ACTUALLY work in the real world? Let’s find out…
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  1. He is gonna talk about the bomberdier beetle isn't he

    Edit: he started talking about it not 30 seconds later lmao

  2. A Game Theory and Critical Role Crossover is not what we deserve…but man I want it so badly!

  3. You should do a there on how the hearthstone was made or what's going in the new timeline is going to go. (Trollhunters)

  4. Thanks for applicating my favorite franchise ❤😅

  5. Def need to watch the show '"race to dragons edge" it takes place between the second movie and the 3rd I think (i would be wrong 😂) but it has way more information about the dragons and how they work its all about then discovering new dragons no one has ever seen and the dethsong is definitely the scariest dragon one the show there song draws in dragons and the sound is so high pitch that the dragons also get disoriented then the deathsong spits liquid amber on them then it hardens and the dragon waits to eat its pray like a spider ❤

    NOT UNIVERSAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. A normal person would say it’s fake but Matpat is no normal person

  8. Ok know make book theory on wings of fire & warrior cats

  9. Matpat, what about Toothless' "Plasma Blast"?

  10. Am i the only one who thinks these vid "glitches" are telling us something , it isn't the first time that i have seen it

  11. I have a mini theory idea how do the cars in cars pay money because they clearly pay money since there are different types of businesses and customers

  12. They actalluy show what a dragons fire is made out of in some cards I think. Ex; Toothless:Plasma

  13. This is kinda one of the best film theory videos out there. Also, let's always remember our irl deadly dragon 🔥🇮🇩

  14. Thanks for a really well researched video.

  15. The most famous of these are Shows jelly fish swimming electric eels 😶

  16. Those dragons are cats

    Just calling it out there

  17. I watched hTTYD yesterday

    Matpat are you stalking me lol

  18. You lose points for the click bait title that got my hopes up thinking you were going to talk about how dragon Legends and ancient art look a lot like known dinosaurs from fossils and that maybe a few were real and like with other Living Fossils our assumptions about when they went extinct were wrong.

    Buuuuuut…….you immediately started talking about my favorite bug the Bombideer Beetle in context of Dragons 🐉 so you earn enough points to make up for what you lost. Good job.

  19. I still contend that Dragons are reptile-like, not actually reptiles. Instead of Mammalia, reptilia, avian, picene, I think they should generally have a different categorization, Draconis

  20. I'd love to see a part 2 to this video, talking about other dragons from the franchise, like the Fireworms, the Death Song, the Gronkle, the Flightmare, the Changewing, and the Razorwhip.

  21. Can we just take a moment to appreciate matpat he has so much going on right now and he's still manages to stay consistent throughout all his channel

  22. I remember watching the first movie, the 2014 series and also the 2 & 3 movies.
    It's really something we see how much Hiccup grown up while I'm still a kid.

  23. There’s another electric dragon u DIDNT talk about; the Skrill (from the HTTYD tv series)

  24. Good video but it's clickbait soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    Dislike dislike dislike dislike dislike

  25. I’m so glad that matpat has finally done a theory on httyd, even tho he already has so much going on.

  26. Magnetically Accelerated Ring to Achieve Ultrahigh Directed Energy and Radiation. for real? these guys are fans of harry potter father and his friends (also known as the marauders)

  27. Tiny nudge on the deathgrippers, You forgot to add that the acid they spit actually catches on fire once it had made contact.

  28. Can you explain something, if their bodies naturally produce these things then why do they have a limited number of shots as explained in the first movie?

  29. Is it just me or does any1 else think that dragons rlly existed in the past but all went extinct? Like there had to be atleast something similar to them otherwise we wouldnt have all the folklores

  30. Why did he mention komodo dragons and not dragonflies? Do those bugs not deserve praise too?

  31. I love the pistol shrimp! They are such amazing creatures.

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