Fraud or Fail? The Day of Dragons Story

Day of Dragons is a game that has been dragged through the mud for multiple years regarding the crowdfunding methods which resulted in over $530,000 raised for what people called an asset flip. Asset flip being the term used for when someone buys pre-made assets from a marketplace and throws them together with very little effort for the sole purpose to raise money or hoodwink people into believing the game is more legit than it is. The result was over a year of back and forth between content creators, communities for and against the project and the sole developer referred to as “Jao”. Legal threats, DMCA claims and 2 years later, this is the result.

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  1. I discovered your channel recently and really enjoy your detailed videos. Thanks KiraTV!

  2. This was definitely not a scam, at least at the beginning, what I see is a guy who did a videogame passion project despite not being a programmer and got too lucky in kickstarter, got too much money for what he intended to do, and decided to roll along with it and things got out of hand.

  3. It's pretty simple just put the effort to work nothing else

  4. I think he started with good notion but realized this was way too advanced for him and kept digging dipper. And eventually started scamming.

  5. This looks like Creatures of Sonaria from Roblox lol

  6. There's a server for Ark Survival Evolved (I think) that already does this, why people buying this shit?

    You could choose to play the monsters / animals, and also people in the same map. 99% sure it was Ark, either way, I was a Drake / Dragon, and was decidedly NOT a nice one to the people.

  7. On a side note, from a coding standpoint, more is not always better.

    When I was learning Python for example, I made a text-based RPG, where you could choose your own class, go explore, have events and all your usual stuff. It totaled something stupid like 10,000 lines. Immediately after that, which took many hours, I redid it from scratch in like 1,000 lines.

    His flying thing should only really have that much code involved if it is reacting to the terrain or environment, and there's probably a more efficient way to organize it, to speed up performance. I.e. divide the first check in two, with a formula that accounts for speed, and registers if there is an object within that distance. If not, then it defaults to the standard flying pattern. If there is, it then 'reacts' based on the object to change to a different animation, and possibly move the hitbox / model etc. Depends on the engine / language, but you get the idea. This way it only runs 1 check under nominal conditions, so under your usual operation it minimizes the impact.

  8. It’s a classic, “I bought a bunch of assets and slapped them together.” Bruh you don’t even have the functionality yet, why are spending money on assets before the game is finished.

  9. whats so sad is alot of these ideas for games are so awesome i would gladly give em 60 dollars for a the game …that being said i work to hard to give someone my money for there dream i cant pay for my own not knocking those who do i buy in to early access games i just feel you gotta have more than just an idea to get my money

  10. So is it legal to scam people in a video game? Cause it seems like with a lot of these stories, none of them ever get in trouble.

  11. can you do an episode on Dune Tower Pc case! there's a lot of information on the discord!

  12. Something that I thought was funny is that they aren't even dragons, a dragon has four limbs and two wings. These are wyverns, which only have two legs and two wings .

  13. Not an original idea either, igp and icy played island i think, it is basically this, but with dinosaurs and actually good, and you can play as flying one too

  14. im sorry but I just dont feel bad for these backers. all these projects are so obviously BS and show No actual content that was created. how can you be so dumb to waste hundreds of dollars on crap like this?? Its SO clear this is just copy pasted assets….

  15. Yup. Thats a fraud. Developer lied about everything and acted hostile towards people questioning him. Then acting like a bitch with mod privlidges to ban / silence anybody who would say bad stuff about hes asset flip game. How the game stands now days does not change the fact that the developer lied and used every trick on the book to silence truth. Asset flip does not require any effort and if you spent 2 years creating assetflip game that has nothing in it… its just not possible. Scam is a scam.

  16. Um… he knows there's people who write code that aren't game developers, right? Like, the vast majority of developers aren't game devs.

  17. Kickstarter for games seem about as open to fraud as buying carbon offsets (send us money and we will preserve or plant some tress, we promise).

  18. i mean if i were a developer, and someone managed to replicate my game in half an hour, i'd not be pissed at it, i'd hire the damn guy cuz he surely is better at it than me

  19. I really is a shame. Had day of dragons been managed by multiple compitent people it could have been a great game, and though I hope change will come it most likely won't. Well, off to see if there are any other multiplayer dragon games…

  20. When the person you're interviewing declares their project is "Not a scam" when the interviewer hasn't even used that word yet, that's a big concern.

  21. Ive already seen this one before but I havent liked it nor commented. Here it is Kira, awesome content.

  22. That commentator is completely humiliated, broken and desperate. Pathetic.

  23. Check: 【Project Phoenix】 Japan's indie RPG feat. AAA talent!
    9 Years ago 😀

  24. The Wingsofredemption of Kickstarter scams

  25. I feel like the reason often times kick starter projects are "cheap" to make with their goals, is because of one simple and very smart thing. It is a manipulation tool, People will think youre pretty humble for not asking for a lot and be way more likely to invest far beyond the goal. Projects that are not from AAA studios or AA studios on kickstarters very often fail when they ask for a lot. Im sure there's more too this, like maybe they just want an extra year to not have to worry about a job. BUt I feel like with most of the games you show, it seems like a manipulation tactice.

    Like a person saying not to donate on twitch and getting awkward and like actually being super humble, they always get TONS more donations, happens nearly every time it seems like. Same concept with this. The lower the goal the more likely people will want to donate to help you reach it

  26. This guy islying about the cost of the models for the dragons. Unless the modeler he was paying was not competent.
    Only time a model would ever cost that much, is if one guy took a month to work on a single model working 8 hours a day 5 days a week. That happens with like big budget CGI movies, and it does happen in AAA games but generally good artist can make a model very fast, then a good rigger can rig it very fast.
    Now if he used motion capture then yeah likely would cost 30k or more, Well it literally would cost more than 30k. BUt you just have to do one session an adjust copy it to all NPC's but thing is, highly doubt he got a real bird or something to motion capture.

    Ima say this is both scam and fail. He is lying about the cost of stuff. Only one thats logical is the music cost. If he is spending 30k per dragon, he isn't putting the money in the right place and he is being ripped off.

  27. In the alternative universe, this game was a success and the project was adequately run

  28. Please check your audio levels. The music is just too much.

  29. Aside from the fact that all the prices he listed were insane, dude doesn’t need a lawyer, accountant and all that other bs just to make a game 😂 you get those when it’s all done and you have a legit studio now. Just like the clowns that file for an LLC before even coming close to staring a business. That jumping the gun way too early

  30. Squiggs 【Glitches - ROM Hacks - Speedruns】 says:

    Imagine how bad of an argument you have to make for YouTube to decide not to issue a DMCA on your behalf

  31. Seems like over 100 people are enjoying it so yeah isn't that the whole point of video games?

  32. What is the purpose of these asset stores other than enabling crowdfunding scams?

  33. It's very hard to tell if it was a scam that got out of control, or a dev who's pride and inabilityt to get help or be criticized went out of control.

  34. $12k budget is ok for something like tetris only. I'm wondering how many people don't pay attention to this huge red flag

  35. Honestly, and I say this as someone who has spent most his life playing video games, its not suprising these people try this stuff. Gamers, despite how smart they think they are, are not really that smart. People try these scams, because they work. Not trying to insult gamers but thats just how it is.

  36. not only does it piss me off that it’s a scam, but it pisses me off that he just copies shit from movies. like, httyd, GoT, and avatar. how hard is it to think of your own designs? like, he copied the design of night furies, the banshees from avatar, and the flame stalkers just look like dragon version of the wyverns in GoT. well, their heads do, at least.

  37. I just love that people try to use the fact Jao is a horrible PR man to "prove" it was a scam all a long, but fact is it wasn't a scam, never was, proof is that we have the game and can play it, its still being adding to and upgraded, is Jao an idiot and made things far worse with his answers? yes, should he have just shut up made the game simply letting people talk all they want? yes!. . did he? no, does that mean this is a scam? fuck no. . . people need to just get over it, they though it was a scam when he got 500k, did he up and leave, nope, ends up spending it on the game but yah totally a scam. . .

  38. In all fairness, asking who the person is who is interrogating me about MY business is a fair question to ask.

    And like the guy in the background said, why are you getting hostile just from him askin who you are? 🤔

    You can ASK questions but can’t ANSWER any?

    “It doesn’t matter who I am”
    “I don’t need u to believe”

    He is giving child-like answers to questions, but he expects serious answers to HIS questions 🤨

  39. I played this but never new this background honestly idk if I'll ever play again knowing all this

  40. He tried to create a product he may have been passionate about in the beginning. He reached his low ceiling due to lack of experience and know-how, and what may have started as a passion project, unfortunately became a scam, as he watched his vision fade and dollar signs grow.

  41. This hurts, there's no other games on Steam like this that fulfill my satisfaction (pvp, perma-death, survival, dragon-sim); although I really despise any community built on censorship and hate the idea of supporting such a community, I feel like I may need to buy the game just simply to get the enjoyment that I want.

  42. And here we are the game is still being hyped and pep still think they can have their dragon game

  43. I honestly wish this video showed up in my recommended before I bought the game. the flight mechanics are relatively good, but it wasn't until I saw the constant DLC announcements on their Discord that I believed was sketchy.

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