FUSION DANCE with the OWNER in Roblox Z Battlegrounds


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  1. Its cool that both players can control 😮

  2. Fusion is a legal way to try out early access characters for free.

  3. this actually looks dead cool

  4. This game sus already coz its not smooth now fusion will break the game bruh

  5. I actually love that’s it 100kills now instead of 150

  6. you should 1v1 a fusion it’s fun i have 4 times and won against a fusion too

  7. I like how it combines you’re name with the other person you fused with

  8. I could see a unique movement of the fusion to give it a new look, since in the anime it has the combination of two attacks in one

  9. Wait a min so how does it work? Who controls and walks and runs and does the move set and stuff

  10. Here my saitama battleground private server

  11. If you are soper saiyan god goku and your friend is blue vegeta will the fuse will look like gogeta

  12. wait, where does the other person go when they fusion dance with you?

  13. Sry abt being late but day two of asking the holy grail to ask the devs of the strongest to make a Godzilla game

  14. someone who knows how to do the fusion in xbox control ??

  15. Bots: Can we just take a moment to appreciate how much time and effort he put into these videos? It's unbelievable, and I think they deserve a lot more than that! 💝💝

    Also Bots: not subbed

  16. I wish more dbz games on roblox did this. Most games I see do the fusion dance, but another thing I would like to see is the potara fusion due to both fusions being canon

  17. I wonder what will happen if you do fusion in your ultimate modes

  18. I got a question who controlling the character tho u or him

  19. It would be funny if one of the moves of gogeta would be where he gets you and says gotcha dumbass that would be funny to play with

  20. Okay so you are the best guy to do impossible things people didn’t do

  21. "I wonder if he could give it to me for a video"
    You did NOT have to make the sentence sound so sus

  22. The questions in the comments make me sad 💀

  23. Man. I wish it was free in vip servers. I wonder how potaro is gonna go. if they do add it.


  25. How do you fuse you need 100 kills right? But what if your in mobile?

  26. I MET TOP 5 JAYWIZZE LOL ( forgot to add him tho )

  27. what is that hair you haveee i cant find it

  28. the fusion it's actually not right cause the character after fusion dance gotta wear the gotenks or gogeta suit, not the combine of 2 players skin:P

  29. they dont make fusion concepts like the old days
    one player controlling movement and the other controlling skills and combat

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