Game Boy Longplay [074] Double Dragon

Played by: georgc3

Of all the 3 Double Dragon games port to the Game Boy. This one is the best GB port of the 3. It’s very similar to the NES version of the first game with some stages being altered or modified. –
Disclaimer: Most videos by World of Longplays use SaveStates! Experience nostalgia: Relive the classic golden axe ii by playing online.


  1. Tried to order this today on Lukie Games but out of stock FFFFFFFFF. Anyway good video man. Love the retro stuff. Makes me feel like a kid again. Im knocking on 30 and this stuff makes me feel good.

  2. I got really good at this but now i suck i have it on 3ds.

  3. And all this time I thought I was getting close to beating it, turns out I only ever got about 11 minutes in as per this video! Those big boss guys always annoy me, they're too damn strong

  4. Holy hell it that easy to beat Machine Gun Wily by just punching him a couple of times and uppercut into the spikes bellow?! I mean seriously, how was my 10 year old self going to figure out that logic in 1989 huh?! For as broken as D.D1 was sometimes?! I still like it but I could never pass those skull spiked closet doors sigh…

  5. I’m glad this version did away with the silly hearts you had to earn in the NES version. These guys are martial arts masters but they have to beat up X number of thugs before remembering how to kick while jumping 😂

  6. I love it …. damnnn I want to get back to my childhood times again

  7. Me and my friend both had gameboys and thought we'd be able to coop with one game. We never managed it

  8. After all these years, i never realized how close i was to the end. Younger me… you were almost there. You gave up too early 🙁

  9. Playin it as a 8 year old kid. Now im 35!! Whoop whoop!

  10. How many time i’ve played this game…
    Such a good remember.
    Life’s gonna too fast 🥲

  11. Great memories !!! It's reminds my of the childhood

  12. Good memories. 🙂
    Man the music is sooo badly out of tune, it's comical

  13. I used to play this game a lot when I was a child. Thanks to you, I finally saw the ending!!
    The ending-wise, wow, the director of this game also made background images? This game was made by one programmer? Almost like an indies game today!

  14. Game Boy Longplay [064] Double Dargon Terry

  15. Who's still high kicking their way through this in 2022?

  16. I never went any further than the lava jumps at 14:39 (mission 3), and I had the game for years!

  17. G’damn, I remember playing this 20 years ago! The music…. Oh the music! @3:26 comes out of nowhere though…

  18. Ordering this tomorrow. Love this game and will be a forever keeper.

  19. 7:36 – LOL… getting a "thumbs up" for bashing a woman. 🤣

  20. Its posible play this double dragon in pc or phone?

  21. There wasn’t many staff involved at the end credits was there wow- imagine the profits

  22. This one of the first games I ever legitimately beat without using a code or Game Genie. It always bothered me that it didn't have the pin attack from the NES version, but looking back on it, this might actually be the better game. I played through both recently, and had more fun with this version. Its only real drawback is being a bit slower.

  23. I played the NES version to this game on the switch and the GB version on the 3DS, the GB version was hard due to the first boss abobo but manage to defeat him and complete the game

  24. OMG IVE BEEN TRYING TO FIND THIS GAME FOR SOOO LONG. I couldn't remember the name of it and I just had to find it cause I have so many memories of playing this.

  25. Anyone else thought that big giant's mustache was actually his frowning mouth?

  26. Am I the only one who felt that the first boss was a LITTLE too smart?

  27. I still can’t beat the first boss, I don’t understand how you can get more than one punch on him, I hate this game 😂

  28. Holala les souvenirs dans la cours d'école avec tortue ninja aussi

  29. Never passed the final Boss… I broke my GB because of this game when i was 12. Too much rage 🤬🤬🤬And u kill the last boss in a one shot…😳😳😳 GG. Happy to have see the end. Thx Bro !!!👍

  30. Always had trouble with the moving blocks in the last stage. But I got there in the end.

  31. Memories. We went to visit my nan and grandad who were on holiday in Weston Super Mare. I’m guessing 1990-91? I took grandad into town and convinced him to buy me DD for my GameBoy. He moaned afterwards that I’d conned him but I knew he was loaded lol but never liked parting with cash. The way I saw it he took me cousin on cruises on QE2 so what’s the price of a game😂 and no i wasn’t a spoiled kid I knew it cost mum and dad a lot to get me a GameBoy for Xmas so wasn’t going to ask them to buy it me. Anyway… trip down memory lane. I remember all the music, the end of level bad guy music etc… and was good as I could swap DD with school friends for games they had. Such happy innocent days and memories as a kid just coming into teenage.

  32. I never knew about this version. I gotta get it.

  33. the title screen music is replicated so well comparing to nes version, even for the bpm and the sound design changes up a bit. Everytime it started, tear started to appear in my eyes. This bit of music hits me hard

  34. This game is a deception itself. It starts out as a light version for the NES but as soon as you reach the boss and he just destroys you and you think that the developers have deceived you. I can imagine those people who bought this game then.

  35. my second game in game boy. my dad agot it for my birthday, it was the best game i had ever played, the music is so nostalgic damn

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