Game Boy Longplay [076] Double Dragon III – The Arcade Game

Played by: gerogc3

Of all the 3 Double Dragon games released for the Game Boy, this one is absolutely the worst I’ve ever played. Not only it’s worse than the arcade version but also worse than the DOS version of Double Dragon II and even worse than the Atari Lynx version of the first Double Dragon game. The enemies in this Game Boy port are so cheap and difficult they are almost impossible to beat. I almost did not make it in this game. Thank god, with the help of save states, I would have not been able to beat this game. I will never play this piece of shit game again ever in my life. Punches are useless and jump kicks are almost impossible to execute, so kicks are the only effective move in the game. There’s no ability to run and no extra guys and Sonny is not in this port since the developers did not bother to implement a 3 player mode. The weapons are too limited and are not always effective. This port is missing a lot of features from the Arcade version. The controls are lagging and sluggish. Avoid this port of Double Dragon 3 like the plague, get the Arcade or the NES version instead. It blows this shit out of the water. –
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  1. Outside of the decent NES version, the rest of the versions of this game, arcade included, are quite forgettable and best avoided.

  2. Hm, I also played Double Dragon III on the GB and from what I recall I couldn't get past the first stage, because there were 2 enemies on motorbikes which I couldn't avoid and always got run over.

    Now I wonder if there were 2 Double Dragon III games on the GB. I mean in this one here there is an enemy on the motorbike, too, but in the one I've played the motorbikers didn't appear in a factory, but on the streets. Hmmm…

  3. Siempre juegas horas y horas… deberías preguntarte a tí mismo ¿qué haces con tu vida? xdd

  4. WTF…. I never KNEW there was a DD3 FOR THE GAMEBOY 1!! My child hood is DONE FOR!!

  5. Cube's team has a lot of uploads of games that were not necessarily US versions of the games we got or games that we didn't get at all. I forget the exact name but there is a version of Silent Hill for GBA that was only released in Japan.

  6. This version is more authentic than nes one. But nes version has better music.

  7. this port really was terrible, as a DD fan they should have ported the NES version instead of the arcade version.

  8. Stage 4 had some of my favorite music on a game. Haven't heard it in ages!

  9. Hiruko looks like a zombie in the gb version

  10. Despite the misspelling of billy (bimmy) the nes version of this game  was the best. the intro, cut scenes, and ending. always a story leading to the next mission with the monk and ninja being optional players after beating them. nes was the best.

  11. What the hell are you doing??this game is so easy…

  12. I remember having this game for the GB, omg this was worse than the arcade version

  13. Piece of manure compared to the NES version, did not even put an independent song to the credits

  14. was such a shit game but talk about clutch ending lol last block of health

  15. Gotta love how the GB version's name is "The Arcade Game" as sort of a selling point. The arcade is awful.

  16. I remember this game. I couldn't figure out how to solve that puzzle at 17:22 until just now. Thanks!

  17. I used to have this game I don't if I really sucked at it or just that the game itself sucked

  18. Worst Double Dragon port ever made…shame…it could have been even better than the Arcade version.

  19. after DD2, this one has been such a deception for me… i remember, i was 9 and i have cried so much i was disapointed… damn…so rough for a kid 🙂

  20. This is the worst of the 3. The sound is painful

  21. This port of Double Dragon deserves a D-. Bad music choice, the controls are weak, and the game looks unbalanced.

  22. I'm a fan of the DD series, but this game is extremely hard, I can't even hear when i'm getting punched or attacked.

  23. I tried to play this game looking for some way to attack the enemies without taking damage since it was impossible for me with the character's hitbox and how bad the controls were, the only way I could pass the game was using the flying kick while i moved from the top to bottom in the same place of the enemies, and several times that didn't work either. The music is horribly repetitive and very simplistic, the only salvable ost is the one from the final boss. A whole mess of game, I did don't know what to expect from an adaptation of an already bad arcade game, but this exceeded my expectations of how bad it could be, from Double Dragon I expected a good challenge, but not a practically unplayable game.

  24. I recall the controls of this game being extremely sluggish

  25. Well I finally beat this one today. Is it one of my favourite Gameboy games? Oh absolutely not, but once you realise that you can just spam kicks by walking above enemies and take them out then it certainly gets easier. You can also stand in one precise spot in the room with the midget/fortune teller and the weird knife throwing guys (before the 'rosetta' puzzle) as I found out which means you can stand it one spot and spam the kick to kill everything.
    Honestly if you have 3 or even 2 lives after you've succeeded at the puzzle (if you even can because the controls have a mind of their own, sometimes you jump and sometimes you don't) then the final two fights are pathetic. The mummy is a joke and you can stand in order corner and kick that final boss to easily kill them.
    All in all I'm too harsh on this game sometimes, it's merely OK – the music is pretty decent albeit repetitive, visuals are pretty on par with what you'd get on the NES but without colour of course (I play this mostly on the original gameboy with the green lol, though the GBC palette doesn't change things much) but the gameplay is nowhere near as tight as 1. That game had solid mechanics and is also hard as balls, but beatable. This one is mostly lucky I think, though 1 took me a week to beat and 3 took like 5-6 hours so make of that what you will. It's not a hard game by design as it doesn't have any of the weird platforming of 1, but it just has funky controls.
    Yeah a solid 5-6/10 but maybe I'm being generous since I just beat it. Have no burning desire to replay it which says a lot. You aren't missing much if you don't own it

  26. The single worst game I ever bought for my gameboy

  27. lol the music was the best part of double dragon 3 and they went and fucked it

  28. Same storyline,different game from the nes version,but it is portible.

  29. WEll by spamming jump kick after getting knocked down, trading hits war of attrition, I managed to get to the 2nd screen of Egypt on my first try haha. I remember playing the DOS version as a kid but not beating Egypt on there either.

  30. One of the worst Game Boy game ever…

  31. db 1 was the best then 2 and this one just plain sucks

  32. Game Boy Longplay [076] Double Dragon lll – The Arcabe Game Terry(Riki) Jimmy(Kunio)

  33. I like the NES version of Double Dragon III better

  34. Get to the falling floor puzzle room, never got past it. This game was terrible! loves me some DD but the two before it were so fun and traditional and worked, this was…a mess.

  35. This game is a crap and hard as hell. I remember reaching the puzzle in Egypt and couldn't pass it whatsoever. Bad game.

  36. Omg this is too close. This guy's a legend.

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