Game Boy Longplay [125] Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team

Played by: SCHLAUCHI –
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  1. I'll never understand why the Game Boy games, aside from the first one, were so bad. It's not like Battletoads had a bad engine. But somehow, Ragnarok's World and this game just… did not work with that engine.And yet, that port of Super Battletoads looked like it would've been amazing. What the heck.

  2. I beat the rat ship with no continues and 1 life lol i sucked at it be fav nes game that was a knock off version cubex that was awesome bro

  3. Да как здесь можно поставить Dislike?!
    Если не Cubex,то никто бы такого качественного видео не выложил!
    Спасибо всем тем,кто делает эти отличные видео для канала и для нас(зрителей)!!!

  4. The 'copter heads into space? Damn, if only the helicopters in my country could do that.

  5. Why did the never team up the Toads with the TMNT?

  6. Wow, I'm amazed something advanced as this game can run on such shitty hardware! An achievement!!

  7. ебать кусок говна то…

  8. I prefer the NES version, but this version is not bad, in fact it is very faithful to the others.

  9. Been looking for this game for a few days. The nostalgia hits hard. Sitting in the back of the car on my gameboy (with light addon) on our way to our holiday location playing this game over and over. I've searched for Double Dragon and Battletoads seperately. Today was the day i found out this game is actually called Battletoads & Double Dragon. Nice sweet memories, thanks!

  10. Never noticed there was a GB version of Battletoads.

  11. I like the versions for Game Boy and NES.

  12. Это 4х битная консоль? Что за платформа 🤣 графика и управление 💩

  13. Is it normal for this game to completely glitch out on the third level?

  14. Not gonna lie, the music, the teamwork, the image of a Double Dragon abseiling on the rope & doing that swinging kick move….

    You've got me wanting to get this from Lukie Games!

    In addition to Hyperkin SupaBoy Hyper Beach & Super GameBoy cartridge, I got the Pelican Survival Kit which has the separate button add-on & light/magnifier I wanted, so I can use the Interact PulsePak Color & headphones. I just wish I hadn't accidentally snapped part of the adapter thing that holds the AC adapter on the GameBoy Color

  15. I bought this game at a garage sale for 50 bucks and I wanted to ask if there was a way to save in the game? I couldn't find anything about it and can't find a manual for it.

    Just curious, thanks to anyone who responds

  16. This Gameboy version is the hardest version of the game or not? Which is the hardest versión?

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