Game Of Thrones 👑 Daenerys exchanges Dragon for an Army 🐲 War Chess♛ ⚔️ #shorts #short

Daenerys Targaryen is finalizing the deal with Master Kraznys, exchanging an army of 8000 unsolid against her biggest dragon. For him, that means Karma is about to play out!

The Moral of the story – In order to strike a good deal, you must know what information to say, and what to keep to yourself. Also – Karma always comes for you!

This clip is from Game Of Thrones s03e04! Want to watch all of Game of Thrones? See below ( use these affiliate links if you want to support this channel 😌 ) !

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  1. One of the greatest scenes in the entire show!

  2. I wonder why everyone was upset about the end of the series. She was a crazy bitch all along. Obviously a family trait.

  3. How can people watch this fake ass crap

  4. Still one of the Coolest fucking scenes in the whole dam show. Shame it only went for what was it 7 seasons?

  5. Как много у неё поклонников)) особенно после съёмок в порно)

  6. One of the best scenes in the entires series.

  7. It's alomost like giving an army of slave soldiers over to someone else is a bad idea

  8. Как называется фильм скажите пожалуйста

  9. The way they cut it up ruins the whole scene

  10. Аж возбудился

  11. I always loved this scene 😉 She was so awesome early on 🙂

  12. She and a certain waif like warrioress were the best of the series.

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