Game of Thrones 8×01 – Jon Rides Rhaegal

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  1. Rhaegal was definitely into John! You can see how he feels his blood! He was so happy to meet his rider!

  2. Poor Rhaegal! He was into John, he was happy to meet his rider!!! It will be a bond…

  3. Rhaegal helping Jon on with his wing had me chuckle 😂

  4. Rhaegal's happy thrill at 2.08-2.10 was absolutely adorable! 🥰

  5. This couple should have been the endgame.

  6. Tower this is Dragon Rider requesting a flyby.

  7. Everybody and their mom in Winterfell: sees Jon riding a dragon What in the…?!

  8. i wish in the new jon series the he finds n claims dorgon i mean he is the last Targaryen and Dorgon is the last dragon epic

  9. Such a stupid fucking scene. Yes, I'm still upset years later how they totally glossed over the significance of Rhaegal allowing Jon to mount him. The bond a dragon shares with its rider is no small thing, and dragons don't just allow anyone to ride them. Only those with the blood of the dragon, the blood of old Valyria, would be accepted so quickly by a dragon. So the fact they didn't even acknowledge this and made this dumb af Disney ass scene was a major fuck up, because this was the moment Dany should have realized Jon wasn't an ordinary bastard. But, she also wouldn't have encouraged him to mount her other dragon because 1) not knowing his heritage she should have assumed Rhaegal would eat him, and 2) dragon blood aside, why would she allow someone else access to one of her greatest weapons? They totally ruined her character last season. She was not the same Dany she had been previous seasons, but rather some pathetic lovesick puppy.

  10. 0:24 I love how rhaegal nuzzels John like a dog he's like pet me please

  11. Man i wish we have seen more of rhaegal and jon…

  12. the fact that rhaegal was the first to reach out to jon, probably knowing his lineage from the get go–
    the fact that jon bonded with a dragon named after his father–
    the fact that jon is very much like rhaenys at heart and out of dany's three dragons, rhaegal inhabited rhaenys's personality–

  13. Jon snow riding the dragon named after his father how typical.

  14. 😰 Sehr traurig das er auf den Drachen reitet

  15. Should train him to say souves and dohyras lol

  16. It was horrible how they kill Rhaegal so poor writing idk how hbo let them do that

  17. That cold winter breeze has gotta hurt a lot going that fast lmao

  18. I love how rhaegal kicks john to help him up lol

  19. The fact that A. Jon clearly bonded with Rhaegal and they didn’t explore their connection is beyond insane.

    Furthermore, the fact that Dany didn’t IMMEDIATELY realize Jon was a Targaryen the second Rhaegal didn’t throw him off and try to eat him, is possibly one of the most dumb moments I’ve ever seen.

  20. I think that in Rhaegals mind he was like Jon is my rider like if they were meant to be friends and rhaegal really likes Jon like you can tell

  21. no one (especially Daenerys) found it weird that Jon was able to ride a dragon???

  22. Ik im late to bring this up but it makes sense that Jon Snow(Aegon Targaryen)would mount and ride on top of Rhaegal's back,Rhaegal who is name after Dany's brother and Jon's/Aegon's father Rhaegar I just thought that was interesting & cool
    (Side note i wish Game of Thrones would have made and have dragon saddles for all three of the dragons like how House Of The Dragons did but it didnt make sense but it also kind of did make sense🤷🏻‍♂️💯

  23. The other 2 dragons are so small compared to drogon

  24. The way Drogon stares into Jon's eyes… being an overly-protective son.

  25. This could have been one of the important thing to reveal the Jon's true identity.

  26. 0:24
    Green dragon: hey why do you have mom's smell on you, were you huggin- oh, I get it… DADDY!!!

  27. “You’ve completely ruined horses for me” I actually snorted

  28. I feel like barely anyone notices 2:53 where Jon takes the initiative and steers Rheagal. He was scared af at first, but then the Targaryen blood does it's thing and his instinct is to just get comfortable so quickly and guide the dragon, and the dragon listens.

  29. Dany's naiveté on full display here: she's the Mother of Dragons, and these are her children. But what kind of mother lets strangers, particularly rival Kings in the North, total & unfettered access to her children?

    Catelyn may not have given a shit about Jon, but the Trident would boil over before she allowed King Robert, or any of the Northern Lords, access to him without Ned's approval, and ditto for her own trueborn children. And then there's Cersei – she needs no discussion here as far as her cubs are concerned.

  30. "Look, everybody! I've got a rider!!"

  31. I dont understand why Rhaegal went with Dany after that when he was now Jon's dragon

  32. The fact that this happened BEFORE Jon’s Targaryen lineage was revealed, and everyone was still shocked that he was a Targ. 🤦‍♂️ This scene should have been a dead giveaway that he had the blood of the dragon.

  33. The second King in the North becoming a Dragon rider…they massacred my boy.

  34. Dany should've known then and there he had Targaryen Blood!

  35. Wait where is the other one? There where three?

  36. Dragons are magical creatures bound by blood.The moment Jon sat on Rhaegal he became its rider and still he didn't even get a hint of pain when Rhaegal was shot down.

  37. That dragon knew who Jon really was. He could smell it.

  38. Their romance has about as much "chemistry" as mixing water with oil

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