GAME OF THRONES KHALEESI QUEEN#gameofthrones #daenerystargaryen #thequee #khaleesi #motherofdragons

GAME OF THRONES KHALEESI QUEEN 👑 MOTHER OF DRAGON THE QUEEN 👑 DAENERYS TARGARYEN QUEEN 👑#gameofthrones #daenerystargaryen #thequee #khaleesi #motherofdragons


  1. For a moment ai thought it was a mobile game ad

  2. Grogon siempre fuerte 💪🏼Más su madre ❤

  3. Она что в джинсах?😮😅

  4. 감히 엄마한테 대들어? 회초리 어디갔어! 어딧어!😅

  5. Nah bro said:U mf…oops sorry mum i didn't see u im sorry let me leave.

  6. Im not quite sure but didnt they also eat the young shepardgirl, that minded the flock. Its a long time since I read the books n movie was made diffrent in places.

  7. It's obvious for dragons to act like this in the matter of food

  8. Song Name: Magic beat that messes with your mind (sped up)

  9. Это курочки🎉😮

  10. Сыночка не балуйся , будь хорошим мальчиком , ну мааам ! ты достала своими нотациями ! я сам разберусь ! уж взрослый блин !!! 🐲 ❤ 🤪

  11. У меня котенок не терпит, а тут дракон!

  12. Obviously new pet owner who doesn't know not to mess with the animal while they're eating. 😅

  13. Adoro todas las imágenes de tragones
    Sus dragones adolescentes se les debe dar su espacio y tiempo pues sus cambios de hormonas químicos y crecimiento es igual que de un himano😅😅😅 jaja aunque trataron de hacerle ver a su mamá que su naturaleza sin dragones 😊

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