GAME OF THRONES KHALEESI QUEEN#gameofthrones #daenerystargaryen #thequee #khaleesi #motherofdragons

GAME OF THRONES KHALEESI QUEEN 👑 MOTHER OF DRAGON THE QUEEN 👑 DAENERYS TARGARYEN QUEEN 👑#gameofthrones #daenerystargaryen #thequee #khaleesi #motherofdragons


  1. মুভিটির নাম কী?

  2. What did you do to the filmed scene? Weird!

  3. Bro forgot Hiccup's mother from How To Train Your Dragon exists ☠️

  4. Is it weird that I want a dragon still and I’m 14

  5. Most beautiful and lovely, The dragon 👌🏻

  6. Nice shoe soles for your time Deaneary aka the costume dept and the that Jimmy Choo or Doc Martin or wasit some Cowboy shoe soles

  7. All are boss
    John Wick
    Bruce Wayne
    Agent 47
    James Bond arrives

  8. Aftet this she controlled her fear of snapping dragon, when dragon came for her rescue and she pulled spear out of dragon ….that time when dragon 🐲snapped on her👱‍♀️…she didn't even flinch….

  9. Cho ai chưa biết sam sau khi lấy máu vào thả đi 1 phần sẽ chết vì thiếu máu còn 1 nửa sẽ mất khả năng sinh sản nên số sam còn sống vào khỏe mạnh chỉ chiếm 1 phần nhỏ mà thôi 😢😢😢

  10. "we do not control the dragons, it's an illusion"

  11. Dragons were neuclear bomb of that time. Think like that , you will understand , how dengerous they were.


  12. 😮😮😮😮😱😎🤫🙃🙂🤪😜😝🫣🙄

  13. If she doesn't wear pants it would be better

  14. Как называется фильм
    Name kino

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