Game Of Thrones Podcast Episode 51 – A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms Spinoff Announcement

Back are we since the end of House of the Dragon with our first Game of Thrones Podcast episode of 2023. We normally reserve these for the books, shows or major announcement and we’re here to talk about just that: the Dunk & Egg spinoff is officially going forward at HBO.

Amber’s Video on Dunk & Egg:

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House of the Dragon is an American fantasy drama television series created by George R. R. Martin and Ryan J. Condal for HBO. It is a prequel to the television series Game of Thrones and is based on Martin’s 2018 novel Fire & Blood. Set two hundred years before the events of Game of Thrones, the series chronicles the beginning of the end of House Targaryen, the events leading up to the Targaryen civil war, known as the “Dance of the Dragons”, and the war itself. The main contenders are Houses Targaryen, Hightower, Stark, Baratheon, Arryn and Velaryon.

Game of Thrones is an American fantasy drama television series created for HBO by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss. Based on the fantasy novel series, A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin. The series is set on the fictional continents of Westeros and Essos, and interweaves several plot lines with a large ensemble cast. The first narrative arc follows a civil conflict among several noble houses for the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms; the second covers the attempts to reclaim the throne by the exiled last scion of the realm’s deposed ruling dynasty; the third chronicles the rising threat of the impending winter, the legendary creatures and fierce peoples of the North.

All Red Arrows and Circles are placed in thumbnail for comedic and parody purpose. They do not point to or highlight anything in specific and are just there to make fun of other trash and awful YouTubers who use it to bait people. In short: The red arrows are pointing to the friends we made along the way.

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  1. did he just log out with ‘have a nude one’?

  2. The idea Carmine thinks people can't tell the difference between 2 shows set 100 years apart but also thinks Lalo is a Breaking Bad character worth mentioning is such a contradiction of thoughts to me for done reason.

  3. Oof marone, carmine… never speak about sopranos again lol

  4. "Carmines sopranos take.. whatever happened there"

  5. The best part of the later seasons of the Sapranos is the acting. By skipping all but the last three episodes your cutting out what makes it great.

  6. Carmine never did have the makings of a varsity athlete.

  7. Sorry but I agree with GRRM- Dunk and Egg sounds like a sitcom. A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms is a great title because it gets across that it's about being a true knight – which Dunk is, even if he is not technically a knight. And it also gets across that it's set in the ASOIAF/ GoT universe (Seven Kingdoms).

  8. Lady Rohanne as far away as season 3, thats a long wait

  9. Skipping episodes of Sopranos is WTF tier. You're missing out so much, it really is about the characters rather than the overarching plot

  10. Astoundingly bad take on how to watch The Sopranos there.
    Would you have people watch GOT like that? I don't think so.

  11. That sopranos take is what of the most ridiculous things I've heard

  12. I know it's an old ass show but a warning before spoilers for Sopranos would be nice I'm finally watching it now lmao

  13. Man idk if I'd really be able to say I "watched" a show if I only watched the last 3 episodes and read the sparknotes till then

  14. My husband is one of those casual fans. He did read the original ASOIAF books years ago but never continued with the spinoffs. He gave up on HOTD after three episodes. “I can’t keep track of any of these characters and I don’t care anymore.”

  15. In HOTD's defense it did get announced right before the pandemic so there's a chance that otherwise it wouldn't have taken 3 years to air.

  16. it's sacrilege to only watch the last 3 episode of a season because it's a really stupid thing to do

  17. 9:54 I presume Dunk would have been knighted sometime later in life (probably just before entering the Kingsguard or just before knighting Egg).

    Also iirc, the King can knight someone even if they themselves are not a knight so what happened could be that Egg knighted Dunk then have knight him.

  18. 19:20 compared to the books, the harry potter series WAS disastrous imo…honestly looking forward to the new series cuz theres SO much that can be improved n so much that the movies left out that really made the books special

  19. Pine Barrens is a brilliant Sopranos episode

  20. They aren’t giving casual fans nearly enough credit. It’s not that difficult to follow.

  21. Watch the Pine Barrens episode of Sopranos. You're welcome

  22. Never watched Sopranos myself but unsubscribed when I heard your pompous opinion followed by the admission it was based on “recap videos”. Bye

  23. I only want them to use the individual novella titles if they make, like, movies or miniseries rather than full length seasons.

  24. Instead of hedge knight it should be "the liar"
    Egg is lying, dunk is lying others are lying etc

  25. This was a really bad podcast. Granted, I only listened to the last 1/4 of it but someone gave me a recap of the rest.
    1/5 stars.

  26. I used to be a big Harry Potter fan and I really hate the movies, especially 4th and onwards.

  27. "I never liked the celebration of what it was to being a knight" How lefty of you, Preston. 😉 I mean the ugly part in anything is because men or humans are flawed and can do horrible things. But the idea of protecting the innocent and all that stuff as a code of honor is far from bad. Praising it may not work completely in the context of ASOIAF though, I agree. Cause it's all about subverting expectations. But the ideal has to exist before subverting. And what George did with Jaime and the Mad King was brilliant because of that. Jaime acted like what a knight should do by killing him. And was dispised for it.

    Also Dunken being the perfect knight while not being a knight is the same thing as Brienne have been forever. Noble people that represents everything that it is to be knights. So they deserve the title. And since the title of the episode where Brienne was called that and they are related, it would be logical to name the series that. Plus as a crossover to lure the fans back, I could see worse marketing tools.

  28. Knighting Dunk would be worse then season 6-8. Because that's what the story is about.

  29. It’s most likely they’ll run 6-8 episodes. Also no they’ll not include any adventures of Arlan n Dunk, there’s no content for them to follow or use n doesn’t advance the plot. Dunk n Egg n each season will be a story. Season 1 The Hedge Knight, S2 The Sworn Sword n S3 The Mystery Knight

  30. I agree that season 4 is when I saw the cracks, the iron-man storyline was crap, a storm of swords, is my favourite book, and the part from season three from that book is gold but I think the decision of making Tyrion and Jaime not enemies in that ending was very important for both Jaime and Tyrion going forward.

  31. Normies dictate content. It sucks but it's the way it is

  32. I'm happy about Duncan Egg.. but it would be nice for him to finish idk the original series eventually

  33. How bad can Mandalorian season 3 get?

  34. Good video!!!!

    I think for the blacks, season 2 may focus on Jace and his development, like how Rob was a main character in season 2 of Game of Thrones. So I think we get Jace arriving in the Vale in episode 1, then off to the North from episodes 2-4 (pact of fire and ice), episode 5, returning to Dragonstone after rooks rest and naming Croly's the hand of the queen and starting recruiting the dragon seeds through episode 6. Finally, the gullet Episode 7, with 5 dragons and hundreds of ships and after an entire season of getting to know Jace, he's gone, and we feel Rhaenyra's pain; then she flies to the capital, Episode. I could see Rhaenyra's taking of king's landing intercut with the fish feed or the butchers ball.
    But Dragon Demands is probably right, and we get rooks rest as the season finally episode 8 with Daeron and the honey wine as a mid-season battle. This means they could push back Blood and Cheese to episode 2.

  35. Carmine you couldn't be more wrong about sopranos. Watch it all or not at all. Season one is kinda rough, the show gets better as it goes.
    It's well thought out and subtle, only the wire really holds a candle to it from what I have seen.
    Plus your namesake is the boss of New York.

  36. I’m pretty excited for this show. I’m curious how many episodes per book, that kind of thing. But I’m also sad bc this is the last new George material from ice and fire till someone out of sheer desperation tries to remake GOT… or George finishes a book EDIT: I always saw this as a mini series. These translate extremely well for the screen bc the books are filled with lots of visuals. Easy to be faithful and good for tv. But I’m having a rough time seeing any of them as more than 3 hours. I’m worried they’ll mess it up if they try. They’re actually perfect for film length

  37. I am happy they’re remaking Harry Potter. I think the movies sucked mostly. I may be a purist but i put off reading the books a decade bc those movies didn’t do anything for me. That isn’t true of GOT. Or LOTR. And these should be made for tv. We def don’t need the books mutilated for 2.5 hour films again. One season per book, and honestly, I’d love to see them animated in the Kirkman style from Invincible maybe. But realistically, books 1-3 are 5-7 episodes. The rest are 10. That’s what should happen if you ask me

  38. Loved the Batman but you can’t be bothered to watch sopranos season 1!!!! CARMIIIIIINE! Seriously though, I mean, dude… that show is like Shakespeare level. Especially the early seasons but it stays crazy strong. If it’s striking you as boring, maybe try again, watching more closely. I’m wondering if you like Mad Men. These are smart smart shows

  39. If they don't do Dunk is not a knight they are failing step 0 of making a Hedge Knight series

  40. So much of the point of The Sopranos is to show how even someone with a high octane life such as Tony can suffer from the monotony and repetition of daily life and can lead to depression which varies every day. You'll miss that if you don't watch any of it lol.

  41. Preston completely misread Carmela's relationship with AJ's guidance counselor. No surprise there.

    Carmela is finally out of Tony's grip at the beginning of season 5. She has spent decades in a toxic, transactional marriage. Carmela legitimately likes Mr. Wegler, but she's conflicted and she applies the same strategies she used to survive in her debased marriage when she starts to get close to him. 'I slept with you and have shown you love, so can you use your influence to help him at school?' Carmela does not even realize she is doing this. Mr. Wegler finally snaps as he feels used and Carmela becomes defensive and reverts to thuggish threats (which, by the way, she never carries out).

    Carmela is an extremely well written character who blows away anything you will see on GoT or its extremely mid prequel series HotD.

  42. Every time GRRM talk about WOW his ears blush

  43. i think the main argument against the talisa storyline is that it, alongside aging robb up, hurts robb as a character. the point of jeyne is that robb didn't marry her for love, he married her because he thought it was the honourable thing to do. he put her honour before his own.

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