Game of Thrones S07E07 Daenerys Arrives at Dragon Pit With Her Dragons.

Game of Thrones S07E07 Daenerys Arrives at Dragon Pit With Her Dragons.


  1. here sitting and thinking what if she came on a vhagar or balerion size dragon. The shadow that would cover the arena would make sersie shit her royaly pantry

  2. HotD really puts into perspective just how hilariously tiny S7’s Dragonpit is, even as a ruin.

  3. Dany: "sorry for being late.. i had to bring my kids over hope u dont mind .. its hard to find a babysitter these days"

  4. Gotta hand it to Cersei. Even Jaime (having seen the dragons in battle) anxiously watches their entrance and the rest are just as awed. But Cersei is like, "eh whatever". Poor Tyrion was trying to gauge her reaction to see if she's intimidated but Queen C doesn't even flinch at Drogon's roaring.

    But then again, there's a fine line between bravery and stupidity.

  5. My mum : what do you want for your birthday present sweetling? Cats or Dogs?
    Me : I want a dragon.

  6. My mum : what do you want for your birthday present sweetling? Cats or Dogs?
    Me : I want a dragon.

  7. I couldn't help but listen to the soundtrack here. It's also used in HOTD.

  8. Oh boy seeing this and knowing that will see their real mother die in the same place in hotd will hit hard

  9. The thing I love and noticed is that Dany wasn’t just his rider to Drogon, she was also his mother. I think that’s why he’s such a soft boi to her 😂

  10. Drogon is still my favorite dragon design in just about anything.

  11. This seen always gives me chills as it’s the first time they all meet like this

  12. Should have just flambayed everyone in the arena and been done with this whole plot line

  13. The way drogon takes off after dropping her off and fully flexes his size like I'm a king among my kind. Hurt my Queen Mother, and you still won't see me coming

  14. Just say dracarys and let dragon have some kFC

  15. After watching hotd I can see Danny and her many times over great grandfather Daemon just being the best of friends.

  16. She could have won the war right then and there by burning everyone all her rivals quick and easy

  17. Daenerys should've burned the queen there I hated her death.

  18. just one very well placed Dracurys…. oh how I wish…..

  19. Cersei not being afraid of a full grown dragon is kinda badass. She doesn't even flinch in her chair.

  20. I want to go to the Daenerys Targaryen school of dramatic entrances!

  21. Danys children are the first dragons to be at the dragon pit after almost 300 years of it being destroyed yall😭😭😭

  22. Seeing Drogon taking off from this scene and in the scene in 7×5 when he drops off Dany at Dragonstone and watching him take off will always be mesmerizing for me. You can tell he is a skilled flyer and understands his surroundings. Hearing the shear amount when he uses his wings you can hear the gust loudly to propel into the sky.

  23. Had Danny only brought Drogon, they would not have figured out that the Dragons could be killed. Everyone knew she had 3 dragons. They could have just assumed that Drogon is the dragon she rides.

  24. Cersei trying to act like Dany didn't just fly in to the meeting on a dragon… haha

  25. Cersie's ego waited her whole life to be in the strongest postition of power ever and got dominated haha.

  26. If she torched cersei right then and there the show would be a lot better

  27. arranges a meeting with all the lords of westeros, including cersei and doesn't just burn the bitch alive. Unreal the naivety and stupidity, the dance of dragons could've been avoided if meleys just killed them all at the coronation, then had rhaenyra state to the remaining lords that alicent killed viserys.

  28. Her hair looks intact. What kind of products she uses?

  29. People like Qyburn who didn't want that magic but still lusting after it makes my skin crawl. Also Euron.

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