GAME OF THRONES S07E07 Ice Dragon Awesome Scene (2017) GOT Season Finale, TV Show HD

GAME OF THRONES Season 7 Finale Official Best Scene (2017) GOT, Season 7 Episode 7, TV Show HD
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  1. he's not an ice dragon he's a "wight" dragon. There's a difference.

  2. Anyone else confused why they didn't start sprinting lol.

  3. This makes no sense! an ice dragon? WTF if the dragon breathes ice, it would definitely accumulate on the wall… not destroy it haha that's blue fire!! like the one in your fucking stoves haha

  4. I know it's all magic of a kind, but it seems wrong to me that an undead dragon can breath fire. Especially as it seems natural to infer that the advancing winter is stopping or at least slowing the undead from rotting. Internal heat caused by life itself, one would imagine would not only not be present in the dead, but undesirable.

  5. Wow, they reworked Sindragosa

  6. i see the knight king is enjoying his ride lol

  7. Ice Dragon? Ice Dragon's are larger than a fire dragon, and the wings have an ice-like substance.

  8. I would literally murder everyone I know if it meant I could have or become a dragon

  9. Shout out to Ark Survival Evolved Ragnorock

  10. That was Trump’s wall….. bye bye…

  11. Which is hotter blue fire of a gas stove or yellow flames of a wooden torch ?

  12. It's not ice breadth. He is just breathing fire soo hot that it emits blue light instead of reddish yellow.

  13. They need to use the horn called Dragonbinder to control this dragon. It's in the books. Not sure why it's not in the show.

  14. This is a Whight dragon, not an ice dragon. Ice dragon are 10 times bigger than any Fire dragon and are made of Ice, mentioned in the books, and they appeared 10,000s of years ago.

  15. Channing and the Forces of Evil 2: Episode 8: Part 3

  16. Jon Snow kept saying their army is coming and that is the only war that matters; for this purpose he wanted to show Dany the whitewalkers and thus took a little stroll beyond the wall and lost the dragon. With the help of that dragon, the wall's magic was broken and the night king and his army could enter. I do not understand, till wall was there , how Jon thought it is possible for them to come

  17. What did you mean wight is white the dragons blue

  18. Even the wights are watching like "damn that's pretty dope"

  19. I consider this scene to be the climax of the entire series. I wish I could watch it for the first time again. I have never had a show make my heart race the way this one does.

  20. The dragon shouldn't even be able to fly with those holes in it's wings but oh well, nothing makes sense in this show anyway.

  21. This is actually pretty fucking stupid if you stop and think about it.

  22. yeah it's cool n all but it renders the whole Sam finding the "Horn of Winter" completely useless.

  23. Is it just me or is the last scene almost identical to the The Lich King intro from World of Warcraft :0

  24. So is the blue flame hotter than the original red and orange?

  25. Viserion screech is so horrifying. I always thought he sounded the best of all 3 dragons. Like if dragon screech was the equivalent of human singing, Viserion has the vocals locked. A close second is the sound made by Drogon just before he breathes fire. grglrgrglgrglrgle…, fire, fire….BOOM! So awesome

  26. Esse dragão é o meu favorito

  27. Jesus! this scene was epic, Viserion brought that wall down like a BOSS!!! all three of Daenerys dragons are bad ass especially Drogon.

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