GAME OF THRONES S07E07 Ice Dragon Awesome Scene (2017) GOT Season Finale, TV Show HD

GAME OF THRONES Season 7 Finale Official Best Scene (2017) GOT, Season 7 Episode 7, TV Show HD
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  1. Arthas Menethil? Wrath of the Lich King cinematic.

  2. Fun fact: ice dragon breath is fire, but not hot fire but cold fire! And it can freeze anything

  3. All those thousands years of anticipation and all that praise of the great wall… gone is 30 seconds xD

  4. Melhor série de todas, nunca deveria terminar! Será difícil sair outra série como essa.

  5. They stole this scene from lich king, wtf

  6. Another hole in the story…. If the living dead dragon was a frost breathing dragon…. wouldn't he build up the ice wall instead of breaching a gap through it?? …. just saying………………………..

  7. It's not an Ice dragon though. Just an undead fire-breathing dragon.

  8. It's gonna be suck , if some one die this year and can not see the season 8 next year.

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