Game of Thrones Season 5 Soundtrack 02 – Blood of the Dragon

Music by Ramin Djawadi


  1. It's so sad Drogon ended up alone :/

  2. Daenerys Targaryen, the Queen of my heart ❤

  3. I come here whenever I feel demotivated, or sad, whenever I feel I've let down people.
    This song gives me instant motivation,
    This song make my blood flow crazy.
    This is the impact of Dany's in our lives, D&D can kill her character but her songs her did is alive in our hearts, and she's always our queen.
    Also true king Ramin Djawdi

  4. The Daenerys who set apart her desire in taking the Iron Throne to fight against the army of the dead on North's behalf would never slaught an entire city or goes mad because she had lost people she loved…..Dany is Mhysa and a Queen, not a butcher

  5. Imagine Prince Rhaegar's entrance at the Trident with this music, the whole Targaryen army at his back, facing Robert's forces before the ultimate clash. Chills.

  6. Think of it this way, she succeeded in Essos, there will be two histories of Daenerys Targaryen


    I am a Targaryen loyalist. Rest in peace my dragon queen. Fire and Blood🔥❤

  8. Alright, but imagine this being used as a theme for House of the Dragon.

  9. I would have paid good money to hear Doran say "Vengeance, Justice.. Fire and blood" Then be immediately earraped by this soundtrack.

  10. What scene does this song play in ? 😍

  11. I want this song to be played when I come back to life after I die once.

  12. Anyone knows from which season 5 moment this is from ? I’ve recently rewatched that season and I’ve noticed this theme only in 2 episodes’ ending credits (episode 2 and one of the last either 9 or 10) but not in a scene so if someone knows ?

  13. Absolument magnifique émotion forte merci

  14. WTF Ramin🤯🤯🤯💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  15. This piece of music is wonderful, but in this particular video the tone is higher than the original song.

  16. This track is amazing. The first time i heard it was in season 4 when Denaerys was locking up two of her dragons (Rhaegal and Viserion) while Drogon was missing. It was so emotional that i had to find the track and i'm so happy i did😁. GOT is absolutely phenomenal👌💯🔥

  17. I remember thinking Drogon flew off because he didn't smell his brothers on her or he knew.

  18. This song should be a bit longer. Love it!!

  19. this has to be the open credits song of House of the dragon series

  20. for some reason the fall of the slave statue brings me here. but its not the same music. anyone know the real music name of it?

  21. Daenerys is the true Blood of the Dragon 🔥

  22. This is among my top 5 favorite GOT songs. So very epic!

  23. Really hoped I could use this theme for Instagram stories but oh well.

  24. I'm waiting for a series House of the Dragon ❤️❤️

  25. Whenever I hear this song I would think of like nobility and the first men and the true God bloodline etc.. and the song is called blood of the dragon so I was Definitely in the ballpark

  26. Daenerys still inspires me more than any world leader.

  27. The Realm Remembers King Viserys I. Long Live Rhaenyra I

  28. Great track! Loved it since Game of Thrones. I noticed they used this theme in House of the Dragon towards the end of the season… during a dragon riding scene. It just didn't hit the same though. Hopefully there will be some new amazing tracks to come!

  29. This should've been the opening credit music for HotD

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