Game of Thrones Season 6: Episode #2 Clip – Tyrion and the Dragons (HBO)

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  1. That last comment to Varys you could see coming from a mile away. The demon monkey had taken leave of his senses.

  2. real spoiler, quentyn did not do so well in the books. we will see what happens when tyrion meets her

  3. There is theory that Tyrion is actually part Targaryen……. hence their tolerance towards him.

  4. When he said “it could be a little one” shows he had been getting the backhanded insults his whole life and all he wanted was a companion

  5. And In the books prince Quentyn Martell tries to steal the dragons. As he enters the pit he can see all the walls are black from dragonfire. Viserion had broken the chain by himself and burned a lair in the pyramid. In the end Martell gets burned alive for trying to steal the dragons for himself and dies on the third day.

  6. I feel like a proper subtitle to GoT would be

    Game of Thrones: The Adventures of Tyrion Lannister

    Lol, he is just the most amazing character in history

  7. Then they burned him and ate him after he killed Jon Snow (Jon Baratheon)

  8. This scene has me more convinced than ever that Tyrion is actually the child of Aerys and Johanna

  9. Odd question, anyone know which dragon Tyrion talks to and frees first?

  10. could tyrion have been a secret targaryen because dragons never let anyone that close or even touch them i feel like he could’ve claimed one of them if he tried

  11. Tyrion should've tooken viserion. It would've matched his family name with that gold and red dragon

  12. Tyrion is one of my favorite characters if he had a dragon that would be amazing

  13. The way the 2nd dragon turned his head was so moving

  14. Knowing that the show deviated heavily from where George R.R. Martin intended the books to go, gives me hope that Tyrion actually is a Targaryen and will bond with Viserion. Ya know, the golden dragon, named after the man who was killed by a golden crown, which for Tyrion who's a "Lannister" would be fitting.

  15. Someone on reddit pointed out that tyrion set down the torch when In the presence of the dragons similar to how daemon set his torch down when approaching vermithor, and that tyrion being bookish might have done a bit of reading on valyrian dragon culture

  16. I hated most of season 6 and what Tyrion's character had become by then, but this might be my favourite scene in the whole series. Dinklage just sells it entirely.

  17. "Im friends with your mother.
    I'm here to help
    Don't eat the elf" 🤣🤣

    I died

  18. He has dragon blood the Madd king was his father

  19. "punch me in the face"👊💥😂😂😂😂

  20. Dragons in ASOIAF and GoT are actually very intelligent, if they were wild beasts they would eat Tyrion as snack when he came in, but the dragons listened, and actually laughed when he said ,,Dont eat the help,,

  21. Don’t eat the help😂😂😂😂😂

  22. Sounds like the dragon laughs when Tyrion says dont eat the help

  23. Theory: tyrion is a targaryion and the dragons smell his lineage and thats why they don't attack

  24. The other dragon was like ‘Well what about me?” 😂

  25. I still think this was meant to be a nod towards Tyrion being the bastard of the Mad King, when Joanna Lannester and Tywin would swing with the Mad King and his wife. (and then the series finale happened) 😢

  26. So much of the later seasons was a poor version of the earlier seasons, but this is one of the best scenes of past season 4

  27. i love that this plays into the theory that tyrion is actually a targaryen.

  28. Viserion: Who dares enter our chamber?!?
    Rhaegal: Why are you here, tiny human?! Speak!!
    Tyrion: I'm friends with your mother.
    Rhaegal: With mother? Is that so?
    Tyrion: I'm here to help. Don't eat the help. . .
    Rhaegal: Well why not? How do I know thats what you're really here for?
    Tyrion: When I was a child, and uncle asked, what gift I wanted for my name day, I begged him for one of you. "It wouldn't even have to be a big dragon", I told him, "It could be little, like me."
    Rhaegal: So?!?
    Tyrion: Everyone laughed, like it was the funniest thing they'd ever heard. Then my father told me, the last dragon had died a century ago.
    Rhaegal: What?!?
    Tyrion: I cried my self to sleep that night. But here you are.
    Rhaegal: I can sense it now. You speak with truth and with admiration for us.
    Rhaegal: (shackle drops) Oh that feels SO much lighter.
    Viserion: You have earned my brother's trust. . .and now mine as well. (shackle drops) Oh, that feels better!!
    Rhaegal and Viserion: Thank you, friend.

  29. Absolutely my favorite got charchter 😎

  30. Tyrion is a Targaryan that's why the dragons allowed him to approach them without incinerating him.

  31. “I’m here to help, don’t eat the help.”

    Love it.

  32. The look Varys gave when Tyrion came back to the entrance of the den….like dude "Are u insane???" 😂😂

  33. I would sing to them. Kiss their nose and free them

  34. The dragons were very big when they were chained & locked away. But how did they get in there? It certainly wasn’t through the door🤔

  35. It’s unbelievable that Daenerys kept her dragons chained and enclosed as they unintentionally killed as small child and the father…yet later orders them to kill a whole city of women and children!
    It’s the owners not the creatures that are to blame for animal on human injuries!🤬

  36. Why did the kill Viserion and Rhaegal? I loved them 😭

  37. "Alright little hooman. You're pretty chill. Next time we won't be so intense."

    laughs in dragon

  38. Ah My baby beautiful beasts 🐉🐉💖💖💖💖

  39. “Don’t eat the help.”

    Well that’s cute

  40. “I begged him for one of you.
    “It wouldn’t even have to be a big dragon” I told him. It could be little like me.” 🥹🥺😭

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