Game of Thrones vs The Hobbit | Dragon Power Levels

We pit your favorite pop culture characters against each other and determine a winner using the cold hard truth of science.

Game of Thrones vs The Hobbit | Dragon Power Levels

VO by Roxy Striar
Produced by Billy Patterson, Spencer Gilbert, & Roth Cornet
Research by Justin Christensen
Supervising Producer: Max Dionne
Edited by Kevin Williamsen
Assistant Editor: Emin Bassavand


  1. Ancalagon the black: Cute

    If you don’t know who that is watch Hello Future Me’s video on this topic

  2. “3 strongest dragons, from 3 popular fantasy franchises.” *Picks Drogon for Game of Thrones*.

    Balerion the black dread: Come on he’s like the size of one of my legs…

  3. Gidorah would literally smoke all of them in 1 attack

  4. How about a power level video with Godzilla !!

  5. I love Drogon the most becouse he looks most realistic.

  6. Balerion of game of thrones is the most powerful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Ancalagon the Black Was like 4 times the dragon Smaug was….

  8. I mean all of them are wyverns arent they? Am I wrong?

  9. Fahrenheit and kelvin aren’t the same thing…..

  10. Why did you not include any dragon from HTTYD?

  11. My only problem with this video……… these aren't dragons… they're obviously Wyverns xc To hell what they're called in each if the franchises

  12. shenron or Super Shenron but they can't be measured with this

  13. 1 book, not even Tolkien’s best one destroys martins whole series

  14. “Smaug from the hobbit movies”
    Imma pretend you didn’t say that

  15. From Dragon ball is the mightiest Dragon

  16. "pop culture characters", wat?
    Are you people idiots?

  17. Smaug wins easily by hes pure intelligence he's so smart enough to read book

  18. Ragnar Lothbrook v. Jon Snow? would like to see that

  19. Can it be… an accurate power levels??! Wow we've reached Nirvana this ranking is actually correct

  20. Put balerion insted of drogon, balerion is stronger, and he would win

  21. Lining the wall with bar of gold costs an easily manageable amount for the richest people in the world right now. Damn

  22. Dragons of GOT can comfortably sit in the ice wall. Smaug will destroy the ice wall and it's surroundings by just sitting in it. And GOT dragons can be killed by human made heavy spears. But only a magical and special arrow can kill Smaug. In terms of body armor, intelligence, strength and everything Smaug dwarfs GOT dragons. And Smaug is not even the biggest dragon in LOTR.

  23. Hypotheticals and projections and conjecture.
    I need FACTS!!!

  24. Screen Junkies: "There's Smaug and there's everyone else !!"

    Ancalagon: "I took that personally"

  25. this was really dumb. you want to challenge smaug? go with the black balerion. egon's dragon.

  26. And then Smaug is nothing compared the other dragons in Tolkiens mythology

  27. Smaug talks…the others are dumb – literally and otherwise.

  28. I told you, Tolkien's dragons are quite something else. They're not only incredibly strong, but super intelligent and about the only dragons capable of speech.

  29. Very few franchises have Dragons/Wyverns/Drakes capable of challenging or straight out surpassing Smaug. Potterverse and Game of Thrones are no match, however Elder Scrolls would stomp with Alduin.

  30. Smaug is a weak Dragon If we compaire him with Ankalagon

  31. read somewhere smaug wasn't even the biggest or most powerful dragon in middle earth…

  32. And Smaug is tiny compared to Ancalagon the Black


  34. The Westerosi dragons are peons compared to Ancalagon.

  35. Smaug can burn both of them with one single breath, don't you forget how huge Smaug is compared to the others.

  36. Which characters from your favorite movies and TV shows should we pit against each other using the powers of science to determine the winner? Comment below and maybe your topic will get measured up in the next episode of Power Levels!

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