Game of Thrones vs The Hobbit | Dragon Power Levels

We pit your favorite pop culture characters against each other and determine a winner using the cold hard truth of science.

Game of Thrones vs The Hobbit | Dragon Power Levels

VO by Roxy Striar
Produced by Billy Patterson, Spencer Gilbert, & Roth Cornet
Research by Justin Christensen
Supervising Producer: Max Dionne
Edited by Kevin Williamsen
Assistant Editor: Emin Bassavand


  1. Everybody knows that Thoru from Miss Kobayashi's dragon maid is the best of them all

  2. John Wick vs Bryan Mills vs Robert McCall
    Throw in any Jackie Chan character to spice it up..

  3. What about drogon when dany burns kings landing?

  4. Smaug wins: bigger, stronger, smarter and doesnt die from a single iron arrow to any body part!!!! Only one that goes beneath his scales, straight to his hearth. His scales are his armour.

  5. One Punch Man Vs Iron Man and Supermann
    He wreck them bouth at the same time

  6. But hey, that's just a theory, a film…. wait I took a wrong turn somewhere.

  7. Toothless: roars
    Other dragons : we submit to you, alpha

  8. Toothless: teleports to the wall
    Other dragons: are we a joke to you?

  9. This is Spacebattles Vs. Debate with math

  10. I would of wanted Eregon's Saphira to in it instead, but then I realized that despite the books being glorious…the movie sucked.

  11. Please for the love of all that is holy do goku vs. saitama vs. Superman

  12. The first drag race starts…

    Ancalagon the black wins just by existing

  13. Stupid comparison.. lets see smaug melting the iron throne 😀

  14. smaug's flame was melting stone after only a few seconds though

  15. I saw a silhouette of Goku at the end and a bunch of Dragon Ball references in the comments, so I'm just gonna say it: The most powerful dragon is the Super Dragon from Dragon Ball Super. There. It's done.

  16. When I saw the fire part I new this was not to be taken seriously 🤦‍♀️

  17. How about a battle of epic sci-fi singers, live Diva Pavalaguna vs. Sy Snoodles? (Although that probably wouldn't be much of a contest)

  18. They didn't consider the best dragons from the franchises- Balerion Black Dread and Glaurung…

  19. Lol Smaug nearly ate the entire dwarf population and slept in their mountain upon their gold and treasures. He’s basically a God. Lol Drogon could never

  20. Didn't Drogon single handedly nuke a Kingdom? I think that was more impressive than anything Smaug did

  21. Thor vs Hulk vs Wanda Maximoff vs Captian Marvel

  22. Smaug has scales that cant be penetrated (except that one spot), GoT dragons die to a single bllista.

  23. What the fuck? Smaug, are you serious. What about Ancalagon, he is like ten times stronger than Smaug if not even more.

  24. Make an honest trailer of every honest trailer video on your channel honest trailer.

  25. Skyrim's Alduin would like to toss in a comment about not even being listed. He revives DEAD DRAGONS. Besides that, you only listed movie-dragons (although Smaugh originates from a book), so you totally forgot all of Eragon's Dragons, which were ALL capable of intuitive, yet powerful magic at times. I cannot really take this for serious xD

  26. Drogon was pretty fast in the second to last episode

  27. I don't know how science plays into dragons, but I'm inclined to say the most powerful dragon is Alduin, the World-Eater from Skyrim. He was the ruler of all other dragons, could resurrect dead dragons with a shout, consumed the souls of dead heroes and was slated to bring about the end of the world. I don't think many other dragons can stack up to that resumé.

  28. No mention of Magic's Nicol Bolas? Really?

  29. This has been done before but I'd be interested to see your results. Superman vs. Goku

  30. Tbh, Smaug could crush those other two dragons in a fight without even trying

  31. picked 3 of the weakest, most normie dragons going… where is Nicol Bolas, Tiamat, Omega Shenron, Mag’ladroth?

  32. Smaug only has 1 weak spot. He beats both of em

  33. Ancalagon wins.

    Just by existing.

    And slowly stepping on everyone because
    you can’t tell forty miles of living volcanic dragon no.

  34. what about Toothless ? Since he's making blue fire, he should be the mightiest one ! (and the cutest 🙂

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