Game of Thrones vs The Hobbit | Dragon Power Levels

We pit your favorite pop culture characters against each other and determine a winner using the cold hard truth of science.

Game of Thrones vs The Hobbit | Dragon Power Levels

VO by Roxy Striar
Produced by Billy Patterson, Spencer Gilbert, & Roth Cornet
Research by Justin Christensen
Supervising Producer: Max Dionne
Edited by Kevin Williamsen
Assistant Editor: Emin Bassavand


  1. Smaug is like the smallest of the middle earth dragons

  2. I hate the Hollywood version of these dragons, in the books they are supposed to have 4 legs which is more badass in my opinion that this. They looks like angry chicken

  3. vegeta! wat does the scooter say about his power level ?!?!?!?!!?! ITS OVET 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Dragon = me best powerfull dragon
    Ancalagon the black = hahaha kid

  5. Honestly all you have to show is large balista arrows slicing up dragons like butter in GoT, whereas they just bounce off Smaug without him even regestering that he was hit. Unless you get a perfect shot in his videogame weakspot.

  6. Did u account for one dragon's undead brother melting a part of the Wall in a few minutes? 🤨

  7. Look how fast Drogon dives down from the sky when attacking Kingslanding and how large his blasts of fire are, especially when burning the wall from behind Cersei's army. Yes, Smaug's fire blasts may be slightly more bigger, but the speed? I don't know… Also, in GoT there's a dragon called Balerion, so large that he is probably as large as Smaug or even larger, his skull being merely bigger than Smaug's head, and they said that Balerion's fire was the hottest of all the dragons that have lived, his fire so hot it was black, but you're saying dragon's fire is more hot when it's white and blue, so this would make Balerion's fire the weakest? I put the two scenes of Smaug and Drogon together in slow motion, where Drogon was definitely faster when it comes to flying when he was diving down from the sky, and Smaug was only merely faster, by like a second or almost two seconds or a millisecond perhaps, when flying and breathing fire, but as your comparing their best moments of speed to find out who will get to the wall quicker, then Drogon would get their quicker as I could tell there was a difference when Drogon was diving down from the sky and Smaug flying over the houses. To be honest, when they were comparing the times when "they were pushing themselves to their absolute limits", they chose Drogon's slowest flying moments, or at least one of the slowest in the episode when he was slowly gliding over the sea as he shot small blasts of fire at the boats, instead of comparing the best of Drogon's flying when diving down from the sky but choosing Smaug's best when flying over the houses. I do see why Smaug would win but I'm not hating on this video as this video is awesome, it's just that I disagree in some areas.

  8. also dragons in tolkiens universe are smart and evil, they can also paralize you and manipulate you if you look directly to their eyes like Glaurung did to turins sister.

  9. DO MORE POWER LEVELS!!! LOVE THEM! Marvel or Star Wars they are great!!

  10. No Draco from Dragonheart? Disappointed

  11. These are all insects compared to Godzilla Earth

  12. Ancalagon the black would wreck them all.

  13. @3:42 When it comes to talking hats, the best one is by far the Archchancellor's hat from the Discworld books by Terry Pratchett. It almost took over all wizardry and started an apocalyptic magical war! All the sorting hat does is… sort kids, sing, produce one sword and reinforce anti-muggle feelings in at least a quarter of students.

  14. It's not even a contest. How about Smaug vs Ghidorah?

  15. This is some deep nerdism and I approve!

  16. Drogon Game of Thrones VS Smaug The Hobbit 2

  17. Already knew the second I heard the contestants

  18. Smaug could easily beat those other two, he’s the seventh largest dragon in middle earth history! He could stomp them to death

    Edit: also Smaug’s teeth and claws are super sharp, I’m pretty sure he could stab both of them idk really but I’m pretty sure he could, and his wings are really strong, I’m pretty sure he could do something with those

  19. Balerion the Dread: laughing in the corner

  20. If GoTs dragons were like smaug then the moment they grew up to adulthood then Danny already won the throne.

  21. how come King Ghidorah didn't make the list?

  22. Smaug vs alduin the world eater?

  23. honestly smaug isn't even the most powerfull dragon of the LOTR lore that title goes to ancalagon the black

  24. U should put the showa ghidorah against the heisie ghidorah against the legendary Ghidorah

  25. You forgot to include the Dragon Series. makes me sad. they would've been the only match against Smaug cause they can also think really well and magic

  26. Smaug most powerfull dragon with armor that planted on him for 200 years and have most intelligent in him to learn human language

  27. N E R D P O R N zzz…. oh and while you’re at it, how about a superman bs hulk strength comparison video?? Thanks!!!

  28. I agree on the results but I think Smaug is the ultimate dragon for a reason, Smaug is way way way more intelligent being than any of the other, he is not a simple beast…

  29. I know screen junkies doesn't really do videogames, but I would be interested how deathwing would compare since WoW is a fantasy franchise.

  30. What about ancalagon the black? Hes the size of a mountain

  31. What about ancalagon the black you know melkors greatest dragon the silmarilion

  32. How about a power level between giant monsters !!

  33. why would a dragon take time to melt a wall of ice, when hes clever enough to fly over it???

  34. Its not impossible for smaug he can live for another 1000 years melting a wall

  35. Pretty sure King Ghidora would vaporize all of them but whatever.

  36. Ha! In the Books is Smoug bigger and in the lower average.

  37. The most powerful character in the big screen ever — Dr Manhattan (Watchmen). Not even Thanos with IG (mostly because MCU IG is weak) — Dr M can reform from literally nothing.

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