Game Theory: Minecraft. The Secrets of the Undead Ender Dragon

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Theorists, what if I told you that Minecraft has fooled you and you are hallucinating? I think that may be exactly what is going on with the Phantoms. These creepy flyers are mysterious and I’m out to solve all of their secrets. What is going on with Minecraft’s Phantoms? Watch and find out!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Tom Robinson
Editors: Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (Caiterpillart)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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  1. Hey game theory I do have one question about your theory you said “ The last ender dragon “ but you forgot that you can respond the ender dragon

  2. Is no one gonna talk about how the last few minutes of the vid with Jean’s death scream?? That was actually chilling- It almost sounds human

  3. Minecraft Phantom Stein in the final and daytime they die they all hallucinations

  4. When he mentioned the heat sensors and I just showered I had a realization shower and be undetectable by snakes heat vision or was it smell?

  5. this dosent make any sense as there are spawn eggs and dragon eggs which means they are diffrent spishys

  6. being hit with insurance ads makes me feel better about watching this as an adult lol

  7. But if endermen are ancien Builder how could they open the enderportal

  8. What I don't understand is if the illagers wanted the ancient builders to come back, why do they attack steve, their last descendant? I am not sure if it had been mentioned before, but forgive my poor memory.

  9. 1 like=one guy who will protect matpat from the community

  10. You wont understand my confusion after coming back from watching videos about the fighter jet Phantom and then being put here by the algorithm.

  11. i have one theory of my own that might also work.
    The phantoms are yes, the ghosts of the dragons, and meant to be the dragon, or what was left of it.
    For an idea, the builders hunted the dragons, they would've torn off the wings, taken the tail for somn, taken meat and limbs from it, took the neck part for some things, an either parts of the head or the whole head.
    The phantoms are just what the dragons ended up looking like after a hunt was done. It was possible that the builders would've taken parts like that back to the overworld as trophies or to use the tools of the overworld to further take apart the bodies. The illagers would've found what was left of these bodies and tried to make a dragon themselves from it, like you said, to try to bring the builders back, but this would've been an entirely new experiment, and one that wouldn't've gone to well. The dragon body would've tried to rebuild itself but missing so much would be unable to, the skin would come back differently shaded from trying to regrow, the dragons would've lacked muscle tissue leading to bones being visible, an all the missing limbs would be too far damaged to come back, and the mind, being broken and misshapen, would lead it to have a hunger for insomnia.

    also, phantoms do stop attacking entirely 11:41, idk if it was just the server i was in but if you sleep for 6-10 seconds, they quit attacking. This could connect to the broken mind part.

  12. 5:15 Maybe I should look into sleeping pills… 😳
    Minecraft isn’t helping my problem 😅 then again, stopping Minecraft wouldn’t change much

  13. you can respawn the ender dragon

  14. Everything is a hallucination in the game world

  15. 5:23 OOOOOOOOH

    That gives “The Phantom Of The Opera” a whole new meaning

  16. The beginning Minecraft house was so bad like you would already just picked up a piece of dirt so I'm still and some green glass like no effort and I'm sorry if you're watching this math pat

  17. Axolotls are not what they seem. Theory for that that's actually in the game files also I new that Steve and Alex where hallucinating

  18. ok matpat, im sorry. ITS E-LY-TRA not elatra.

  19. i also think its worthy to note that in the end, you cant sleep at all, whereas on the surface you can sleep. so, maybe not sleeping attracts the enderdragons in the end, and the undead ones on the surface

  20. I'm watching this video while tryna complete a level of geometry dash!
    Also has matpat ever done a video on my singing monsters?

  21. 6:35

    Your afraid of getting cancelled
    I’m actually anticipating being canceled and ACTIVELY TRYING

  22. Y'all need to stop putting "jumpscares" in the end of the video… That enderdragon screaming was terrifying to hear at night ….

  23. what if the ender dragon species works similar to bees, there is a queen. that would explain the size difference and other differences, the queens are specialized.

  24. One bone I have to pick with the illager conclusion is that Mat thinks they heard the tales of the dragons. If what Mat said about Enderman being ancient builders who were trapped in the End, how would it be possible for the illagers to hear about what they did in the End?

  25. What if phantoms are dead baby enderdragobs that we’re still in the egg? I know not much poses that but some stages of an egg fetus or human fetus don’t have legs or a flappy mouth

  26. I was waiting for Matt to point out the fact that Phantoms spawned in The End in snapshot 18w07a, a very early 1.13 snapshot and this alone almost confirms the theory. Even so, I never thought about they being related lol

  27. "sleep deprivation, as humans we need sleep" me still existing at 3am…

  28. the number 3 matches up. after all, it does take 3 days of no sleep to go insane from what I heard.

  29. Big problem with the theory, how did the Ancient builders return to the overworld and tell others about the ender dragon? Evidence suggest that the Ancient builders were unable to return since if they could, they would certainly bring their elytra technology with them.

  30. 14:33 so no one’s going to mention that this was both u settling and scary like???

  31. the phanton look like a monster in d&d 5e lol

  32. Honestly, I think the dragon is a mechanical being. Like when you hit Jean, she makes a weird ‘clink’ sound. Not even an item is dropped when you kill her. This could tie into the phantom theory such as when the evoker used its special powers to bring life to the phantom, it could have taken away the soul from the dragon. When the ancient builders found the ended dragon was not moving, they rebuilt the dragon to protect them from the wither. (But they never got back to the over world tying in with the enderman theory) Before they turned to enderman, they realized the dragon couldn’t be destroyed. So as a last resort they added a sound box as a congratulations to whoever killed the ender dragon, which is why you hear clapping and cheering when you defeat Jean. This is a theory that I like to think of. I would like to hear yours too!

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