Games like Yakuza: Like a Dragon | TOP 10 Games to play

List of TOP 10 games like Yakuza: Like a Dragon
Games similar to Yakuza: Like a Dragon

2.Shenmue 3
3.Fist of North Star: lost Paradise
4.Sleeping Dogs
5.Yakuza Series Remastered
6.LOH:Trails Of Cold Steel
8.Dragon Quest 11
10.YS 9:Monstrum Nox

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  1. Nothing is like yakuza. Thankfully there’s an 20 entries in the series to try.

  2. Some of these games are nothing like y7, it's just a jrpg list mate.

  3. bro these are all just jrpgs that u can fight in some of them are nothing like yakuza bro

  4. games like yakuza : other yakuza series

  5. bro how tf is sleeping dogs anything like yakuza LOL

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