Global Launch Day part 2 [starting my $5k whale account] Call of Dragons

Call of Dragons official launch day! Starting my $5k whale account in a brand new server.


PLAY CALL OF DRAGONS ON YOUR PC ►► (using my bluestacks affiliate link supports the channel).





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  1. love this game , dont mute the game sounds , unless u have a dope Mozart in the background

  2. I was wondering if there was a bundle for hall of order level 13 and how much it is? Thanks and I enjoy your vids

  3. Dont subscribe idiots like this then the money will not come and we have fun in Game

  4. What a way to play and enjoy a game🤦🏽‍♂️💀

  5. This comment section is kinda empty. Loving the game.

  6. May i ask guide to make farm account? They said the server going merged after season end. So ITS better make farm account on next server of our main account?

  7. Hey Chis what kingdom are you guys playing in much love

  8. Will u be posting more call of dragons content then rok content?

  9. Do you guys like CoD more then RoK? What do you think about the overlay change from the scout camp? On what servers you guys/girls play?

  10. That's crazy how I'm going to compete when ppl just buying to win where is the competition

  11. This game is like a mix of rok and naruto online..mostly rok tho.

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