God of War 4 – Dragon Boss Fight (God of War 2018) PS4 Pro

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GoW4 Dragon Hraezlyr boss battle gameplay on PS4 Pro. No Commentary

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  1. To be honest this was an easy fight. The dragon is big but slow and predictable. I felt like i was playing minster hunter with a better gameplay.
    The king of dark elfs was far more difficult

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  4. Fun story I beat it and my game crashed so I was a little mad did it again and it crashed again and so on I think I beat that one boss 4 times now each time it crashes

  5. I always love fighting dragons in any game especially as boss fights. They would probably be the most terrifying mythical creature to fight in real life, even more than the more horror ones. Yet If I one was real I'd probaby try to fight it.

  6. 5:15 I guess Kratos learned from his past that he should never turn his back on a larger enemy falling towards him

  7. ''can you kill something that big?''
    Chronos: -_-

  8. 5:20 I think after the colossus fight Kratos has learned to not turn his back on giant enemies he just defeated.

  9. This one looks like Shara Ishvalda from Monster Hunter world

  10. I love that this dragon and baldurs dragon is unigue baldurs had a more slim type of body baldurs could fly with ease with it's giant wings but this dragon seem to struggle to fly with it's pretty small wings compared to it's body

  11. This is better than any boss fight in Ragnarok

  12. 5:57

    Samuel Hayden: You have no idea what you have just done…

  13. I'm afraid of peacocks but no one will know because no one will see this comment.

  14. So this whole time Atreus believed Kratos was actually human? His dad manhandles it and he's like, yeah anyone could do that.

  15. Bro, I love the detail of Atreus trying-failing–and getting his arrow back.🤣😂 Also the detail with the echo when Sindri drops the fish.

  16. this is literally the coolest thing in the game (DO NOT SPOIL ME IM ONLY ON THIS PART)

  17. Floridian babies fighting the weakest pitbull in all of florida

  18. This is the moment I fell in love with this game. Don’t get me wrong, I thought the first 5 or so hours were awesome, but this… This sequence was phenomenal.

  19. Surprised this has MUCH more views than any other fight in this game (or series)

  20. 0:33 I LOVE the subtle face expression of happiness in Atreus face! Using motion capture and legit competent actors was one of the best things games could ever done, now you can pick this little details.

  21. 3:24 Kratos has come a looooong way, even from game 1 to 2, he improved tremedously on becoming a better father, you can sense here how he sounds distant, the typical lots of authority and little love. Ragnarok Kratos would not talk like this, or at least i didn't see yet.

    5:44 SEE??!!

  22. Never thought i would feel empathy for a dragon that would definitely try to kill me. Modern humans became very soft.

  23. Why are the dragons in ragnarok so tiny compared to this?

  24. 6:00
    After playing Ragnarok and seeing Heimdall's character, I still don't really get what the "straighter than Heimdall" comment means.

  25. ジョン・ピール・セッション says:

    Looking back now, Atreus going to help someone in need without hesitation is very similar to how Faye felt about helping people unconditionally because they can.

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  28. This was one of the best fights in 2018 for me lov how this DRAGON is such a menace for Kratos as him and the boy climb the mountain

  29. If he would had landed on his feet I would had lost my mind!!

  30. “Straighter than Heimdall”

    After playing Ragnarok: *Doubt

  31. for me the best dragon in the game and the amazing look wanted them to return to Ragnarok too bad they are not at least if there is a DLC these dragons need to come back I liked them a lot 🥹😢😁who there too? Like and bye!

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