(GoT) Daenerys Targaryen || The Last Dragon

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  1. Well Varys, technically Myrcella, Renly, and Rob all fulfilled "Stronger than Tommen, and gentler than Stannis, with the right family name." Too bad you waited until they were all dead. Oh hang on, Sansa also fulfills those things.
    Oh yeah, loved by millions. That would probably knock out Myrcella and Sansa, who are only loved tangentially by millions, and truly loved by hundreds. But Renly and Rob were both loved by millions, and at least more competent than Tommen or Cersei.

  2. No matter how bad they screwed up and destroyed her character and the storylines they built, in the end, she did break the wheel, she broke the structures built by her ancestors, united and freed the realm, and destroyed the night king.

  3. One minute and two seconds in and I had to stop the video to say…WELL DONE!

  4. Such an amazing series, however they truly did her wrong, wrong in so many ways, so many horrible ways. Yes she went a little whacky towards the end, but that’s only because she has been through so much, she lost so much throughout her life, her family, and so much more however losing her 2 dragons 🐉 as well as her best friend, literally set her off the edge. So many people deceived her, people that she trusted with her life, they had the nerve to look her in the face, look her in the eye, and then just literally stabbed her right in her heart, and they did it with no damn conscience, with no remorse. Danny only wanted the best for everyone, she wanted change for the better, and in the end they did her so wrong. Again the series was great, although towards the end the writers/producers messed everything up, they rushed it, they just quickly threw everything together just to be done. This series should had a much better ending, they didn’t have to end it the way they did because it was such a huge disappointment!! 😢

  5. Creo que ella se reunió con Drogo como se lo prometió, la única de sus parejas que fue incondicional.

  6. emilia is the best actress of her generation !

  7. my favourite actress in history! beyond world class !

  8. The throne belonged to her , SHE DID'NT SIT ON IT SHE DESTROYED IT

  9. I know that the ending sucked I didn't like it either but watching the show over and over again I must say that they tried to give a hint that maybe she would go mad at the end… Just sayin'

  10. The Seven Kingdoms need someone stronger than Tommen but gentler than Stannis.

    A monarch who could intimidate the High Lords and inspire the people.

    A ruler loved by millions, with a powerful army…

    …and the right family name.

  11. denis tarzan 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  12. Where did you download this background music

  13. This is like pulling a scab off! She wasn't crazy, they took everything away from her except Drogon who took her body 2 Volantis!

  14. @5:51 I remember cracking up that Baby Drogon was telling someone to kick rocks. 😂

  15. i repeat, emilia needs to be in oscar worthy movies. icon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Loved this edit. Great work. The Mother of Dragons character arc is an amazing one and something we can all learn from. In the world of duality (good versus evil), it is a stunning example of how easily one can loose their way away from love and into hate and anger.

  17. i keep watching this and emilia you are incredible !

  18. I will serve you forever my queen 😔😖

  19. jan 2024. The true birthright! till tears me up . Sorry queen. They fucked up!

  20. I wish she hadn’t gone back to Westeros

  21. Daenerys and the Three Dragons will live forever. Long may they reign.

  22. Her madness makes sense it was just not well executed

  23. And they shit all over her. Hopefully Martin does her justice in the books. Well, if he ever finishes them. She is not her father.

  24. Это все лишь фильм 😊,истинный Дракон умеет Любить ибо Мудрость его в Жизни.❤.и реальность только пробуждается от сна в котором страх смерти.

  25. Forever My Khaleesi 🐲🐉🐲 "She is the Queen We Chose."

  26. My queen ❤️ 💔 😭😭😭😭😭

  27. Jon snow is the son of Ned starks sister and dyneris older brother 😅
    That means Dyneris targeriyan is Aunt of Jon snow, that's so rediqlous to feel 😅

  28. I don't understand properly that why Jon snow killed danerys😢

  29. It’s amazing how a few episodes of bad writing can ruin a character and their journey

  30. The true queen of the Iron Throne! Glory to Daenerys Targaryen! First of His Name! Queen of the Andals, the Roynares and the First Men! Queen of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm! Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men! Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea! The Unburnable! The Mother of Dragons! The Chain Breaker!

  31. O pior final para uma guerreira que lutou a série toda por liberdade….quem escreveu esse final é um machista nato e olha que não me considero feminista!

  32. wow just wow emilia did something incredibly magical. and needs further plaudits for her superlative abilities !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. When the dragons got locked in the dungeon, why couldn't their fire melt the chains?

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