GOT & HOTD – Which Dragon Is The Biggest?

You may think that Balerion “The Black Dread” or even Drogon is the largest dragon from Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon, but you’d be wrong about that. Check out this video for a complete breakdown of all the dragons in the series, comparing the sizes of each while giving a short history on our favorite dragons, such as Viserion, Rhaegal, Syrax, Caraxes, Vhagar, Meraxes, Balerion, Drogon, and plenty more.

From the size of a house cat up to the size of a 747 jumbo jet, GOT and HOTD have featured a ton of differently sized dragons. Watch to the end to see just how big of a difference there is between the smallest and the largest dragon!


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  1. One dragon left off the list is Moondancer. If I remember correctly, she was the mount of Baela Targaryen, pale green in color, and said to be not much bigger than a horse. She died young, fighting Aegon's Sunfyre but injuring him badly enough that he died a few months later.

  2. Idk if the show made Arrax smaller, but he’s like 20 feet long maybe half ton in weight in the show… not even close to Drogon or the other dragons in GOT.

  3. The Cannibal is eldest and largest that's from the lore itself

  4. Caraxes doesn't look big than dany's dragon

  5. Providing some accurate info to challenge some misconceptions.

    Drogon (As of Book 5):
    – Barely large enough for Dany to ride
    – Small enough that he struggles to carry a dead horse

    Being 2 years old, Drogon is already too big for his age. George wanted a 5 year gap b/w books 3&4 to rectify this, but when that got binned, it seems like he kept the enhanced dragon size anyway.

    Cannibal (During the Dance):
    – Larger than Sheepstealer
    – Smaller than Vermithor

    The Cannibal has never been stated to be even remotely comparable to Balerion in size. And the idea that he’s still alive during the ASoIaF era is dubious at best. For starters, where has he been hiding?

  6. Angoligan the black laughing in the background

  7. This video I believe is going by the book not the show. Because drogon is 5x bigger than arrax.

  8. How is arrax bigger that deanys dragons.. he was a tiny baby only 14 years old

  9. Okay but Arrax is tiny??? Theres no way Arrax was bigger than Drogon even last time we saw Drogon

    Edit: oops I didn't realize this is an old video lol… there are some differences in the books than with the shows ofc

  10. Arrax was tiny in house of the dragon, no way he was bigger than drogon. Daenarys was atleast a foot taller then lucerys alone and drogon was taller then her yet lucerys was about the same height as his

    Also feel like 5 arraxes only cover the wing span of one wing for vhaegar

  11. I think it will show up on game of thrones as a surprise

  12. God I cannot wait for THAT scene in HoTD, all the combat-ready dragons together in one place, where we can see the scale of them all, looking awesome and terrible, in the medieval sense of the word

    Shortly before they all murder eachother 🥹

  13. No way these meassurements are correct, how can the second largest be 125 feet long and be over 4 times larger than a dragon that’s larger than dragons that are clearly at least 70 feet long?

    Also being able to swallow a mammoth whole would be more likely to mean it’s 125 METERS and not feet.

  14. In what world is Arrax bigger than Drogon, Rhaegal or Viseryon?

  15. as much as im happy about the dragons war to come, its gonna be epic scenes… but i dont think i can watch the dance of the dragon.
    if you know, u know what i mean… 😢

  16. Well wyverns I believe live up to 200 or 100 dragons live up to 500 or 400

  17. Ancalagon from LORD OF THE RINGS : Hold my Sauron

  18. I see alot of people saying the cannibal could still be alive in game of thrones Era and I'm sorry but not even taking his age at that point how would no one in all of westeros have seen him or heard about him through one way or another especially the lords a dragon approximately twice the age of balerion just chilling without anyone knowing seems to sus for me to believe

  19. What's funny is that none of them are dragons, they are wyverns

  20. How could Meraxes be bigger than Vhagar? Vhagar lived much longer than Meraxes, the account saying Meraxes was bigger than Vhagar was probably before her death, afterwards Vhagar would have definately outgrown Meraxes it just doesnt make sense for Vhagar to not be bigger. Meraxes died on 10(AC) Vhagar died on 130(AC) thats 120 years of contuined growth by Vhagar

  21. That picture is the wrong Rhaena Targaryen. You are talking about the daughter of Daemon not the daughter of Aenys I.

  22. "Maester Qyburn". I don't think he or the Citadel would appreciate that haha

  23. Leanor 8s not dead wonder if he comes bk to help in the dance of the dragons

  24. I have a feeling that dany’s dragons were still growing yes they were big enough to ride however they were like 5 years old I doubt that they are going to be fully grown in that time frame vhaegar was born like 50 odd years before argon’s conquest merexes between 50-120 years before the conquest that means that they were larger and had time to learn a lot more than drogon rhaegal and viserion I have a feeling that dragons may keep growing the longer they live

  25. Arraz is bigger thand drogon? Are you kidding

  26. i'd love a godzilla like story in the coming books where the cannibal comes back and the characters are just trying to figure out what the hell to do

  27. Which Targeryan rode Ancalagon the black.

  28. I never saw a mention of cannibal being so huge in either fire and blood or the world of ice and fire, only SPECULATIONS that he might be old enough to have lived on dragonstone before the Targaryens, but even that doesn't guarantee him to be older than Balerion. And the dragons are known to not be adventurous, so I don't buy that talk about Balerion suffering from sleeping in the dragonpit for 40 years. Also sunfyre killed gray ghost while already severely wounded by meleys, so I think the size of all three wild dragons are greatly exaggerated.

  29. The real thing we want to see is balerion the the black dread vs Ancalagon the world ender

  30. The show was real liberal with the dragon sizes. Dany's dragons are big, sure. But they sure as Roose is a skinwearing vampire, will not grow as quickly as they did in the show.

  31. The Cannibal is not larger then Balerion. These are in-world rumors and nothing has ever been confirmed by GRRM. On the contrary, George has said time and time again that Balerion is the biggest dragon in his lore. The only official information that we have on The Cannibal is that he is large, dark, and is used to eating everything in his path, sometimes even other dragons – hence the name.

  32. Yeah well the show really misrepresented Arrax if hes over twice the size of Drogon

  33. The show that tells realistic physics to FUCK IT SELF DEEP

  34. The show may have ended badly, but the books still haven’t. Let’s hope we get to read about more of them in the final 2 books.

  35. Just occurred to me that Jon was riding the dragon named after his biological father

  36. Although the build-up to Drogon burning King's Landing was shittier than a toilet after spicy burritos, his fire on the city was still powerful that he decimated at least half of it; and he's still a young dragon.
    Imagine the sheer & raw power of Vhagar or Vermithor's fire when we see it in the next season of HotD, or as it might be called, the Dance of Dragons.

  37. Anyone who doesn’t know much read this. Balerion vhagar and meraxes were so big because their eggs were embewed with dark magic hence their size. Cannibal was born after in dragon stone with no magic but was not put in the dragon pits. So he did grow big but not as big as the dragons that were brought over from old Valyria. Danys dragons will outgrow every dragon we’ve seen except of the old Valyrian dragons due to Danys dragons being made back to fertalised through dark magic.

  38. The Cannibal is the largest of the Wild Dragons, not the all the Dragons… at best he was around the size of Vermithor, but nowhere near the Conquerors Dragons.

  39. The Cannibal IS NOT the biggest Dragon!!!! It's the biggest of the WILDEST Dragons, not of all dragons. PLUS Vhagar is explicitly said it was the biggest of it's time, making it bigger than the Cannibal and thus since Vhagar was almost the size of Balerion, making Balerion by far the largest!

  40. There is no validity in saying the Cannibal was born before the doom. Thats one of the many theories BUT you took it as fact when it's not!!! Some sources say he was born after Vermithor during the reign of Jacaerys as well.. making him WAY younger. Others say he was born in 79 a.C or 52 a.C and was smaller than Vhagar. Most likely he was born as a sibling of Vhagar and Meraxes since he is said to be the biggest of the WILD dragons but Vhagar to be the biggest of it's time, thus making the Cannibal smaller than Vhagar.

  41. Finally, someone who knows the truth about the Cannibal. Most people think he’s dead because they believe no dragon can live longer than Balerion because he died of old age but forget to mention that he had been caged in the dragon pit for almost 40 years before he died, he was killed by the fact that he wasn’t allowed to fly which is important for dragons to live. The cannibal has always been a free dragon, never tamed and I believe he will show up in the last two books. GRRM promised a second dance of dragons and I believe the cannibal is going to be a part of it.

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