(GoT) The Dragons || They’re My Children

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  1. I am strongly convinced that Drogon is Drogo. It's a stretch, but I like to imagine that Drogo's soul lays in Drogo, he had a special bond with Daeneerys. Above all the witch died, Rhaego died, Drogo died and the dragon eggs hatched, it's not a simple coincidence, it wasn't just because of the fire.

  2. She literally walked through fire for them. So it's obvious how much she cares about them

  3. 3.22 – the switching part where Dragon growls for the first time after his birth, sitting right on his mother's shoulders to how he growls in grief for the last time infront of his mother's dead body really hit me hard.

  4. Homework for Targanyen .. ,
    First Handsomeman in Earth was Adam Prphet Son . He saw Dragons got King of Dragon Competitions . One was dieth and One of Dragon was Winner . It were insidents First Peoples stayed in Earth .

  5. joder, que epico, me hizo querer ver de nuevo GOT

  6. Bring on the sequel and revive her already for fuck sake

  7. When Dragons went to war, everything burned.

  8. After watching this and HOT D, I wanted to cry. I don't care how they wrote her, her pain echos from Rhaenyra and Daemon. She will always be my queen.

  9. Mother of Dragons, season 8 doesn’t exist

  10. Too bad that this was ruined during the last seasons

  11. Emilia really is so absurdly talenteddd !

  12. El algoritmo me trajo hasta aquí. Gracias, algoritmo.
    Hermoso trabajo.

  13. Too bad show ruined everything about them.
    One got killed by some dumb pleb in ship.
    Other by an idiotic decision.
    And other is just left alone now.

  14. Emilia Clarke is most beautiful woman all time, icon, I am so utterly in love with her

  15. My queen always and forever
    Thank you for the video

  16. WOW! THEY REALLY TRIED IT. most beloved fictional character in the world, treat like crap at end. gutted. bring the icon back HBO! I must say Emilia is one of the best actresses in the world. incredibly gifted. super talented!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! deserves so much more credit

  17. Ohh….My poor sweet thing!.. We have to go home.. 🙁

    Are u a sheep? Nooo ! You are a dragon.. Be a dragon!


    My best fantastic movie star!

  18. Funny how Joffrey was the only one taking the threat of Dragons seriously..
    But any character incompetence beyond season3 probably comes down to the writers anyway..

  19. Indeed, they are your children, mother of dragons,even if the dragon father is not seen

  20. Что интересно Дени сама участие принимала

  21. Drogon's only mistake was not burning Jon alive

  22. I' wish I had friends like that( Dragons.) I would never be lonely.

  23. Honestly only watched the show because someone said she had such a astounding relationship with her children and they were right

  24. Daenerys brought dragons into the world again.

  25. I love this, and all of MY dragons are grown, even the 1 that lived to be my 4eva 18 yo. MY Dragons are Grown, Ups Now. I've waited for them to become the beautiful human beings that they are. The next generation is going to be off the chains…Literally 👁️🥰💚💚💚💚💚💚💔💚 I'm very proud of them.

  26. Да-да , ее дети, поэтому она держала их в подвале, в темноте в цепях.

  27. The only intelligent thing Jeffery ever said 😂😂

  28. I hate the ending she got. Dany was abused by her older brother Viserys in his maddened yearning for a Crown that he felt belonged to him. "Who are my people? The Targaryens? I only knew one; my brother, and he would've let a thousand men rape me if it had gotten him the Crown?"
    His brother sold her to the Dothraki, to Khal Drogo. She lost her child, whom she'd named after the brother she never met – only to lose her baby because of the witches magic, which ultimately killed her husband too. Everyone turned on her or abandoned her.
    When Drogon, Rhagal and Viserion hatched, Dany had a semblance of family again; the Targaryens had always bonded with a rode dragons until the last of them died – with three dragons, Dany felt that she was truly a Dragon. She walked into the raging fire and came out unburned – fire cannot burn a dragon. Viserys was no dragon. The gold crown of molten metal Drogo gave him proved that.
    And then when Dany finally returned to the land of her birth, she felt that she was finally going to claim the throne that was rightfully hers. By fire and blood, she would take her families throne back from Joffery Baratheron. The Targaryens had sat the Iron Throne for generations; Aegon the Conqueror and his sister wives Visenya and Rhaenys had brought the Seven Kingdoms to heel on the backs of dragons; Balerion, Vhagar and Meraxes. Dany would do the same; with Drogon, Rhagal and Viserion, she would bring the Kingdoms to kneel under the banner of the true Queen of the Seven Kingdoms; Danaerys Targaryen, breaker of chains, the unburnts, the Mother of Dragons.
    Then she met Jon Snow, who, unbeknownst to her and even Jon himself at the time, was the son of her brother Rhaegar and Lyanna Stark – and she began to fall in love again.
    And then one of her son's was killed by the Night King, turned into a Wight, and Dany was forced to fight one of her own sons.
    Rhagal fell. His blood and body sinking into the sea.
    All that remained of her three sons was Drogon.
    "They say that every time a Targaryen is born the Gods flip a coin."
    I think the tipping point for Dany came when two of her son's died. The show never did tell us just how deep the bond between Dany and her dragons was; in the books, the bond was so deep that they even drank Milk from her breasts – she literally breast fed dragons like a mother would feed her baby. They were her children, and she was their mother.
    There are deleted scenes in which it clearly shows a pregnant Dany; (which I firmly believe was meant to be the child of her and Jon.) And the entire premise of "Ice and Fire" was meant to revolve around Jon and Danaerys.
    And then the show killed her off by having Jon stab her with a dagger whilst they kissed. Seriously, what kind of send off is that for a woman who hatched three dragons into a world that hadn't seen them for centuries?
    I did like how Drogon destroyed the Iron Throne with dragonfire; since Balerion's fire helped forge the Iron Throne. Dragons are intelligent beings, and I think Drogon recognised that it was the Throne that got his mother killed. Her relentless strive to win back a crown drove her to madness like her father before her.
    Every time a Targaryen is born. The Gods flip a coin.
    Danaerys' coin flipped, and it cost her everything.

  29. It amazes me that joffery understood the the threat, took it very seriously,, , when even tywin himself completely dismissed it,,

    It makes r joffery either very coward or very calculative…. Or both..
    The enigma of traits ♠


  31. Дени всегда шла первой

  32. Bunch of brainwashed simps in this section 🤦🏽‍♀️

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