Growing Up as a Baby Night Fury! Dragons of the Edge Gameplay

Sorry for wonky editing/audio; I’ve never used this program before BUT trying to transfer the raw screen recordings to my laptop (which has my more familiar software) turned out to be a massive hassle so I just decided to try doing it this way 😛

Also sorry the daytime shots are kinda washed out; sometimes I forget to turn Night Vision mode off when the sun comes back up whoop haha

Anywayssss thanks Firefox for being a good Parental Unit and teaching me how to be a Night Fury lol


  1. How did you get your skin to save while you were actually playing? Whenever I make a skin then join it just goes away and leaves me with the base color

  2. Okay is this on ROBLOX
    Also if the comment ppl don’t know what ROBLOX is check it out

  3. Can this be played but iPad or pc and is it on roblox or not

  4. I wish we got this as a short film like how to train your dragon homecoming to sort of explore toothless’ backstory like if you agree

  5. I’m looking at these skins and be crying 😂 How do ppl have the patience to make those wow, I make simple skins 😂

  6. А как играть онлайн, у меня получаеться только одиночная игра?!

  7. How did you get the markings can you do a video

  8. Can i have the white skin link? I wanna try it. Its so beautiful

  9. А как у тебя получилось сделать взрослую слова когда ты играешь засранку Я вот и гроза франк ну у меня это не получается а скажи

  10. Можно ты напишешь на русском языке не пойму что ты написал пожалуйста напиши на русском языке пожалуйста а то я не понимаю

  11. My dream is a pc cuz I rlly wanna play it..

  12. yoooo i just talk to the ceo of that game


  14. This game has soo much potential. They could add stracture, online choice, dragon AI that are hostile and just roam around etc. Like, there's soo much stuff that could be added to put this game in the same league as Minecraft or Fortnite.

  15. You can only get it on pc or laptop

  16. Как это игра называеца?

  17. Albany to add-on dragons of the edge is the other dragons

  18. The question is, do such little furies simply fall by themselves, or is it who plays for her who does this?

  19. Bu oyunun adın deyə bilərsiz zəhmət olmasa mənim telefonumda oyun yoxdu deyə diyirəm

  20. How do you get invisible in the sky like How is the controls (have the game)

  21. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  22. how can i get this game on my computer??

    ps i really love it!

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