Hanasora Spotlight

* INVOKE: EMBER BLOSSOM – Passive | Yellow
The dragon gains (10)% of its modified attack for the rest of battle with each use. Stacks are removed by Ice Flak Supershots. Duration: N/A; Cooldown: 0s

* PINK CANOPY – Active | Blue | 2 Rage
Reduces incoming damage by (60)% for 3 seconds and instantly heals for (10)%. Duration: 3s; Cooldown: N/A

* CHERRY BOMBS – Active | White | 1 Rage
Shoots 5 shots to random 3 nearby towers within attack range & deals 99% dragon HP as damage. Duration: 0.25s; Cooldown: 0s

* SAKURA’S SPIRIT – Active | Red | 1 Rage
Summons a previously released dragon, Sakura with 40% HP of dragon, attack power is 10%. Duration: N/A; Cooldown: N/A

* PETAL STORM – Active | White | 1 Rage
Destroys all mid-air projectiles, stuns nearby towers for 3 seconds, affected towers take 100% increased damage in a radius of 80. Duration: N/A; Cooldown: N/A

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  1. My fault I should’ve checked I would not have gotten an invoker. But I’ll grow it, and stow it away

  2. I love this dragons name. Can't wait to have that dragon

  3. Soundwave & Shockwave #DecepticonSLUT says:

    I hate invokes xd

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