Has This Game Been LOST FOREVER !? – The History of Double Dragon Zeebo

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Today Top Hat Gaming Man talks about Double Dragon for the Zeebo, the obscure Double Dragon game that some of the few who have played it, claim could be the best Double Dragon game of all time.

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  1. That final fight remake in a couple years has me freakin stoked…. then I remember it’ll likely be another shitty digital download only.

  2. "We cannot play this game"

    *Watches someone in the video play the game"

  3. Thexder Neo is about to go away should the PSN rumors be true.

  4. Maybe someone will port this game to openbor.

  5. I have this game on my HD. I actually have the entire Zeebo collection

  6. Great vid I never heard of this game before 😎

  7. You wanna know about a game that is not easy to get a hold of? Kraut Buster, a Neo Geo homebrew game. While it is barely available physically(kinda expensive though), it is not available as a digital game so yeah, digital games may not be a good future, but at least it is easier and cheaper to get them that way.

  8. i don't think Double Dragon Zeebo is a "great game" to me it looks like a decent adaptation of the original DD game.

  9. Damn, Tesseract really sounds like Christopher Randolph

  10. I loved the iOS game, it borrows a lot from this. The cool graphic style and unique bosses. It also has the same ability to unlock and play as all of the enemies.

  11. Man double dragon IP is so abused that I just feel bad for the hardcore fan that love this game. Whosoever own the IP currently needs to stop and consider maybe outsourcing the IP to Streets of Rage Remake team or anyone that actually care about DD and make a follow that play like DD advance with modern touch.

  12. Yet another reason I dislike digital gaming, especially on console, and especially since the Xbox 360/PS3 era 👎 So much money wasted and games lost (over 50 games) that I bought digitally on PS3 and cannot play now 😔

  13. Lost now, but never underestimate the power of hackers. They can do amazing things. Great video, I will add this to my list of things to be on the lookout for.

  14. I'm mexican and this is the first time I hear about this game. Damn! I feel terrible…

  15. What digital sales does to destroy gaming history, digital piracy does to preserve it.

  16. As a HUGE fan of the series, I've never heard or played this game before.

    Seriously, wth Akysys!! You DO see this, right?! Make something happen, Team!

  17. At least those who purchased it in the Zeebo store are not having it stop working their already downloaded copy from their own console like PSN games will….

  18. So just f**k Double Dragon Neon huh? Lolz

  19. Now that I know the game is rare, I want to play it 🙁 It looks really good for a 2D sprite-based game as well though.

  20. This game reminds me of that Double Dragon game that was on IPhone and Android device. Sadly it's no longer available to play.

  21. Never heard of this but it looks great. Unfortunately a digital release such this is difficult to archive and emulate

  22. DOUBLE DRAGON IV arcsys TRY IT !

  23. Are there any other Zeebo titles that were great games not available on any other platform?

  24. i would buy this if it was ported to pc in a heartbeat

  25. Is there a way of playing Zeebo games via an emulator ??

  26. This version got revamped on iOS and Android with unlockable characters.
    Unfortunatelly, they were delisted and the Android version doesn't boot, being blocked by an "end of service" like message, not being able to connect to verify itself.

  27. I love your take on physical copies. I try to tell this even to older gamers. Even they think nothing of the sad loss.

  28. Along with Duke Nukem 3D for the Mega Drive that's another extremely interesting piece of software from Brasil. Makes me wonder if there aren't more that passed under the radar globally.

  29. Really nice that you brought this up now, what with people focused on Sony's announcement that they're shutting down a huge portion of their PS Store soon. And well, with the PS3/Vita/PSP store shutting down in 2 or 3 months or whatever, I've been scrambling to purchase anything I could think of before they're gone. Luckily I remembered just the other day to nab Okabu, When Vikings Attack, Mamorokun Curse, Moon Diver, and the Kaiju-themed Eat Them, but I am having trouble remembering a bunch of these games (hell, it took me forever to remember Eat Them; I kept searching for Monster, Kaiju, Rampage, etc. What a bad name it has!). Honestly, I am losing my mind trying to remember titles of some digital-only games on these platforms right about now…

  30. I think the closest game to this version that you can play is the IOS version.

  31. living on a remote village with baaaaad internet connection, I kinda envy brazilian pc gamers. they have massive lan parties there.

  32. Anyone else notice that the hero's of the game look like Ken and Ryu….?

  33. I can't understand why Arc System works who owns Double Dragon won't port this to consoles like the Switch.

  34. Are you going to cover "Rage of the Dragons" The Double Dragon fighting game for Neo Geo?

  35. Bit like old WiiWare games such as ‘Castlevania The Adventure’, a remake of the old GameBoy title which you cannot legally buy anymore since the closure of the Wii store.

  36. This is what Double Dragon 4 should have been. Not saying DD4 is bad, just that this a proof that we could have better.

  37. Aqui no Brasil eu nunk tive um Zeebo mas sempre o vi pra vender, mas sei q foi um fracasso…mas esse Double Dragon é uma perfeição para os padrões do sistema.

  38. To me Double Dragon II for Pc Engine CD is the best.

  39. The TV used in the beginning of the vid with the built-in console, what kind of tv is that??

  40. For me it's Mahvel 2 and Power Stone although i guess you could still play them if you had a DreamCast. :3

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