Have you got Gingerbread Dragon-Dragon Mania Legends | Finished Seasonal Buff Ruins event | DML

Today i got New june dragon of the month legendary Gingerbread after 9 try.
Legendary Gingerbread Dragon is a limited-time Dragon of month Dragon, this legendary dragon is obtained through only monthly event Dragon of month, When using 2 dragons containing a combination of element Earth, Plant, Metal and Void
Elements Legendary, Fire and light
Breeding time – 2d (VIP 1d14h) … 2d9h (VIP 1d22h)

08:31 Gingerbreed breeding
10:25 Explore ruins

Complete 45k score in Seasonal Buff Ruins Exploration event and finished the event, got all rewards
June 2023 Dragon of the month Gingerbread Dragon

Recommended combo with any of following

Possible Breeding Combo also depends on player game level/Progress

Earth and Green Agate/Envy/Alien
Odds 5.88% and out come 5
Void + Mountain/Golem/Gentleman/Bell/Bionic
Odds 5.26% and out come 6
Metal + Scarecrow/Muerte/Swamp/Meadow
Odds 3.85% and out come 7
Minotaur/Painting/Armored and Ghouly/Lilac/Prickly/Nightsahde
Odds 3.70% and out come 8
Plant + Cyclops/Agent/Dark Mech
Odds 3.57% and out come 8
Magnet/Treasure and Cyborg/Jadeite/Northern/Pine cone/venom
Odds 3.03% and out come 9
Steel/Shard/Fluorescent Blue/Assassin and Avacado/Farmer/Faun/Maxine/Tree/Referee
Odds 2.86% and out come 10

Below the event time line and this week event:-May 29 – June 5
Dragon of the week: Memorial! Its parents are the Pirate Dragon and Seed Dragon
Solo Event with new Pride Dragon! A Breeding Token is available for The Fool Dragon
Bottomless Dungeon with Punk Dragon. Dungeon shop: Sweet Treat Dragon
Otto’s Lotto with pieces of the Circus Dragon
May 29- June 2: Great Dragon Race!
May 29-31: Gem Spending event with the Sovereign Dragon as a milestone reward and the new Crystal Brute Dragon on the Leaderboard
May 31: Enchanted Trinket Frenzy!
June 1-5: Blitz Breeding: breed Gingerbread Dragon and Pride Dragon to get Sagittarius Dragon
June 2-5: Dinner Time with the Treater Dragon

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Have you got Gingerbread Dragon-Dragon Mania Legends | Finished Seasonal Buff Ruins event | DML

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  1. I got the GINGERBREAD DRAGON finally! Day before yesterday.. 🥲 by tree & radiant dragons… 🥲

  2. I didn't got Gingerbread by more then 10 attempts😂

  3. I got gingerbread with the extra den relic and siren in normal den

  4. U are you serious you've managed to get the gingerbread dragon

  5. Im trying to get it already 6-7 days 😬Im dreaming about it lol idk why

  6. I got it on the first try! =D Unfortunately i haven't gotten the pride dragon,and i got the gingerbread dragon at the end of the blitz

  7. I got gingerbread dragon in 1 attempt 🙂 luck xd

  8. 🎉Congratulations 🎉for gingerbread dragon 🎉🎉

  9. Have you got Gingerbread Dragon?
    yes bro first time mai😍

  10. Why your not leveling your oyar dragon to lvl 125?

  11. Legit got the week dragon yesterday first try. Ginger dragon came out now and tried… First try also

  12. Я уже его получил с первой попытки и с первого дня тоже 😎😎

  13. I collect 100 gems and I update ignis faber 28 level to 30 level i unlock ignis faber 3rd element good luck

  14. I hatched apollo dragon and umbra primus dragon i fed him 30 level and i fed umbra primus dragon 20 because i update shadow temple and i buy today 8am level 45 in dragon mania legends good luck i make new good luck

  15. Hi ma games what's more useful element in dungeon between tyrant and divine

  16. And I got the gingerbread on the first try ❤

  17. my code: 8412as please add 12 friends missing

  18. I got a ginger bread dragon on my first try
    By using tree and steel dragons

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