He found a new buddy 😠😞 || Roblox edit || Game: Pocket dragon


  1. Lmao' like imagine put on.a game "BOSS" and in the bio puts the Bible πŸ’€-

  2. Sadly, i cant play the revamped version. My phone is a low-end device, i believe. So it kicks me out since i dont have enough data.

  3. Hey do any of you guys know what button I click to fly on computer in Berks dragons

  4. U look a bit like me oc named Neon Purple

  5. Can u ride the dragons in that game if so let me k ow how to I just started playing it

  6. and that's way he destroyed he's chaclet milk

  7. i always get kidnapped by dragons
    even being an admin there-

  8. For all of you who want the game name its: Pocket Dragons [Beta]

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