House of The Dragon और Game of Thrones के किरदारों की पूरी कहानी समझिए | HOTD History | GOT History

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HBO’s new show #HouseOfTheDragon is one of 2022’s most anticipated TV series. This prequel of #GameofThrones is fantasy blockbuster. It given that it takes place about 200 years before Thrones kicks off, there are no familiar faces to cling to. That can make getting into House of the Dragon a challenge at first. There are so many new characters, and so many complex relationships, that it can be a little overwhelming at first. This video is a #explained form of the Thrones universe.

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Produced by: The Lallantop
Edited by: mohit


  1. Some interesting information in House of the dragon 🐉

  2. I miss Game of Thrones, Wishing I could go back in time when GoT was everywhere 😭😭❤️❤️❤️

  3. Good research make more videos like this

  4. wrong information , doom of valeriya that dream was seen by a targeriyan princes not by some old man..

  5. Their are many mistakes in this video, however you guys tried hard
    Keep up👍👍

  6. Lalntop aap ye batao saf saf ki Hindi language me ayenge ki nahi

  7. Inke haar video 1.25X me ku dekhne padhte hai ☹️☹️☹️☹️ kitne slow hai saale sab inke yaha 🥱🥱🥱

  8. A video already YouTube PE hai, copy kio hai

  9. Game of thrones season 4 Hindi kab aaega please batao

  10. इन सब पर एक आर्तागुल भारी है

  11. House of dragons Hindi Me Aye Gi Ya Nhi Pls Batao ?

  12. Kya targeriyans Ko pata he ki trivedi zinda he

  13. Seriusly ab hame internet ke chutiyo channel mai se ek got aur hotd ke bare mai samjhayenge

  14. Valeria khatam hone ka sapna budhe ko nhi blki ek bachi ko aaya tha

  15. Sir, jante hain, apka video ×1.5 speed se dekhn pad raha hai

  16. Kya bakwas video h..
    Watch this content on.. Pop culture pandit., watch roj..

  17. Sab story pata chale muze bhi , bahit saal serching kiya

  18. apne sahi tarike se badal ka advantage kiya he 😜😂😂😂 @05:12

  19. It was Daenys the dreamer who saw the end of valaria in her dream not the old man.

  20. पहले खुद अच्छे से समझ लो तब ज्ञान बांटना😂😂😂

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