House Of The Dragon Cast vs. ‘The Most Impossible Game of Thrones Quiz’ | PopBuzz Meets

To celebrate the release of Game Of Thrones prequel ‘House of the Dragon’, we challenged Milly Alcock, Emma D’Arcy, Emily Carey, Olivia Cooke, Eve Best, and Steve Toussaint to the Most Impossible Game of Thrones quiz 🐲🏆
Who will emerge as the winner? NO SPOILERS… you’ll have to tune in to find out for yourselves! 🎬

House of the Dragon available from 22 August exclusively on Sky Atlantic and streaming service NOW

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  1. Milly ALCOCK, I want you every day

  2. I got all right and like 5/9 on the last question haha

  3. Eve is such a beauty! She deserves that role in the HOTD 100%.

  4. Jon Targaryen
    or even better
    John Targaryen

    I laughed so hard I tore a stomach muscle.

  5. 5:47
    ah ye
    we dead
    That was so funny.. oh this video made my daay! 😀

  6. Should I be worried that it took me less than a second to say every answer?

  7. haven't watched HOD yet but I will after I fisnih rewtaching GOT♥️♥️

  8. اللهم صل وسلم على نبينا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين إنك حميد مجيد ,

  9. I listed 8 of the 9 great houses, then got angry when I realized I was missing the Greyjoys 🙄 they're my least favorite house. Very cool house, interesting history, just don't like them 😂

  10. Emma has ZERO personality in all of this shes so boring

  11. Актриса играющая Рейниру лесбуха?

  12. I once read a comment that said something like "milly is hot in a down syndrome kinda way"😂

  13. milly and emma dont even know that daenyrys is their descendant

  14. Lol only half the amount of death threats in their inbox

  15. These questions are the bare minimum. They haven't been asked the deep Westeros lore

  16. They should make a comedy version of the House of Dragons with the original cast but mixing up the characters. It would be extremely funny.😂

  17. Olivia always looks anxious and guilty all the time

  18. Am I the only one who feels offended that the actors didn't care to take the time to research the series? Smh

  19. Oh they didn't even read or watch anything about the show. I straight aced all

  20. Well you can tell they never watched Game of Thrones

  21. Jon snow :" you know nothing, Rhaenyra"

  22. This looks like straight out of the 90's, some of the hair styles and clothes they are wearing lol

  23. ''How many generations is Daenerys removed from Rhaenyra?''

    Milly: ''It's 172 years so it's like… but people died so quickly!''
    Milly (final answer) "Two"

    I really would like to know the maths behind this answer lol

  24. I'm usually really bad at those kind of quizzes but I would have nailed this one 😄

  25. Milly: oooh Aegon
    Emily: like my kid


  26. eve and steve have great chemistry

  27. Was it just me who when he asked "how many generations separated danny and rhaenyra" I could in my head count generations according to my knowledge of monarchs in relation to family tree.

  28. OMG… They're so off with most of the answers … I was so funnily flabbergasted when they couldn't even say that Jon was Aegon T.. A name they are so familiar with and mentioned so often on their part of the series…. Guess they never truly saw GOT prior. Well, that's what's most amazing about actors like these. Not knowing and still performing… They're all amazing!

  29. the fact that no one knows jon's real name even when yOUR CHARACTER STARTS A WAR AND DOOMS HALF OF THE FUTURE POPULATION TO DIE AT THE HANDS OF ZOMBIES BECAUSE OF THAT NAME is just so funny to me

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