House of the Dragon | Dragon Sizes 🔥 #hotd #dragon #vhagar #arrax #meleys #aemond #lucerys

#hotd #dragon #vhagar #arrax #meleys #aemond #lucerys #rhaenyratargaryen #daemontargaryen #aemond #daemyra #lucerysvelaryon #gameofthrones


  1. No te creo ppr que en juego de tronos dijeron que drogon tenia casi el mismo tamaño que el terror negro

  2. Drogon is almost youngest there and he is one of bigest for his years he is oversized dragon

  3. Where the fuck is vermithor the bronze fury

  4. I can’t wait to see balerion on screen when the chance arises

  5. Thanks to this video I realised how d**mb the concept of the valyrians as dragon lords are. How could they feed so much dragons this big?

  6. Everyone's a Gangsta till ancalagon the black comes in.

  7. U gotta be high to think Viseryeon and Rhaegal were that small

  8. must not forget that drogon is still a child, he is tall for his age, vhagar she is old, I wonder if drogon at the age of 50 will he be like balerion?

  9. The fuck did you get those informations so wrong ?

  10. Balerion is a fucking kaiju

  11. Theres no way drogon is bigger than his older brother seasmoke

  12. We need a prequel show with aegon the conqueror riding the black dread, along with his sisters/wife’s, that would be epic x

  13. I think Rhaegal and viserion are a little bit bigger than that😂

  14. Rhaegal and Viseryon were at least as bug as seasmoke by the time the war against the whit walkers commenced

  15. Viserion and Rhaegal are WAYYYYY too small

  16. It’s funny because Seasmoke is larger than Syrax in the show not sure about the books but in the show it’s clear who’s larger

  17. Which one is strong…?

    And which is bigger…?

  18. It's crazy that Caraxes will kill Vhagar in an ultimate battle, though he will also die after some time.

  19. I feel so bad for arrax when Vaegar ate him

  20. Why I can't see meraxes in any shorts is it very smaller

  21. It’s been confirmed that drogon is bigger that meleys and caraxes actually

  22. And somehow this video forget about Vermithor

  23. …And after that, Ancalagon the Black from LOTR… Size of a mountain…

  24. Vhagar reached almost the same size than Balerion, the difference is too big

  25. I thought Drogon, viserion and rhaegal are the same sizes, same breed

  26. Viserion and rhaegal are still kids infront of balerion💀💀

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