House Of The Dragon Episode 1 FULL Breakdown and Game Of Thrones Easter Eggs

House Of The Dragon Episode 1. Game Of Thrones Easter Eggs, Ending Explained, A Song Of Ice And Fire, Daenerys Targaryen & House Of The Dragon Episode 2 Trailer ►
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House of the Dragon Episodes
Game Of Thrones Episodes

Covering Full House Of the Dragon Episode 1. Game Of Thrones Easter Eggs and References Explained. Ending Explained, A Song Of Ice And Fire. Aegon’s Conquest. New Characters, Game of Thrones History and Lore. New House of The Dragon Intro Scene. The First Game Of Thrones Prequel Explained. House of The Dragon Episodes breakdown and new characters explained. Game Of Thrones Targaryen Series.

The Dance of The Dragons Trailer and A Song of Ice And Fire Book Easter Eggs. Jon Snow Daenerys Targaryen Family History and Lore. George RR Martin involvement explained. Game Of Thrones, A Song of Ice And Fire Books it’s based on. And the House of the Dragon Game of Thrones Episode Timeline.

Game Of Thrones Prequel House of The Dragon 2022 Release Date details. Miguel Sapochnik will be co-showrunner. He made Game Of Thrones Season 5 Episode 8 Hardhome, Season 6 Episode 9 Winds of Winter, Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 The Long Night and Season 8 Episode 5 The Bells. I’ll do more Game of Thrones Jon Snow Sequel videos when we learn more too!

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My Full House of the Dragon Episode 1 video will post next. New House Of The Dragon Episodes every week! My She Hulk Episode 2 video will post next week! And Star Wars Andor Videos will start soon too!

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  1. why the fuck are u telling everything that will happen in the show!!!!
    u act like there are books its ok to screw the show for u!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hmm I guess maybe I’m just super critical of this or worried. I watched GOT and was a fan for many years, only to be totally let down during the final season especially with the writing. It seemed like a bad joke or something….how NOT to end a super TV show. They should be talking to the guys who make breaking bad or better call Saul. Point is I can’t dedicate time to watch this because of just how bad the ending was to the last one. I’d rather wait for it to all be done and see how it is. On top of that I saw Morbius this year, and it’s ruined the view I have of Matt, he’s a cheese ball and I see passed the cool looking armour.

  3. Hey you think maybe the citadel some how found out about this prophecy and that’s why in game of thrones in the end the citadel maester didn’t worry at all? And he had even been making a book already called a song of fire and ice too.

  4. Definitely was trying to insult his brother…

  5. Imagine Viserys' replica building being the new intro if there will be one 🧐🤔

  6. Been subbed for years. Your commentary for this video is Epic ! Charlie you are truly Awesome !

  7. The last thing anyone wants to see is a naked Matt Smith making “i’m a badass mo fo faces while he’s pretending to have sex” EEW!

  8. favourite part is definetly the end scene with the song "the prince that was promissed"

  9. also, is it me or there's a mistake on the baratheons shield? (see 3:22). It has a crown… The crown should only be added after Robert took the throne…

  10. Talk about emotional king king visery I.
    If he just summon the council again. And be done with it. 🤦

  11. Does 'a song of ice and fire' being a prophetic dream passed from Targ king to hier mean that Rhaegar got with Lyana Stark to have an icy fire son for this purpose so he'd be the one to fulfill the prophecy?

  12. You forgot to mention that Arya named her direwolf "Nymeria" after late princess Nymeria who was mentioned by Rheanyra during the episode.

  13. My favorite moment is seeing Rhaenyra become the next heir to the throne 😭🤞🏾

  14. The fact that Aegon I prophecied the Long Night and the coming of the dead is by far my favourite moment!

  15. I wonder if we will see the NIGHT KING before he gets turned

  16. 2022 is so epic already and we havent even gotten to rick and morty season 6 and big mouth 🤟
    House of the dragon episode 1 was all i could've hoped for i have high expectations for every episode that comes next imma continue watching these epic breakdowns been a subscriber 5 years now 🤟

  17. this is supposed to be a breakdown. slow down when you speak so people can understand the story

  18. For me there is only one interesting character in the first episode Daemon Targaryen. The others are pretty boring. I hope it will change latter.

  19. I don't know if it count as an easter egg or anything, but when the Maester talked about cauterising wound on Vyseris, I thought : Is it even possible ? Shouldn't he be immune to cauterising.

  20. What did you mean saying that Daemon "took out" Otto's son during the tournament? Did he just eliminate him (obviously) or actually killed him?

  21. But one thing.. i cannot pass the Night King debacle

  22. i cant wait to see all their dragons. the dragon cgi already looks better than the main series

  23. theres more swords from movies and shows in the thrown

  24. 0:11 This will be my 'Full House of the Dragon' episode 1 video…. and now I'm just picturing the Full House intro with various Westeros situations. Like Jesse beheads someone then holds it up and smiles at the camera for his credit to roll. 'Whatever happened to predictability? The Lannisters, Targaryens, and the Dothraki…'

  25. A song of Ice and fire = the union of the stark of the cold north, with the targaryen of the hot dragons …

    The producers of h.o.t.d : it's because of some folk tale Aegon seen that made him invade and unite westeros 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  26. When Dr Who travels too far back in time 🤦🏽

  27. Best but also worst moment: Aemma being cut open against her will. The toil of childbirth on women

  28. My favourite moment was the opening and the last sequence of Rhaenyra riding the dragon across the city and her being crowned as the heir. Absolute chills and goosebumps.

  29. Maester Aemon probably was given the info about the dream and became maester to help the night's watch fight white walkers. Maybe even that was the reason he didn't want to become king, because thought it was not important. He was really concerned about the white walkers and send the letters to all lords. And told Gilly to take little Sam far south before it's too late (in th show at least). Probably he was the only one aware of that dream prophecy at the time.

  30. Please enter me into the giveaway. My favorite scene is: when Rhaenyra was named heir. I wonder if King Viserys figured he would not re-marry and wanted to prevent his brother Daemon from inheriting or fighting for the throne.

  31. So king viserys dragon that died was balerion the dread the biggest and oldest dragon? So he had the same dragon as Aegon the conqueror like they passed the dragon on with the crown or is it a different dragon? I'm lost

  32. The pumpkin smash at the turney was my favourite moment, bahaha, you know what part I mean

  33. I loved seeing Criston Cole knock Daemon Targaryen down a few notches!

  34. I loved the theme to Game of Thrones in the first 15 minutes just barely could hear it. But I STILL hate D & D and what they did. I mean THEY ruined the best show of all time according to the Emmy's. Season 5 on pure crap. Thank god for House of the Dragon.

  35. I want to see in these stories an explanation as to why the civilisation is so technologically stunted. The civilisation must have gone through the traditional stages of a technocratic stages of development, but for tens of thousands of years never evolved past Middle Ages culture. And the explanation cannot be magic otherwise they would not have even gotten past earlier developments.

    Maybe another series spin off is to go…a thousand years into the future and the island of Westeros and the culture is deep in industrial age steam punk. That would be cool!!

  36. 1:18
    Viserys I was the 5th king of Westeros.
    1. Aegon
    2. Aenys
    3. Maegor
    4. Jaehaerys
    5. Viserys

  37. Awesome synopsis. You have talent. Keep it up.

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