House of the Dragon Episode 10 Finale Breakdown & Ending Explained | Game of Thrones | HBO

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Welcome back for another Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon video. In this video, I will be talking about House of the Dragon’s episode 10 finale. This is my House of the Dragon season 1 episode 10 finale ending explained & Game of Thrones Easter eggs video. I talk about Rhaenyra Targaryen being named The Black Queen with her father, Viserys I Targaryen’s crown. I go over Rhaenyra’s black council meetings, and her revealing Aegon the Conquerer’s dream of A Song of Ice and Fire and the prince who was promised prophecy to Daemon Targaryen. I also break down what happened at the end, when Aemond One-Eye Targaryen and his dragon Vhagar confront Lucerys Velaryon and his dragon Arrax at Storm’s End. What really happened when Aemond and Vhagar killed Lucerys and Arrax? Does Aemond One-Eye Targaryen have any connections to the Night King or the White Walkers? Why does he have a blue sapphire eye? I also talk about Rhaenyra Targaryen’s reaction to her son, Lucerys Velaryon’s death. What will happen in House of the Dragon season 2? When will House of the Dragon season 2 release? Let me know what you think down below!

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  1. Long time watcher. No judgement just wondering…is there a reason you always choose to pronounce the names of the characters differently than how the show pronounces them? I’ve noticed that over the years. But especially in HOTD…”aye-MON” instead of “aim-in”… “Loo-ker-is” instead of “Loo-ser-is”…“uh-RAX” instead of ”AIR-axe”. Again no hate just curious, only because I’ve found it somewhat distracting and every video lately I’m like “whyyyy”. 😅

  2. I can't wait to watch Daemond and the Blood Worm Rip that pelican looking pouch out from under Vhagars Neck, while Daemond plunges Dark Sister into Aemond The Kin Killer's other eye!!!!

  3. Haven’t read the book. Seems like Lord Baratheon will also be made to answer…for not protecting an Envoy. Luke had barely taken off and was already being pursued.

  4. I have to say House of the Dragon is the best first season of any show I’ve ever seen. It had a lot to live up to and went beyond the expectations.

  5. Jump to @04:47 guys… For almost the first 5 minutes he speaks useless things and sponsors…

  6. I hate to be this person but it’s driving me insane: Lucerys is pronounced with a soft “C”! But, I love your videos.

  7. the mother of all bastards queen of the prostitutes

  8. SOOOOO I have a theory that since technically Rhaenrya is the rightful heir and Queen of the Seven Kingdoms and is older/more wise, more in control of her emotions and her bond with Syrax is so strong so she has more control over/with (dragons are not slaves) Syrax. I also feel the same way with Daemon and Caraxes! Like Matt Smith says himself “Daemon and Caraxes are one” Syrax and Caraxes both had reactions when their riders were in pain and upset or angry etc etc. Aemond and Lucerys are young and let their emotions be manipulated by anger and madness. I do believe what Viserys says about their control being and illusion but I do also believe there is just some things we won’t understand because of the blood magic they used to begin with to be the blood of the dragon to give them the ability to mount and “control” the dragons some also have dragon dreams/fireproof? Idk maybe I’m just thinking to much! Just thought it was interesting and wanted to see if anyone else had/has similar thoughts! Great video! So sad it’s already over can’t wait for season 2! Hoping and praying they don’t crush our hearts like they did with Game of Thrones😅

  9. what I want to know is how did they get the dragons. That part of the story is never explained. just that they have them and it is part of the power they have.

  10. Anybody else fell there are no characters that you can like in this show

  11. House of dragon forever changing cast they have really lost a plot

  12. Who was the 3rd dragon and rider to leave dragonstone at the end of episode 10

  13. I cant wait to rewatch the season. And dragons are still wild animals with or without a rider

  14. The Blacks strategy is flawed the same as every warring group in this series. Killing Sir Otto would’ve been the easiest way to end the battle. He’s the brains behind the insurrection and a barrier to peace. Just like Danerys should’ve burned out kings landing when she had three dragons. The first move is always the best.

  15. Aemond’s eye has nothing to do with the Night King or White Walkers. It is his signet; if you have a keen eye, you will see during the last two intros of season 1, that the Queen’s bloodlines run down to her offspring’s signets, and one of them is very different than all the other gold signets put together that the bloodlines run through. Aemond’s signet is briefly seen as a deep blue colored gem, just like the one he has in his eye socket. There you have it.

  16. Just another medieval soap opera ….It was okay at best ….people sitting around big tables talking about marriages and babies 😩

  17. Arrax : to Vhagar, you are Old and feeble, your time is over, eat fire old woman. Vhagar: OLD! I’ll show you old,Hold my beer, 🌩️🐉🐲 Vhagar Wins! Flawless victory, Fatality.

  18. I see the dragons somewhat like horses and other animals – some of them are better trained than others, and some people are better trainers/more experienced than others. Even with my own horses, they each have different personalities, some are more neurotic and more dependent, and they misbehave when beginner riders ride them. Some horses are exactly the same no matter who rides them. So dragons I'm sure are somewhat similar, they are individuals and behave differently depending on their rider/trainer and how much time they spend with their dragons.

  19. GOT worst episode was million times better. The entire show was predictable and I've never read the books

  20. It took 5 mins to actually get to the information. Please shut the hell up and just get to the content.

  21. The look on her face says it all, Oh, it's On! She is gonna go all Mad Queen on them!

  22. Jesus was a whole five minutes of updates and ads I’m outta here

  23. I've been putting off watching the last couple episodes and truly just blown away with episode 10s ending amazing. I knew he was going to die I knew it.

    Vahgar just chewed him up and spit him out.

  24. Question: How the heck does ANYONE know what happened to Lucerys? He (& his dragon) were killed completely out of sight in the middle of no where?

  25. I have a pressing question: how did Rhaenyra know that Aemond and his dragon killed Luke???

    No witness, more or less no trace of dragon or rider since what little was left of Arrax very likely fell in the ocean. All we have is a missing boy and his small dragon. For all Rhaenyra knows her son could have died from the harsh weather after leaving the Baratheon castle. Or she could think Aemond tracked him down. Either scenario is plausible based on the information before her.

  26. Dude.. you genuinely forgot to mention what was Daemon doing while singing and going in front of a huge dragon in cave.

  27. This kid was a runt boy he had a growth spurt over 5 minutes. He is nothing like his father.. What a pos just like his mother I guess

  28. Honestly season 1 should of been between 15-20 episodes at least

  29. this video feels like its all over the place and not properly structured 🤔

  30. Loved season 1! Question: why was Arrax so tiny? Didn’t Danny’s dragons in GoT grow a lot faster?

  31. Pretty sure they said the bonds between rider and dragon develop over time. So seeing that the boys were so young and new to their dragons, it makes sense that the dragons would have moments of disregard for commands. Just as children tend to be.

  32. Osea si daemon vio a su hermano mal antes de irse de la corta pero como no va a pensar mal se muere su hermano y no les avisan luego coronan a aegon al día siguiente y ellos no se dan cuentan así q si por eso no me molesto q daemon pensara eso 'parece q los escritores solo quieren q los hombres quieran guerra o poder por ej daemon o otto y en el libro no es así alicent y rhaenyra son más ambiciosa ojalá en la s2 cambien eso y la 2 sean más ambiciosas q aran cualquier cosas para proteger a su familia y rhaenys q no quiere guerra olle tus nietas son hija de daemon siempre estarán en peligro

  33. Gotta admit Dahmer targaryen is growing on me.

  34. The shot of Vhagar flying under Arrax really sealed the deal for me!

  35. I just want to see Young Robert Baratheon fit into his armour within 3 – 4 seasons from now.

  36. “… had never gave… “ “should have went….” Perhaps use Word grammar check on your script before producing and especially before posting a video. This is literally 6th grade English. I cringe at these basic mistakes. Word grammar check can find these errors. Please google the relevant mistakes so you can learn and prevent them in the future.

  37. Oh man the Hightower is sooooo screwed after that ending scene. The writer really did a good job on this show, personally as i'm not familiar with GoT lore.

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