House of the Dragon Episode 2 ‘The Rogue Prince’ REACTION!!


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  1. I agree fully on the comment of GOT taking you in at once, where its difficult to get invested in the characters in HoD. As is typical for a lot of newer productions. Its all about the camera, less on the writing. And thus I lose interest. I enjoy your reactions!

  2. Not only did Viserys lose his strongest partner, he’s lost a dragon. His master of law mentioned that the Valeryons have a dragon

  3. Dude your comment about " Just as I think Game of Thrones can't get any weirder. ". Someone has forgotten that the books while fiction have stuff that really happened in history. Such as inter breeding and child marriage. This stuff did happen. We always like to compare are morality as if it was our ancestors, but it was not.

  4. Maggots are used to eat rotten and infected flesh from patients even today. its a very old medical treatment thats actually extremely effective. They eat the bad flesh and leave the healthy.

  5. Both shows used real sets that were surrounded by huge green screen walls that encircled the sets, like a box. The set for The Wall was set up in this way, for example.

  6. Starting my petition for you to start Sons of Anarchy after this first season of HotD 😁

  7. I always find it strange when people scrutinize Rick & Morty for incest jokes but are readily available on the couch to watch how GOT or HOD will protray real life incest being depicted.

  8. Age nor relation matters in this show… Hope you're able to move forward and focus on the show itself. Lol The smart decision was to go with the "child bride" You marry to secure your houses not for love.

  9. Slow ur road. It has nothing to do with diplomacy and everything to do with misogyny

  10. Game of Thrones was told from the perspective of the characters involved while the events in this show is based of a book written by a maester, a dwarf court jester and another character. So the events are a retelling of a story. Maybe this has influenced the show's creators visually as well.

  11. @16:50: many viewers fail to notice that Alicent is wearing the same dress as the day before. It is heavily implied that she stayed overnight with Viserys. He HAS to marry her. It was Otto’s plan all along.

  12. The name Dondarian sounds familiar because it was featured in GoT with Beric Dondarian, the guy who was brought back to life 6 times.

  13. This show was great at showing the misogyny during this time where the patriarchy is ruled by men and they don’t want a woman to rule.

  14. Alicent is also a child but ok, I wonder why people are OK with the 15 year old vs the 12 year old when both are babies

  15. The morons who ran Game of Thrones didn’t know how cinematography works; they also didn’t know how to budget their resources; they’d build sets they barely filmed on, then say “we ran out of CGI for dragon scenes this episode”. House of the Dragon uses a virtual set for locations that only appear once or twice; yes, the sept interior is entirely virtual, because it’s not used much. Instead they focused the budget on the fully realized, three story tall Red Keep interior set.

  16. Maggot therapy is a real and effective medical treatment

  17. 4:10 Bingo. I've GOT 4 times start to finish. I watched HOTD once and I'm good on it. It feels more like a movie depending on visual effects to keep you entertained, while GOT keeps you entertained with the dialogue and banter.

  18. (Book) Daenerys was 13 when given to Khal Drogo to marry. Sansa was 13 betrothed to Joffrey. Considering that…. 12 doesn’t seem like much of a leap. I’m glad the king felt uncomfortable about it though. Low bar, I know

  19. What is so great about this series is the entire book about it is already written. So there is no gap where writers take over. It’s all GRRM the author. But with that comes his love of incest and surprise deaths. The Targaryens have been doing this since the beginning. The first Aegon conquered Westeros with his 2 sisters who were also his wives. This King Viserys did break that mold as his wife was an Arryn from the Vale but Viserys parents were brother and sister. George RR Martin said he thinks it will take 4 seasons to tell this story. Season 2 is releasing June 2024

    The Hightowers are from Old Town. Where Samwell was at in the citadel. This is located in the reach. The Tyrells have a complicated history with the Hightowers (too long to post here) but they are involved with each other as Highgarden is in the reach. Margery”s mother is a Hightower. So these are Margery Tyrell’s ancestors, Alicent and Otto.

  20. Glad to see someone as disgusted with maggots as I am. That’s the worst. Ugh.

  21. 13:20 also, she and Daemon are very similar. What she considers a good diplomatic move, is often also what Daemon would respect/fear.

  22. Sorry but House of Dragons feels like something made by George Lucas.. without being family friendly. The characters are poorly written and it feels like they're going through the motions. I would've thought with a smaller cast they would flesh out these characters more. it does pick up near the end of the season, but the show still hasn't hooked me the way GoT did from the first episode on… plus there's hardly any humor. Even in the most serious of times, there's a thing called gallows humor. It's why GoT was so well done because the characters pulled you into their world with both seriousness and some glimpses of humor.

  23. My favorite thing about this show is how the characters can be predictable but still subvert expectations, especially if you've watched GOT you expect the characters to go in a certain direction based of ressemblances with GOT characters so you put them in boxes, only to realize they have so many layers, so you actually discover their true nature through the decisions they make… but also people will have different opinions on them based on their own principles and morality it's so interesting to me ^^

  24. "If she has to be told what to do, then it tells me that she's not a very good diplomat" … yeah, most 14-year-olds suck at diplomacy. Not trying to bash you with the comment, but more pointing out that unlike GoT, HotD has major time jumps. So we see characters at a young age come into characters at an older age. I certainly am not the same person I was at 14; I had a lot to learn. Hopefully you don't lock someone into a character categorization based on how they behave when they're young. I'm not saying that young people are not accountable for their actions, but more that young people still have a world to experience and grow.

  25. political alliances the kids age didnt matter. All you needed was an understanding that when the woman first got her period she was married to her betrothed

  26. I totally "get" your uncomfortableness with Laena being like 10 talking to the King and her parents presenting her to him. I feel the same way. I found some of these awful revelations when looking up my own family tree back in the 1200's, 1300's forward. I would literally have to double check the birth date of a spouse because of the huge difference in age. It's crazy.

  27. A lot of the flames in the show are real, it was a HUGE problem cause it kept sort of staining those wigs but it visually looks better

  28. Lol the maggots are gross yes but they do eat dead tissue. Like using a leech is good too for certain things because it’s a natural blood thinner

  29. You know as a history fan that children in times like these were used in marriages of royal families and such. It is weird – but it did and does happen.

  30. I wish he was the only one being eaten alive by crabs right now, am I right🙋‍♂️

  31. Like Daemon said Viserys sucks as being king

  32. @7:44 I know. But as a history buff, that was totally normal. You see on every historical show. 12/13 was when your parents started looking for you a husband. King Henry Tudor’s mother was 13 at birth. That was her second marriage. Viserys married his first wife at age 11. Laena had not hit puberty yet, so they would have waited till then. It’s awkward through modern lens, but I watch all the historical TV shows, it’s exactly this.

  33. This happened in real life, in England. The king had them pledge to Maud to be Queen, but when the King died, most of them supported Stephen for King, and the result was a bloody Civil War called "the Anarchy" that lasted for 19 years.

  34. @14:58 just remember that Laena would not bed Viserys at marriage. She would age up to be same age as Alicent, before they consummated. I get 14/15 seems crazy young too, but in this case, it’s not 12! Lol

  35. The Hightowers is a VERY old and prestigious house. Even though they are the Tyrells bannermen, and thus technically subservient to them, they are at times in history more influential and powerful then them. Like during this time in the story. They rule the city of Old Town. Where Sam Tarly went to study to become a Maester. So a religious and bureaucratic power house that excel at espionage and politics.
    They are at a bit of a low point during the Game of Thrones story years. With its living members being either too young, sickly, mad or something like that to have any political influence. So that's why they were never really mentioned in the other show. Demonstrates how easily a noble house can temporarily rise or fall into obscurity, depending on who is around that decade.

  36. yes lets go! I get so hyped whenever you post these

  37. pay attention whenever they talk about time cause there are lots of time jumps between episodes but the characters address it loosely "its been six months since my mother passed" ok so 6 months between the last one and this one, some episodes don't jump at all, some jump years ahead

  38. ahhhhhhhh this show is so good i cannot wait for what is to come

  39. The Hand plotting was exactly what Deamon meant in the first episode by I protect u from ur cunt of a hand (Otto Hightower Second born of Oldtown)

  40. Its very important to understand how Deamon thinks of family he wouldnt let Corlys talk shit about his brother and he cares about his niece Rhenyra

  41. mment…


    When Daemon said the king was weak and his hand was a snake… He was right on all counts. Also, the people always took a male successor to the throne over a female. Hence, Dany in the Original GOT freaking out when she heard Jon could have a claim. Even if he didn't want it – The people would.

  42. Otto Hightower is valuable to the King because he will do the hard things the King wishes to avoid himself. But, yeah, Otto seems pretty sketchy.

  43. yes, there're going to be "good dragon on dragon battles".
    you are literally watching the series the sole purpose of which is to tell you about "The Dance".
    like as if you never paid attention watching GoT

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