HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Episode 6 Breakdown & Ending Explained | Review And Game Of Thrones Easter Eggs

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HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Episode 6 Breakdown & Ending Explained | Review And Game Of Thrones Easter Eggs. We break down Episode 6 of House Of The Dragon, Including what we think will happen and the major book plot points. Covering subjects such as Rhaenyra and Harwin Strong, the new children, Laena and Daemon, Alicent and Larys Strong, Vicerys and his disease, the book differences, all the Easter Eggs we spotted and also our Theories on what this could mean moving forward, let’s get into the video!

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Ok so House Of The Dragon Episode 6 is now here and the brand new episode has a lot to break down in it. Filled with easter eggs, new characters and a lot of things that alter what happens in the books we’re here to explain it all. Set before the days of the Maury show we unfortunately can’t carry out a DNA test but we all know who the father is of Rhaenyras kids. Harwin Strong has only briefly appeared in the series so far and he was spotted briefly at Aegons second born day as well as in the streets of Kings Landing and now my mans gone from a knight in the streets to a night in the sheets.

Now the book shouldn’t be taken as gospel and though I’ll talk about what happens in it, it is important to bear in mind that there are lots of second hand accounts that have been compiled by Maesters. They all differ over who took Rhaenyras Maidenhead with some saying that Daemon did it, Criston was the one and Harwin is also mentioned as well.

Harwin was known as Harwin Breakbones, the strongest man in Westeros and also the heir to Harranhaal which we saw in the prologue of episode 1.

It’s said Criston rejected her at one point and she ran off into the night which is where she bumped into Harwin who ended up being the one who did the deed. In the source material the pair got it on and this burned Criston who ended up becoming bitter about it. Though he knocked Rhaeynra back he was deeply in love with her and he ended up unleashing this anger at the tournaments at the wedding.


  1. Laenor is annoying even if he is g$$, he has no honnor for his wife, i mean can't he put one baby in her belly just one.

  2. if targaryens are imune to fire why did laena die from vhagar

  3. Milly Alcock was really good, replacing her was very stupid.

  4. There isn't backlash when a white character is turned black. Where the backlash or outrage is, is when a white character is turned black it's completely acceptable, but if you turned a black character white the world would fucking blow up.

  5. OMG, in what language is he speaking? Disliked. Learn English, dude.

  6. Starting an episode with a new actress, making it unclear for several minutes who this character is, is a bad idea, especially given the vague episode title. As we last saw Viserys, his daughter could have been Queen by now.

  7. Homelander w/ the breast milk LMFAOOOO!!!!!!

  8. I was getting into the show until episode 6. The entire show was just política people talking politics with so many different names that it felt like being in a math class. In fact, I would enjoy a math class more than that.
    Towards the end, I noticed that I was so bored and couldn’t wait for it to be over so I could go back to watching ‘See’ that I just stopped watching the show completely. Since I couldn’t get through episode 6, which seems like a chore to try to watch, I think I may just stop watching the show all together.

  9. Most boring show of the moment. I quit last week. Nobody likable and nobody that evokes major disgust. BLAND Milking of the cash cow.

  10. Thought it was one of the weakest episodes. Thoroughly confused by the casting changes as the start. Good breakdown, though, as usual

  11. I do not think Jace is Harwin's son. Rather he is the son of Criston Cole. Notice he has straight hair, just as Criston, whilst his brother Luc has curly hair just as Harwin. Since we don't know whether Rhaenyra actually took the moon tea (I wouldn't – since this would be the best way to confess any suspicion) and since she got married right after that, I take it would be a real possibility.

  12. Oh. And: uhm. Larys having the tongues of mercenaries so that they won't relate back to him, but having them wear his symbol of the fire fly. Doesn't make sense.

  13. another great synopsis paul – thanks! i was so confused about who all rae's and alicent's kids were when they were in the dragon pit i paused the show and referred to a targaryen family tree. and that's when i found the spoiler you allude to at the end here. them crazy targs!

  14. Wth happened to these people being fireproof

  15. Jacaerys could be Criston’s though…. now THAT would be spicy, especially since at the very end of Ep 6 Jac asks if Harwin is his Dad…. Rhae doesn’t say yes or no…

  16. Not into the 5 min ad in the middle of the video wtf

  17. Nobody was cleaning that nasty ass paper cut chair, anybody could rub some nasty on it and poison the king

  18. You said "the camera pulled out from Rhaenyra". If only Harwin Breakbones had done the same! (And on that note, would it have killed Laenor to put one in the oven w/Rhaenyra, so at least one of their kids had white hair?) OK, OK, I'm leaving…

  19. Hey, just want to say first of all, THANK YOU for captioning the video; too many people rely on the TOTALLY unreliable, inevitably inaccurate 'autocaptions,' so it's very much appreciated!

    LOL at Larys as 'Middle Finger'!

    As for Harwin, who was in, what, TWO episodes? I'm really bummed out that they killed him off with such a lack of fanfare; it wasn't even clear that he & his father didn't escape the fire or whose burnt corpses were dragged out on the ground. With a name like 'Breakbones,' I thought he was going to be a really tough, heroic knight, and can you blame Rhaenyra for producing heirs with HIM as opposed to NO heirs with Leanor, who's always off with the guys 'doing what guys do.' He really showed his compassion though by telling Rhaenyra how much he could relate to her pain as she made her way all through the castle and up and down all the stairs immediately after her childbirth scene with her guts spilling out of her because he once got stabbed in the shoulder by a lance; I wanted to see Rhaenyra stab him with AT LEAST a deadly glare for his insensitivity!

    Speaking of which, it was really interesting seeing the actual text of the book … especially the part about true Targaryens having aquiline noses–which HARWIN had but NONE of the Targaryens on the show do!–and purple eyes to go with their silver hair. Now THAT would've been cool! (Especially because Paddy Considine, who plays Viserys, has a visual condition called 'Irlen Syndrome' for which he wears purple-tinted lenses. Would've looked cool if the pure Targaryens all really did wear purple contacts and have aquiline noses! Although I saw the interview where Paddy said that, and he wears tinted glasses, not contacts–as I would too; can't stand anything touching my eyeballs, which caused an opthalmologist to YELL at me during an exam once! But my borderline-nearsisghted eyeglasses ARE coincidentally tinted purple! Not that HE or even Daemon has an aquiline nose either!)

    Speaking of which, I don't know about genetics in the world of George R.R. Mart-kien, but he stated that following the TRUE history of European misogyny on the series is non-negotiable. So on that subject, since NOBODY on the show has purple eyes and, in fact, Rhaenyra and Harwin BOTH have (or had) light-colored eyes. In RL it's only possible for a brown-eyed parent to have a child with blue eyes if BOTH of the parents carries the recessive gene for blue eyes. I learned in genetics in biology class that brown eyes are always dominant over blue, so you need to have TWO parents with the gene for blue eyes in order to have blue-eyed children, and the likelihood of a parent with brown eyes and a recessive gene for blue eyes having a BROWN-eyed child with a blue-eyed parent like Rhaenyra (meaning she has TWO recessive genes for blue eyes, one from each parent, in order for her eyes to BE blue) is only 1 in 4. So the odds of such parents having BOTH of TWO sons with brown eyes is even less.

    So with Rhaenyra's blue eyes and Harwin's apparently light green eyes based on the few closeups he got before Criston and Middle Finger summarily killed off Rhaenyra's obviously faithful lover and the father of Viserys's grandchildren, I'm not sure where green fits into the hierarchy, but I don't see the slightest evidence that either he or Rhaenyra had a dark-brown-eyed parent to give them that dominant gene (which would have appeared in them; Paddy Considine definitely has green eyes), yet BOTH their supposed children have dark-brown eye, much more like Ser Criston's than either of THEIRS, yet ironically, HE's the one accusing Rhaenyra of cheating on her dark-brown-eyed husband Leanor because the kids ended up with brown … HAIR! Well, I don't know the genetics of hair color, but it seems a lot more complicated than it is with eyes because there are practically infinite shades of hair color in humans, and, while neither of my parents had blonde hair–my mother's was brown & my father's looked black to me, but he insisted it was dark brown, while, back to biology class, I learned that in nature there's no such thing as true black–my sister and I BOTH got blonde.

    So hair color seems to have a LOT more variation genetically and is a MUCH less-reliable way of determining someone's parentage than EYE color. So if someone–Crazy Criston in particular–is going to accuse Rhaenyra's kids of being bastards based on their HAIR color, which looks MUCH darker brown to me than Harwin's and MUCH MORE like Criston's OWN hair while they BOTH have DARK brown eyes like his that couldn't have come from EITHER Harwin OR Rhaenyra, but COULD have come from Leanor if his 'secret' weren't so open, maybe it's CRISTON who should be the suspected father and NOT Harwin! After all, he admitted to having had sex with Rhaenyra to Alicent, so why would she assume that her estranged friend isn't STILL having sex with this volatile crazy person who has a well-known history with MANY witnesses of instigating fights that are likely to get innocent people KILLED? Yet HE is permitted to set up swordfighting practice involving heir-to-the-throne Rhaenyra's younger son and (brown-haired) Alicent's arrogant, mean, undisciplined, much taller and older, more experienced silver-haired son Aegon/Aemond/Almond (?). And since it was their first fight together and Harwin also happened to be there. All for the purpose of accusing Harwin of having fathered him because Harwin, unlike the unhinged Criston, actually shows compassion and protectiveness towards a smaller, younger, inexperienced boy being attacked by a bully in an unfair fight, which ANY sane, compassionate human being other than Criston or Aegon would do, especially a knight in good standing at court wearing protective armor standing right nearby watching, would do. Protecting a child from a bully doesn't automatically make you that child's biological parent and therefore banishable from court!

    In fact, if Criston is going to accuse Harwin of being Jacaerys(?)'s illegitimate father based solely on his having brown hair, albeit a lighter shade, why isn't Harwin's kid also TALLER than Aegon? I would never have guessed Harwin was the father to ANY of Rhaenyra's kids if they hadn't made SHOWN him taking such an interest in and lovingly HOLDING Rhaenyra & Leanor's newborn baby IN PRIVATE. The ONLY, VERY SLIGHT resemblance I see between the two DORNISH-looking boys to Harwin is that they coincidentally DON'T have Targaryen-albino hair! Meanwhile NOBODY thinks it's the LEAST bit unusual that NONE of ALICENT's kids got HER dark eyes or even one strand of brown or even medium-blond hair but somehow ALL THREE got BLUE eyes from a dark-eyed woman and green-eyed king. If the children's coloring were proof that a child were a bastard and the mother's been cheating, I'd be wanting to know who ALICENT's BLUE-eyed Targaryen lover/illegitimate father of HER children was. And why Criston, as her new protector, allows him into her bed chamber when the king's not looking! …

  20. i stayed till the end so you can get the view for youtube algorithm purposes but i muted you so you dont spoil anythning for me!

  21. Why did they change the actress? Just confusing as they look totally different.

  22. This MF is hilarious. Harwin Strong got it going on 😂😂😂

  23. so weird how much you liked this episode as it felt like the worst of the series, couldnt even watch it as I had no investment in the new cast and the story for this ep was so slow you had to really care right out the gate, not a great way to handle a time-jump in one episode 🤷‍♂

  24. Hey man, enjoying your video content. I took your advice and bought a piece of Scottish woodland. Do you know what the area is called? Can it be found on google earth? Thanks.

  25. Bottom line… House of the Dragon should be called House of the BORING! Disappointment on a industrial scale.

  26. It's only getting worst with bad taste and pitifull writing! Thumbs down!

  27. So is it just bad luck that her kids hair are black? Cause her dad kids got the white hair and their mother hair is red. Kinda new to the GOT series so don't kill me for asking lol

  28. Shit it's Definition, "Right now you look like a photo negative of Eazy E." Glad you're doing well fella.

  29. I don’t really care about what happened in the book, just wanted the episode broke down

  30. If possible the original Rhaenyra actress should have been aged or at least not replaced until end of season… 🤔. Her characterisation was invested in and one of the biggest assets of this show..

  31. I almost felt bad looking at Lord and Lady Casewell. They have a massive role to play in the coming war.

  32. What really kills me in this episode is that the king allows his stupid wife to be Petty and disrespectful towards his own daughter without any consequence or punishment. He needs to be stronger and defend his daughter and not be weak.

  33. Looking forward to Either seeing a bunch of reee reee on the finale because they actually did what they are telegraphing. And all the people that hated Galadriel will turn on house of dragon. Or they don’t. Which proves the writing is mediocre because they had multiple ignored foreshadowing and zero comments on it from the haters.

    Either way it will prove: It was never about the writing. It was about women in power and black elves and dwarves.

    Of course they could surprise me and call it out. But since they aren’t watching it that won’t happen. They really aren’t watching rings of power. They scan it. Comment on a minor thing move on to the next mistake— while skipping the major mistake!!!!

    And yes I said mistake as they are 90% editing errors done in post!!!!

  34. bro who tf was that dragon that spit fire in front of aemond, tell me asap!

  35. Ohhh so harwin the daddy lol I’m late af but I was wondering and laughing when the king said “one day one of them will look like you” 😂😂

  36. I love the assumption of a child's parentage via physically characteristics,
    My son was bright white hair & blue/green eyes until he was 12 then his hair started to darken.
    Both me & his father are deep brown eyes & hair, my son gets his eyes & colourings from his paternal great grandmother, but there were plenty of milkman/postman jokes while he was growing up. Now apart from eye colour, my son is identical to his father, height/mannerisms/ pissed off look etc.
    Hair colour/eye colour don't mean squat when it comes to parentage !

  37. “Itty bitty titties from the milk of the floppies” and before I even knew what was happening my finger was coming away from the subscribe button after having just subscribed then rolled all over the floor laughing my ass off then I died… I am now dead writing this, good day sir. 👏

  38. I proudly decided to like this video at 4:16 😌.wholeheartedly agreed

  39. 17:56 such a modern man. a purple-haired guy who marries women who has weird kinks. and has weird kinks himself. he definitelyyy deserves the title of king of the narrow sea as he's modernizing everyone😂

  40. i'm glad that hotd didn't make rhaenyra and laena as close as they were in the books as it would look like rhaenyra was such a bad friend and sister-in-law, who used laena the whole time to bond with her husband. and raising even more rumors on laenor's mysterious death in the show.

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