House of the Dragon: everything you need to know (no spoilers)

Who are all these blonde people?
An introduction to the characters and world of House of the Dragon, the new Game of Thrones prequel show, based on the book Fire & Blood.

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0:00 House of the Dragon
0:53 Targaryens
02:29 Viserys Targaryen
04:54 Daemon Targaryen
07:34 Rhaenyra Targaryen
09:18 Alicent Hightower
10:01 Otto Hightower
11:13 Corlys Velaryon
12:53 Rhaenys Targaryen
14:23 Laena & Laenor
15:04 Criston Cole
15:18 Mysaria
15:40 Lyonel Strong
16:09 Maesters
17:14 History
19:08 Grey characters

HOTD and GOT content used under fair use.
Valyria art by Ted Nasmith
Aegon I, Rhaenyra and Alicent by Magali Villeneuve:
Iron Throne, Daemon gold cloaks by Marc Simonetti:
Balerion by Jordi Gonzalez Escamilla:
Dragon dream by Mike S. Miller:
Dragons by Joshua Cairós:
Yi Ti by Henrik Zähringer:
Asshai by René Aigner:
Valaena and Alyssa made with Artbreeder:
Aemon, Jocelyn, Baelon, Alyssa by riotarttherite:
Vhagar by John McCambridge:
Seasmoke by Kawiku:
Marwyn by sprrow:
Gyldayn by Doug Wheatley:
Eustace and Mushroom by Rossy Does Drawings:

Special thanks to Patrons Cameron Weiss, Michael Appell, Ryan Steele, Harry, Shane Veglia, NotGac, Tim Cunniff, T. Ledoux, Ilhuilkamina Urdiana, Ord X.



  1. Cause Chaos and piss people off? Matt Smith was the perfect choice, as shown by his portrayal of The Doctor. While The Doctor doesn't usually intend to cause chaos and piss people off, that's how it usually goes and Smith was one of the best Doctors.

  2. It is a thin line between evil and good for a grayish character. But in Hot D the characters are most cynical with no moral compass whatsoever. They seek power for power. Kinda hard to care as a viewer.

  3. god im such a child. i giggled loudly every time he said "hot d"

  4. Who else is glad we now call it H-O-D instead of hot-d 😄

  5. Remember: you can make shows without one ethnicity but never without another.

  6. I'm not a racist, it shouldn't matter but I'm far from white. It did confuse me when I saw the Valerians were black. All the black actors are excellent but completely out of place. Especially with claims of bastards being thrown around.

  7. They didn't run out of books, they grossly underutilized
    what was there.

  8. I love that they made a very faithful adaptation instead of forcefuly trying to make the show more interesting and woke like "The Witcher" and "Rings of Power" did. We all know how that ended. Hell, even the last season of "Game of Thrones" turned out pretty badly, but atleast there was no wokeness. As a fantasy fan it pained me too see these 3 shows ruined, especially "The Witcher". All they had to do is follow the goddamn source material. Instead they added 20 things, changed 20 and removed 20 things important to the plot. In the end the story doesn't make much sense and focuses on boring things that WEREN'T even in the books. The monoliths for example. Why waste any time on that? Ehh, I wish the screenwriters' egos were lower, so they wouldn't think that their ideas are superior to Sapkowski's. They definitely aren't. Same goes to "Rings of Power" and incompetent writers trying to outdo Tolkien.

  9. As a straight man, I never thought I would say this but…I can’t wait for some more HOT D in my life

  10. Ok, I clicked in because I thought it is a hot Daemon video

  11. They are black because the show would get targeted by the woke community and cancel culture otherwise. Shows are not allowed to stick to source material because it wouldn't be "inclusive enough".

  12. I can’t believe they never had saddles on the dragons in GOT

  13. Nice touch with the Mushroom…erm…"bulge".

  14. Bro you can’t just reword a sentence to make it align with your bs narrative. I wanna know about the history man

  15. Hot D is such a bore I didn't feel anything for any of the characters not like I did for got I found myself falling asleep and fast-forwaring to pick up the pace I think it's missing hero's to much politics of the high class does it get better in the books?

  16. 2:46-Came for a Hot D video, stayed for the Swole Doge vs Cheems

  17. I have one thing to say to the directors and the fashion designers of the movie called The House Of The Dragon.
    There is no need to stamp the sigil of the characters house on their clothing.
    We know who the characters are.
    Weytin is Maester Aemon Targaryen and Samwell Tally there to keep his eyes.

  18. 15:05 omg Criston is such a lil incel crybaby i hate him so much lmaoooo

  19. I was really let down at the era the show takes place in.
    I originally thought that the prequel was going to take place either in the age of the first men and the children of the forest defeating the white walkers, putting up the wall ect.
    Or, when Aegon Targaryen conquered Westeros and built king's landing and the Iron Throne…

  20. 17:36 what a creative way to design a failsafe if GRRM messes up his own lore.

  21. Matt smith crushed it as Daemon , bad ass

  22. Daemon is the Jamie Lannister of hot d. A gray character with layers.

  23. It is a lousy show. No comparison at all the Game of Thrones. I could barely get past the first episode of the first season. I was looking forward to it for a long time only to be disappointed. I have watched Game of Thrones over and over and over and will never watch The House of the Dragons. Boy did they ruin the dragons! I loved the Dragons in Game of Thrones but for the House of the Dragon they look stupid..
    IMO of course.

  24. Matt Smith is a geek, can't take him seriously.

  25. I really wish I had seen this video before the show 😩

  26. Haven't watched it yet, and not gonna judge before I do. But what was wrong with instead making a proper season 8 for GoT and then some more seasons until we got a real conclusion instead of House of the Dragon?

  27. Hi big fan of your videos. With winds of winter HOPEFULLY getting released next year i would love too see you do ASOIF book by book recap or a brief recap of where the characters are just to refresh before WOW is released.

  28. I guarantee that the velaryons are black to differentiate them from the targaryens more easily. Makes sense to me.

  29. He explained the whole thing and says no spoilers??

  30. The genetics in this show are quite confusing.

  31. I believe that Kings should be polygamous. You can't rest the future of your kingdom on 1 or 2 kids. There should be as many as possible

  32. whats the point of this prequel when in the end the last dragon is on the other side of the wall

  33. I love game of thrones but I can’t convince myself to get into this show

  34. Ain't no way the book/show's nickname is "Hot D" 💀

  35. Hopefully house of the dragon goes beyond the dance of the dragons

  36. i love that prince daemons lover is described as a very pale woman, and the casted actress is a lightskin poc but she is still pale, just not white pale. that’s how you raceswap when you’re casting. looking at you percy jackson cast who just randomly picked two black kids for a girl who has blue eyes and blonde hair from godly genetics and a ginger half goat dude.

  37. Literally no one:
    Frank Herbert: Guess I’ll revive Duncan

  38. ok thanks for the vid i think i wont watch it

  39. It’s not “society’s” gender roles. It’s reality’s gender roles. A ruler needs heirs and a woman who can’t roll out of bed for five months of the year is not fit to rule. There’s a reason no nation was ever founded with a female ruler nor elected one during times of strife. Female leadership is a risk that can only be afforded during times of peace and prosperity.

  40. Gotta be fucking woke. Just copy the books man.

  41. I think making the Velaryon family black was a nice move because it makes it even more obvious that Laenor's legal children are not biologically his lmao

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