House of the Dragon: everything you need to know (no spoilers)

Who are all these blonde people?
An introduction to the characters and world of House of the Dragon, the new Game of Thrones prequel show, based on the book Fire & Blood.

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0:00 House of the Dragon
0:53 Targaryens
02:29 Viserys Targaryen
04:54 Daemon Targaryen
07:34 Rhaenyra Targaryen
09:18 Alicent Hightower
10:01 Otto Hightower
11:13 Corlys Velaryon
12:53 Rhaenys Targaryen
14:23 Laena & Laenor
15:04 Criston Cole
15:18 Mysaria
15:40 Lyonel Strong
16:09 Maesters
17:14 History
19:08 Grey characters

HOTD and GOT content used under fair use.
Valyria art by Ted Nasmith
Aegon I, Rhaenyra and Alicent by Magali Villeneuve:
Iron Throne, Daemon gold cloaks by Marc Simonetti:
Balerion by Jordi Gonzalez Escamilla:
Dragon dream by Mike S. Miller:
Dragons by Joshua Cairós:
Yi Ti by Henrik Zähringer:
Asshai by René Aigner:
Valaena and Alyssa made with Artbreeder:
Aemon, Jocelyn, Baelon, Alyssa by riotarttherite:
Vhagar by John McCambridge:
Seasmoke by Kawiku:
Marwyn by sprrow:
Gyldayn by Doug Wheatley:
Eustace and Mushroom by Rossy Does Drawings:

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  1. So much for no spoilers! Thanks for the Laena/Vhagar connection! Yes, it's obviously in the books, but I had forgotten that until you mentioned it! Something to look forward to!

  2. Mate what part of AU are you from? you sound like you have no accent so I'm guessing we are from the same part of the world 😆 – NZ cuzzie

  3. I knew that these videos will make me love even more he show. The videos are true gems.

  4. I never knew that the Velaryons are actually pale and blond but making them dark skinned is not a problem for me. It's actually a cool feature to have dark skin and that Targaryen trademark haircolor. Pretty badass! You won't see me complaining, I think nobody is as far as I am concerned? You see in other fandoms all this hoopla but not on GoT…. the actors talk about the show, not about the skin color of their characters, etc. Love it!

    Thanks again Alt Shift X, this is the best channel about GoT and other stuff. Love the explanations. Badass!

  5. Sounds like Dune? Only not written as well!

  6. How did laena and laenor get their dragons? Thought dragons were only for targs? Is it just bc their mother? If that’s the case, did other velaryons have dragons? Since they’ve been marrying for generations?

  7. Yeah, dear Matt Smith gave us Daemon “Paenys´´ Targaryen. 🤗 It is just that #GoT already offered whore-houses and scum, violence & loudmouthes.

  8. I am so happy that you have new GoT content to report on

  9. I came here for Hot D. but I'm okay with this also.

  10. Sorry, couldn't watch your complete video:
    I am actively boycotting any and all works of GRRM until he completes and delivers what was promised (aSoI&F) before I start engaging with any other of his works, in any format whatsoever.
    Until then, I don't even wanna know

  11. So they aren't flaunting their personal political views through the show itself? If this is the case, I must begin watching


    Daemon fcks everything with tits.

  13. I can’t believe paddy believes he was a bad king… he is an amazing king. No war, no famine, prosperous, wasn’t cruel. Those are the best rules

  14. Dude i was looking EVERYWHERE for your channel. Can u fix the titles lmao

  15. I love the way you say ‘a lot of angry blonde people’! 🤣

  16. Suddenly I'm missing the English name like Mike, Joss, Tom,…. Just remembering the characters' names is hard =)))

  17. I appreciate how you showed the freeze frames of the new dragons instead of the full scenes! 🙂

  18. I've read Fire and Blood. I love this show. The showrunners are really doing a great job here.

    I know that the Dance of the Dragons is a 'serious' part of the overall stories in the book.

    Does anyone else notice that there is NO comedy or snarkiness. That is what was great about GoT. They appear to be using Daemon for filling that role but it is no where near what we are used to. Remember Tyrion, The Hound, Bronn, even King Robert was hilarious. You remember how many times these characters had you ROFL? Even in the most dramatic times, they were funny. That is seriously missing in this first season. While I did not like the final seasons of the GoT show, the one thing they got right is the laughs. HOTD is just way to serious. Make us laugh a little.

  19. I like that the video indicates where the interviews and quotes by the actors are. Well cited, though it would be even better if there were links to all the articles and interviews in the description. But overall an excellent video and introduction to someone who never read the novels.

  20. Finally I found a video without someone either talking to fast or all over the place

  21. Historically, lots of angry, blonde people has never ended well.

  22. So from what I gather (I haven't seen any of it yet) this show is actually worthwhile watching and probably not going to disappoint to the level that Game of Thrones did?

  23. I genuinely want to talk to someone who supports the Greens.

  24. The only real problem with casting black actors is it made things a lot harder for the Queen to pretend her Strong boys were trueborn, in the books Targaryen's have been born without silver/platinum hair before and after making a much more plausible argument.

  25. Never actually watched single episode of GOT. But I'll be damned. You make it sound so interesting

  26. I'm embarrassed that I had to read the comments to figure out why George referred to it as Hot D xD

  27. thank god they race swapped the Velaryons, such interesting writing choices. Glad THE MESSAGE made room for another show

  28. "Hot D" lol i will never get used to that ^^

  29. i have zero issues with the Velaryons being black, i think it's actually pretty cool. Sells them well as an ancient line of sea masters.

  30. Read the title wrong in the thumbnai…


    unzips pants

    Might as well since I'm here.

  31. Viserys was a man of peace… Of tournaments where men would peacefully bash in each others heads😂

  32. Ok sorry but I genuinely cannot listen to a whole 20mins of this being called Hot D.

  33. We got 10 this season, Vermithor, Dreamfyre, Vhagar, Arrax, Vermax, Syrax, Caraxes, Sunfyre, Seasmoke and Meleys.

  34. @Alt Shift X, I laughed pretty hard when you explained HOT-D; then I was sad because I knew you wouldn't refer to the show as that, but then I was super happy when you totally kept doing it haha.

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