House of the Dragon: everything you need to know (no spoilers)

Who are all these blonde people?
An introduction to the characters and world of House of the Dragon, the new Game of Thrones prequel show, based on the book Fire & Blood.

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0:00 House of the Dragon
0:53 Targaryens
02:29 Viserys Targaryen
04:54 Daemon Targaryen
07:34 Rhaenyra Targaryen
09:18 Alicent Hightower
10:01 Otto Hightower
11:13 Corlys Velaryon
12:53 Rhaenys Targaryen
14:23 Laena & Laenor
15:04 Criston Cole
15:18 Mysaria
15:40 Lyonel Strong
16:09 Maesters
17:14 History
19:08 Grey characters

HOTD and GOT content used under fair use.
Valyria art by Ted Nasmith
Aegon I, Rhaenyra and Alicent by Magali Villeneuve:
Iron Throne, Daemon gold cloaks by Marc Simonetti:
Balerion by Jordi Gonzalez Escamilla:
Dragon dream by Mike S. Miller:
Dragons by Joshua Cairós:
Yi Ti by Henrik Zähringer:
Asshai by René Aigner:
Valaena and Alyssa made with Artbreeder:
Aemon, Jocelyn, Baelon, Alyssa by riotarttherite:
Vhagar by John McCambridge:
Seasmoke by Kawiku:
Marwyn by sprrow:
Gyldayn by Doug Wheatley:
Eustace and Mushroom by Rossy Does Drawings:

Special thanks to Patrons Cameron Weiss, Michael Appell, Ryan Steele, Harry, Shane Veglia, NotGac, Tim Cunniff, T. Ledoux, Ilhuilkamina Urdiana, Ord X.



  1. oh shit. i missed you alt shift x! i should follow more closely haha. its been like 5 yrs since i last watched

  2. biggest mistake for the show already was changing the actress that plays Rhaenyra, the actress that plays the young version seems like a perfect fit i wonder why they didnt find away to just age her up.

  3. intro to HOT D…. kerning/spacing is very important so as to avoid saying things we don't wish to say 🙂 the chosen frame for the thumbnail also isn't doing you any favors in this regard

  4. I have to tell you. I clicked on this video because I thought the thumbnail said "Intro to Hot D," as in "Hot Daemon." And I was super confused, because when did people start thirsting so hard after Matt Smith? I mean, he's cute, and he's a phenomenal actor, but… huh??? And then I realized it's "H.O.T.D.," as in "House of the Dragon." And I facepalmed so hard I have a dent in my forehead. 😖🤦‍♀

  5. Best GOT channel on youtube👏🏼👏🏼
    It’s clear you’re passionate about the show and it shows, thanks for not spoiling the entire family tree of House of the Dragon like ‘ScreenCrush’ (also f**k @ScreenCrush, they spread misinformation and it’s evident they don’t know more than an actual passionate GOT fan, and/or did minimal research to capitalize on the show) Its a shame Screencrush has higher grossing videos. Screencrush literally didn’t even cover house Velaryon, referring to the Targaryens as the “only remaining valyrians”

  6. I tried to watch it… like nine minutes in

  7. But who has a better breakdown to tell…

    Then Alt Shift X

  8. Great idea to explain the premise. Thanks.

  9. "King Viserys just want to make peace. He is a good man"
    Me: poor Viserys
    Also me: hoping Viserys don't get peace coz what to watch in a show of peace and fun☠️

  10. It’s sad we won’t get the end of this whole huge saga from GRRM. Hopefully, he’ll leave good notes and another author can pick it up from there and give us a more satisfying ending, preferably before I die, sometime in the next 40 years or so. Keep hope alive.

  11. Well done for getting me excited for the series. I wasn't to be honest after how game of thrones ended. Now I want to see it and honestly I might just go grab the book

  12. This is really interesting, can't wait for it to tie up with the HTTYD timeline

  13. Won’t be reading or watching these till TWOW comes out

  14. Click bait, I came here expecting Hot D

  15. I have so high hopes for this show, hope it delivers, loved the first episode tho

  16. 19:10 it's literally about black and white characters. That was an intentional choice 😂

  17. Hot D. The name doesn’t disappoint for more reasons than one😂

  18. I work for HOTD cast and story directing department and I will tell you this, Viserys, Otto Hightower and Corlys will die in season# I cant tell u but expect that and also there will be twisting weird family fights and traitors and a-lot of dragon fights. Daemon will kill Otto Hightower with his dragon and Corlys will fight Daemon trying to protect Otto Hightower. The kids will be uniting to bring the family together as time goes on.
    I will not continue so I will let you guys enjoy it making u sit on the edge of your seats. Enjoy.

  19. You say there are no spoilers but you basically spoil the whole point of the first episode lol

  20. "This is not about BLACK and WHITE but more about GREY"

  21. Gonna call it HotD for now on. Thanks for clarifying it.

  22. This doesn't seem 5% as interesting as GoT tbh

  23. Its interesting, at first ep they have shown both the stark and Baratheon houses but no sign of Lannister's.

  24. Alt I know a couple people who are going to watch GOT because of this new show. Idk if you would make a video like this but for the OG GOT series?

  25. You've spoiled that two children of Corlys will have dragons. 😉 You should change that if possible. Also, at the last "chapter" where Daemon is shown with a certain character. Peeps can figure whos who, you know. 🙂

  26. I'm roughly 30 minutes in to the first episode and I'm slightly under impressed though obviously everything must be given time. But being the kind of asshole that I am I've set up a standard or a bar to be reached or to be avoided. There's something I'm hoping that they do not do or try to do and if they do this thing then I think we're going to be in for a mediocre show. I do not want a death or victory at the tourney to be tied to a death or a victory or a loss in the chamber where the queen is giving birth. It's cliche filmmaking and has been done over and over again and if a baby dies while some night also dies and we get the juxtaposition of life and death or if there's any juxtaposition between the two whether it be the life of attorney to death in the chamber or the death of the chamber of the life of attorney or death in both life and both. Do not tie them together it's unnecessary and it's lazy. So I'm 30 minutes in and I'm thinking I'll have my answer within the half hour. Those of you who are watching this already know the answer but I'll come back and edit.

  27. Just saw the scene where Damoen Targaryen went for the opponent riders horses legs rather than his shield or helm. I have not read the books but I'm sure that would be considered in horrible taste and the act of a coward. Again the writing is scaring me a little bit. I cannot see anybody doing this except in battle where it would be extremely helpful or if they were a nefarious and dark character who was willing to win at any cost even the cost of belittling himself in front of a crowd which I do not think that Damoen Targaryen would do

  28. Possessing a modicum of intelligence has ruined many shows for me. I'm sorry but I've been a film buff my whole life so when I saw that the writing wasn't as crisp or as vibrant as I hoped I definitely had a fear that they would use the stupid cliche of one death occurring in one place to show another death occurring in another. The Apocalypse now water buffalo slaughter scene. A million other ones but I'm not going to list them because those of you that have seen this type of scene before know exactly what I'm talking about. And so at 30 minutes I mentioned my weariness and at 40 minutes as Targaryen is killing coal on the battlefield the queen is dying in her chamber bed attempting to give birth to the Kings air. I don't know all of my game of thrones lore though I've studied up a little bit after missing the main series but watching a lot of videos on westeros and history but I'm guessing that all of it will be in vain any how is the child will be a girl. This will then cause the king to act rashly against his brother and we will have the beginning of a horrible civil war. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be right about this the other may be Minor details I'm missing. I take zero joy in being right because good TV like the wire surprises you and you never know where something is coming from when you watch the show like that. I'm told that season 8 of game of thrones was extremely predictable and this may be a Watertown version of the writers and staff that were employed in what was at that point it feels biggest show of all time. If it does go the way I figure the rest of the episode to go I will still watch the second episode with the hopes that there was too much riding on the first and they went an easy route. I'm not sure if dumb writers know that they're using very tired cliches? I suppose some of these guys have taken film writing classes and have been told about some of these cliches into avoid them but perhaps it's just an example of giving the people what they want or expect. I hope it gets better from here I was at least surprised to learn that it was a son though I think I already knew that but have not kept up with any of my backstory and history of the Kingdom during this.. it does seem strange to me that Damon Targaryen could be insulted or bothered enough to declare war when he is told he's not going to be there which I've seen in the commercial. Why would he think he would be the air if a male son was born. It doesn't matter whether the Lord's pledged fealty to him once upon a time the king is giving birth to a son. That man is now the air. It was very unexpected for her to give birth to such an advanced age but nonetheless give birth she did in a manner of speaking. He should pledge himself to be the child's protector rather than being a bitch about it and crawling a way bitterly to plan and begin evolution against his own family. Men die Young and especially men of violence like Damon Targaryen so he should expect his nephew to not live forever either. Since targaryens have a long life span he should think that there was or is a good chance that he will have his chance at the throne without having to take it through civil war. I'm sorry I'm under the weather so I'm rambling a bit but I hopefully have gotten my message across.

  29. INTRO TO HOTD thinking I'm taking a class on getting good peen

  30. I don't mind Corlys being black as I doubt Valyria was ethnically homogenous, we've got the silver hair at least. I just wish Rhaenys was accurate to the books and had dark hair befitting for the Baratheons lol, it just cements a lot more of the lore. It can be easily explained away as being recessive on the male gene but it just would've been a nice connection

  31. Why in the hell the House Velaryon must be changed to black people, when the source material describes them as similar to the Targaryans a fair haired whit peoples? This whole inclusion and left woke people of colour agenda is so sickening and annoying. Create your damn own African Zulu Sub Saharan fantasy story. I lost my interest in the show just by this fact.

  32. It's good to know all the women are strong and capable. Tell us again please.🙃 Rop next week😵😕

  33. Yeah idk… with Gorge being how he is with getting winds out and GoT seasons 7 and 8 i'm VERY hesitant about this show.
    The only thing that made me check it out is that they have Matt Smith in the cast.
    Gonna be strange seeing him go from a bouncy time traveler to a targaryen riding a dragon the size of a building.

    If they so much as make one character do stupid, insanely out of character shit like S6-8 Littlefinger, Varys, Tyrion and the Sand snakes, i'm done lmfao
    (There's also Jamie that completely 180'd and retconned his entire story but that's for a later time, that entire thing needs a whole ass video on itself)

    Makes me wonder if old martin is stalling winds so that it doesn't take all the thunder from the shows.
    Like, if he got that book out, i wouldn't give a flying fuck about this show and would be eating up every video about the book instead.

  34. I wonder why they didn’t do the show about the conquest of aegon?

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