House of the Dragon Family Tree

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  1. Love paying for premium and still have to deal with ads…

  2. This whole shit is screwed up. Either they messed up the story or I don’t know what to say

  3. As of October 11, 2022 we really need an update to sort this progression out. Hope to see one soon.

  4. Will there be an updated version once season 1 ends

  5. if you've watched the second episode " The second of his name ", the climax will tell you who it really meant!!

  6. We need a updated version of this. I'm so lost.. lol

  7. Thanks for this video, it is hard to keep in mind every names specifically if they almost sounds the same not to mention repeated names for the 1st or 2nd and so on. I'll be waiting for the update since there's another group of grandchildren or generation with the latest episode.

  8. they forgot to add every race to not offended woke people

  9. By the way bruh everything went as u said 😂

  10. Dude in you next video please know that we all know it's an incestual show so it dont have to be mentioned all the time omg gross or not that is the reality of the show it don't need to be emphasized

  11. Not even going to show how all this connects to Game-of-Thrones era characters? Disappoint.

  12. Not sure how they could try to save the mother but not the baby. Pretty sure Viserys's choice was between saving his child or having the child die with the mother.

  13. just explain the tree for the love of god, no need to go tru the entire series, most of us have seen it…….

  14. Worst choice made in this series was to make house velaryon black…it just screws up the whole lore of what the targaryens and valyrions were all about. The whole point of these families intermarrying all the time was to help preserve their abilities and their looks, all these families were very similar in appearance. The clear political race swapping is just tacky and annoying as it makes the whole thing look dumb. The lore established a clear appearance for these families going back generations there was no need to change then so drastically other than for checking certain boxes.

  15. Aemon was married to Joscelyn Baratheon, not his sister.

  16. I blame the entire civil war on Viserys.
    He never should have made Rhaynira the heir to the throne knowing full well that the realm would never accept a female ruler especially when there's male heirs around. And Rhaynira being a whore didn't really help either.

  17. What software did you use to make this awsome video? <3

  18. Don’t like how you pronounce these names, especially if you’ve watched the series

  19. Can you do a FULL targ family tree 🙂 including all known bastards

  20. But why didn't you include the sisters they were married too as well? 😔

  21. The Rothschild family also married their sons to their daughters

  22. I am from Italy, i know a little bit of english, i activate subtitles because i was scaryed to not understand, but i want to compliments with you, because i really like your voice, is clearly, and relaxing ❤

  23. Does anybody else dislike how gay characters in George RR Martin books don't have heirs with their wives? I get it..they are gay…but plenty of gay men have had kids in the real world.

    Especially!! In a royal type of environment?? Having an heir is life and death. This just never ever would happen. And I kind it sorta infantilizing..I am sure plenty of lesbians gave birth to their husbands kids.. WHY?? Because that would secure their own future..unless they go to a convent etc.

    I mean look at all the historical accounts of peoples people's birth wedding ages being doubted. It doesn't end well

  24. The incest is the normal occurrence in Royalties in Europe.

  25. I would love to see you do a family tree of the silmarillion from the beginnings of Tolkien's ideas of creation by Eru illuvitar and the valar/maiar right up to the third age or even beyond

  26. This is a complete useless video, just watch HOTD by yourself and you'll get more information than this video!

  27. Hi Matt, care to do family tree of Vito Carleone (The Godfather)

  28. What is the significance of the dotted lines in the chart ?

  29. we on to part 2 for season 1? you’re the only one who can put it good in words for understanding

  30. It is not true that "they could decide to save the baby or they could decide to save the mother – Viserys choses the mother". Aemma was dying in either case – continuing to try to give birth would kill her, or a Cesarean would kill her. Viserys chose to at least save the be because Aemma would die anyway. He still felt terrible about the manner of her death, since she had to be tricked and wanted to continue trying to give birth (even though it would kill her). – – Later in the show another character choses to kill both herself and her baby rather than continue trying to birth or to have a Cesarean. – – I know if it ever happened in the real world that people knew for certain the mother would die because natural birth was utterly impossible (people knew about turning babies, and they knew about episiotomies, i.e., cutting to make the birth canal wider), but it happened twice in this show.

  31. Noone:
    Me: Isn't the person who played Daemon Matt Smith?

  32. Great video, cleared up a lot of confusion. I hope you do one on the tree for the rest of the season.
    I’ve watch a couple of other videos, yours are by far the best.

  33. This obviously needs to be updated, but the later episodes of HotD made me realize something I should have already figured with GoT. Kings Landing is populated entirely with people of "royal" and "noble" blood because the poor people are very likely all descended at some point, or several points, from the bastards of kings and lords. I mean, they say Gendry is half Baratheon and half whore, but his mother was very likely the daughter of some high-born lord and another whore, herself, or maybe it was a few generations removed, but in all likelihood, Gendry probably had a smorgasbord of genes from all the noble families of Westeros that had a strong presence in Kings Landing. And during the Targaryen dynasty, there were A LOT of Targaryens running around, not all of them that high-ranking or close to the throne, meaning that there were hundreds, if not thousands, of Targaryen bastards running around Kings Landing. So when Daenerys burnt up the citizens of Kings Landing, she burnt up her own cousins.

  34. I love your break downs, and sorry I did not listen, just watched. The Lanisters aren’t on here why?

  35. I’m excited to see how or if Aemon the Maestor will be introduced in future seasons… if they get that far at least down the family tree

  36. What I think is funny viserys struggle to have a boy but rhenaerya can’t stop having them

  37. so in conclusion whole family tree is messed up with Sweet home Alabama vibes everywhere 🙃

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