House of the Dragon Family Tree

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  1. Why do so many channels report that Viserys had a choice between saving his wife or his son. It was clearly stated on the show that the wife was going to die either way, so it was a choice between saving the son or not saving him at all

  2. BUT WHO HAS THE BEST BLAAARGGGH. Who cares? GoT is garbage.

  3. Anyone realised that Alicent is still pregnant with another baby? The big bump she had during their visit to the Lannister’s camp?

  4. It made me want to watch the show. I wasn't planning to, given how Game of Thrones disappointed me, but who knows…?

  5. Thank you. It would be good to see the family trees for BOTH HoD and GoT connected. For example: How is Viserys related to the GoT characters. Thank you for the Speakly plug. I will be downloading it and checking in out. Trying to learn Spanish

  6. Please do a timeline for the monarchs and rulers in Tolkien's legendarium.

  7. The analysis on the House of Dragons family tree is remarkable. Thank you. I'm looking forward for my information involving the characters' roles

  8. Aegon's dragon will kills Rhaenys .Joffrey told Margaery Tyrell how Rhaenys died.

  9. You made a mistake at 6:12. His choice was to try to save the baby by cutting it out before his wife died or loosing the both of them. She was dead either way. Go re-watch it. About 35 minutes in.

  10. I dont know why they dont start the show with the Aegon 1

  11. I genuinely feel like this show will eventually end with the mad king, they are planning on doing so many time skips I see it as inevitable

  12. American accent is so annoying

  13. As a suggestion, you could follow this up with a "line of succession" video at the end of the season, showing what the line of succession after Viserys would be under each of the different succession laws that each side advocated (essentially absolute vs. agnatic primogeniture). That would be a nice end-of-season video, since HotD season 1 will undoubtedly end with the big succession war just beginning.

  14. So am I the only one who think she is pregnant by the knight guy please help someone 😂

  15. Viserys did not "choose" the baby, they were both going to die … he chose to cut the baby out to try to give it a chance….queen was going to die anyway.

  16. Definitely going to need an update to keep all these kids straight

  17. So why didn't Aemon or Baelon succeed the king?

  18. This was the most helpful video available

  19. Speak a little bit faster. It's getting boring.

  20. you speak like the guy in mindyourdecision .are you the same guy?

  21. Thank you for this video! It was very helpful when you highlighted the people & places as you spoke. 👍👏

  22. I wish you would add an Arabic translation

  23. This helped a lot. Thanks. No I must memorize their goofy names

  24. “It was very important for Miguel and I to create a show that was not another bunch of white people on the screen,” Condal told Entertainment Weekly.

    f*&ken woke c&*ts, garbage show don't waste your time. Another IP taken and violated by leftist woke trash.

  25. nice That I never watched this before ep 8

  26. dragon war is about to start… any new updates on this chart?

  27. Please make a new one of these videos as the episodes continue on 😁👍🏼

  28. In the books Alicent was 18 and Raynera was 8 when Alicent married Viseris they were never that close definitely not best friends. I like the change to make them close friends and have their relationship implode.

  29. So mad king was born first how is kids don't go after the hoise of luon lanisters to kill who kill there father 😕

  30. i wanted the 7 generations explained not the history of the house of dragons family.. good video for the noobs

  31. Should do the Book Targaryen family tree its more interesting

  32. Family “tree” is more like a ladder in this case lol

  33. Bro, you were just supposed to tell us the tree, not giving us the audio scenes of the show!

  34. Hello …. Sir Please pay attention…

    Episode 8 of house of dragon is complete….We need you to continue from where you left as show has gone much ahead after death of Laena and laenor ..

    Please make new video

  35. Hey this is a nice explanation could you update it to current

  36. Not gross at all… our species came directly from inbreeding as you put it. It's difficult to trust outsiders, the Rothschild house also used this strategy and continue to thrive even till this day

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