House Of The Dragon – Game Of Thrones Origin of Dany’s Dragon Eggs Explained!

House Of The Dragon – Origin of Dany’s Dragon Eggs
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How Game Of Thrones Ends!

House Of The Dragon has explained a lot and from the book it was based off of, Fire and Blood, the origin of Dany’s dragon eggs was explained. The birth of dragons was not an easy thing to hide. However nothing was ever heard and no dragons appeared. Not until 299 AC when Daenerys Targaryen hatched three dragon eggs in Khal Drogo’s funeral pyre with fire and blood. Eventually they would grow and in the show as it will be in the books as well, the three dragons will make their way back to Westeros 245 years later… Please like, share, and subscribe!

Art Creds:
Jaehaerys & Alysanne by Magali Villeneuve TWOIAF
Rhaena Targaryen by Magali Villeneuve TWOIAF
Music by Morgan Nichol

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  1. When I read this part in the books I immediately thought those are the same dragon eggs daenerys was gifted.

  2. This suggest that any surviving dragonlords in asshai is practically extinct

  3. The truth is this just happens to be the best example of how. When in actuality they could be from many different points in time. Possibly even older than Aegon and Dream fyre. I've seen people theorize that it's the eggs that Daemon finds on Dragonstone but I believe those to be the one that Aegon V attempts to hatch at summerhall. Or they could very well be the dragon eggs from the rumor that Prince Jace left eggs at Winterfell I think there is a chance that he steals Daemon's eggs simply to not show up empty-handed like his brother did.

  4. Where there's Smoke there's Fire…and Blood

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