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  1. Damn…..a lot of people are about to die smh😂😂

  2. It's been so long I almost forgot this show exists. And still another 6 months to wait… 😭

  3. 0:460:47 A nod to Dany’s scream when Rhaegal gets shot down and to her costume chain

  4. I'm willing to bet they are going to extend this story into 4 seasons. The finale for this season, I think, was already shown in this trailer… I'm thinking it will be right after the events at rook's rest. Let's keep it somewhat spoiler free. Who agrees?

  5. Are there any likeable characters in the show like : Jon Snow, Sam, Arya, The Hound, Jaime, Theon, Sansa, Robb Stark, Ned Stark, Brienne, Pod, Tyrion, Jorah? I get it's dark, but I find it hard to get invested in any of them when they are at best like Stannis & at worst like Joffrey

  6. In the books Rhaenyra doesn’t actually fight on dragon back with anyone else; which is a major reason why some people of her side criticised her. I hope if there’s any addition the show runners do as the story goes on, is that she is actually fighting on dragon back. Maybe that’s just me. Awesome teaser!!! Can’t wait to watch 🐉♟️

  7. О Боже! Это потрясающе! Быстрей бы увидеть!

  8. Why Aegon sigil is Gold and green and not Black and Gold why you are changing things he is Aegon Targaryen not Aegon Hightower in the end

  9. My biggest regret life was watching a YouTube video exp in great detail what happens based on the books. I wish someone I could turn back the clock or erase that part of my memory.

  10. For the sake of not spoiling anything for anyone- there was ONE scene in this trailer that immediately made me yelp at pure shock that they showed it, but I won’t point out which one it is



  13. I got chills just watching that little snippet

  14. 0:56 poor Cg ! how a giant creature just appeared and the trees leaves & wind aren't even shook ayay

  15. The greens wanted a war, here they have one.

  16. The complaints for GoT was that the last seasones happened too fast, HotD is 10 x faster

  17. Thank god they fired the uncreative Jany Temime. She should be banned from designing costumes after the atrocities she committed in the HP movies and now in HotD. She managed to make young Rhaenyra, who’s rich AF and supposed to have baddest drip in the entire Westeros, look like a poor peasant.

  18. Can someone please answer why is sea smoke head to head with syrax

  19. this series is better than GOT imo, the first seasons of GOT were a snoozefest and the last seasons just were trash.

  20. Looks good. Anyone know how many seasons we’re getting?

  21. For me this show is still living under GOT shadow. Season 1 was good but not great. I hope S2 brings something new to the table this time.

  22. Looks jolly good …well done chaps …

  23. They did a good job of impressing on you how BIG Vhagar is

  24. How many times have you watched this? Me: YES

  25. Epic… little spoiler

    0:52 🩸🧀
    If you know… you know.

  26. does anyone recognize the character at 0:39? i just cannot identify

  27. episode 1 will definitely involve the revenge for Lucerys, gonna be hard to watch 😨

  28. Go to the episode when joffrey explained to margery how Rhaenyra Targaryen died and killed by her brother , joffrey also sai that he killed her children along with her. so we know what is gonna happen right?

  29. Omg this looks amazing!!! I can’t wait!!!!

  30. It just looks like a bunch of action sequences mashed together

  31. What about Daeron Targaryen in the secound season?

  32. I just can’t get over the bad wigs.

  33. We need to see Daeron the Daring the green best warrior outside of Aemond

  34. If i am not mistaken Rhaenys The Queen Who Never Was did have an exile sister and she did have a children and open a brothel i hope they did survive and they are just hiding or what if she did marry a Celtigar or she did go to Dorne.

    And they are just coloring their white hair to fit in society for their safety and there are still several dragon eggs were not hatch. Syrax do still several clutches of eggs that were turn to stone, The last green she dragon did lay 4 beautiful eggs and if i am not mistaken Morning did also lay eggs and Dreamfyre i think do still have unhatched eggs.

    What if they found those eggs and a red comet appear again and those dragon eggs were hatched. What if Valyria is safe now some dragons like Silverwing did lay eggs there before her death they were hatched.

  35. House of the Dragon is my favourite series ever with only one season. I CAN'T WAIT for this. Please don't let us down.

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