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  1. House of the Dragon basically feels like a huge apology for the GOT finale and I'm so here for it.

  2. ➭ Lady Baela on Moondancer… I can't wait!!

  3. 0:22 THIS is almost how Rhaenyra dresses in the book, her outfuts are supposed to be very posh. I'm a bit sad adult Rhaenyra in season 1 looked quite modest, hope to see more great dresses. Emma D'Arcy looks magnificent.

  4. They are siding daemon deleting his scenes changing alot from the books forcing feminism down our throats.

  5. Hope aemond has more scenes.

  6. End it with Season 2.. can't wait for a tragedy ending series every time

  7. Why next summer? I need it now & what happened to John snow series?

  8. There are lots of Summer Islanders among the Westerosi troops.

  9. Ughhh…So baddd…………….that we will not be able to witness this spectacle in the theatres🥵

  10. The mountain that flies. No dragon should be that big.

  11. We all know, there is no coming back from here.

  12. Графіка вражає. З нетерпінням чекаю


    There were so many points in season one that caused this war. Which one do you think cemented it, crowing Aegon 2 or Aemond's seemingly accidental murder of Lucerys?

  14. Like this comment if this is also the thing you most look forward to watching in 2024

  15. have you desire the death of alicent today?

  16. DAMN, this looks good. The first seaon was so surprising and interesting.

    Can't wait ti see what happens next.

  17. At 0:50 you can see Helena being harassed by Blood & Cheese, I am so glad they decided to keep this part from the books in the show.

  18. Boys new trailer and now this . 2024 gonna be lit

  19. Be warned, non-book readers. There are some serious spoiler discussions happening in some of these comment threads.

  20. Rhaenyra never rode Syrax to battle during the war dude stop trying to show her badass 🤡

  21. Just waiting for summer after that last wait of winter has come ❤😊

  22. I think the ASOIAF series as a television show is BACK! The hype is real, buckle up! Because it’s going to get messy… and dark

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