House of the Dragon Season 2 | Official Trailer | Max

Raise your banners. The official trailer is here.

June 16 on Max. #HOTDS2

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  1. Just hope that three wild dragons would show up. The cannibal especially

  2. Rhaenyra should not be the queen. Team Green

  3. 122k/2k likes/dislikes, watch and learn Rings of power.

  4. Black or Green, it doesn't matter, the Starks will win in the end!

  5. Book readers, I forgot, did vermithor get used by Rhaenyra Targaryen? The part where she is in front of vermithor is a little bit confusing. Are they taking liberties again with the sorce material?

  6. Only 2 million views? Why do I feel it’s not going to hit or renewed for a third season

  7. Rings of Power….This is how you do it.

  8. I got goosenumps all over my body! I'm hyped!

  9. "Do you accept me as your Queen and ruler?"

    Daemon: 😏

  10. Alicent may be a little delusional but she is gorgeous

  11. Chad level trolling right here. Amazing timing in dropping this trailer, I can't wait for this season.

  12. Yes season 2 looking g9od can't wait 😉

  13. Reinina lost the moment she left the hundred And watching her confrontation is pointless. Especially when all her enemies could have been killed by the dragon, but it just flew away. WTF

  14. Loyalists unite! Under the Black Queen we fight!

    Team BLACKS all the way!
    The Targaryens will prevail!


  15. By removing this, they're seriously upsetting Amazon. They realize how much better this is.

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