House of the Dragon Season 2 | Official Trailer | Max

Raise your banners. The official trailer is here.

June 16 on Max. #HOTDS2

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  1. do anyone knows the music that plays in the video?

  2. This makes Rings of Power Season 2 look even worse, and it was already looking horrible. Way to troll HboMax. Good Job!

  3. the Daleks will never find him here, good work everyone

  4. And season 2 will take the iron throne of streaming shows

  5. Black Aly, Cregan Stark. Kermit Tully. Tabitha Frey. Lord Rodrick Dustin aka Roddy the Ruin. Please. Please please don’t ruin these characters. There’s no need to change them for any narrative. Please.

  6. I think they messed up this series with the actors

  7. aegon : fvck dignity
    me : fvck dignity? how about fvck you ( in gordon ramsay voice )

  8. Thumbnail dekh k mujhe lga Witcher season 3 aa gya😂😂😂😂

  9. Has House of the Dragon justified the way they ripped off Shrek in season 1?

  10. Who is the dragon at the end?! Is that Syrax? Cus ik last season they couldn’t really age Syrax and make her bigger. So is this her? Just with better CGI?

  11. धुर्व राठी को कौन कौन जानता हैं 😮

  12. This is true fantasy not that rings of power crap. Long live GRRM Long live Tolkien's True Legacy.

  13. Wish they didn't make the Greens cartoonish villains

  14. I sure hope they fixed the abysmal HDR implementation from the first season.

  15. Mujhe kya
    Me to JioCinema me 29 rupay deke dekhunga ye 🗿

  16. to be a king has always meant to be a protector, because the king is the father of the realm, that is the real meaning behind the word Patriarchy.

  17. I don't want another complex character reduced to "she's my queen"

  18. I neeeeeeed a recap because the wait feels like an eternity now 😢

  19. I really love Aemond sm even though I know what’s gonna happen to him I’m gonna be crying when it comes up, but it’s ok! 😭

  20. So transphobic! How come they have to be either a king or queen?! Cancel this anti-lbgt propaganda NOW!!

  21. рашия против Украины

  22. I'm just waiting for a faceoff between Daemon and Aemond !!!

  23. I saw ICE in there ! Might actually see it in action!

  24. "War is coming, and neither of us may win" – wOwwwwww

  25. First season was OK. Hope this one's better

  26. Team Neutral where you at?

    We root all sides and no sides, and just wanna watch chaos!!

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