House of the Dragon: SIZE COMPARISON

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Which dragon is the Biggest?
How big are they compared to those in Game of thrones?
And in Song of Ice and Fire?

Abbreviations :

Game of Thrones – GOT
House of the Dragon – HOD
A Song of Ice and Fire – ASOIAF


0.00 – Intro
0.39 – The Last Dragon size?
1.16 – Wun Wun Size
2.10 – Vermax Size
2.26 – Syrax Size
2.49 – Seasmoke Size
3.10 – Drogon and Sunfyre
3.35 – Meleys Red Queen
3.58 – Caraxes True Size
4.10 – Vhagar Size
4.29 – Vermithor and Balerion
4.36 – The Cannibal Dragon

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  1. Dragons had different genetics , therefore their growth was accordingly

  2. Man people breaking heads over things which only exist in fantasy….you know what, find better things to do and get a life maybe

  3. Balerion , Vhagar , Maraxes ( if lived long enough ) Cannibal , Vermithor , Silverwing , Caraxes , Grey ghost , Sheepsteeler , Drogon , Meleys , Seasmoke , Rhaegal , Viserion , Sunfyre , Dreamfyre , Tesserion , Syrax , Vermax , Arrax , Tyraxes , Stormcloud , Morghul , Morning , Shrykos , The Last dragon

  4. Balerion is to be the biggest but in the red keep, the skull is soo small.

  5. Drogon tops this list when he comes back 👍

  6. Showed a bunch of pictures and I still don't know the sizes by comparison

  7. Vhagar is bigger than Vermithor, but Vermithor is newer than Vhagar.
    That means it will grow even more.

  8. some of these "calculations" are off

  9. OK but does anyone here know the dragon Daemon found inside the cave in the last episode?

  10. You better post who rides this bcoz we didn't learn that shit to

  11. The mountain was not 8.5 feet tall. LOL

  12. Mad how vermithor is 100 years old and nearly as big as vhagar and she’s 170ish. I’m sure if vermithor lived another 100 years he’d outgrow balerions size

  13. How tall is Vagar? Because I only know that it is 150 meters long

  14. Drogon is the same size as the cannibal what?

  15. At 150 m long from nose to tail that means Vhagar's wingspan is at least 300 m, and that means she is about as big as Ghidorah and way bigger than even Godzilla. Let that sink in. Balerion could literally eat Godzilla then, and Cannibal is even bigger yet!!!

  16. The dragons in these 2 series vary in size from scene to scene as bad as Godzilla.

  17. Sheepstealer is far bigger than where you put it. Its almost as old as Vermithor and spend his entire life in the wild where the dragons grow bigger. Sheepstealer is almost certainly at least bigger than Caraxes if not a very similar size to Vermithor/Vhagar which shows how fuckin huge the Cannibal is to drive away Sheepstealer without even having to fight him lol (especially since we know how aggressive sheepstealer is with how many dragonseeds were killed by him in the sowing)

  18. This was the worst comparison I have ever seen

  19. The Cannibal was not as big as Balerion but The Cannibal grows only when aging and he might still be alive so The Cannibal must have grown to almost double the size of Balerion

  20. Got dragons were not that big in books they just aged them up

  21. This list was so confusing. Doubles with contradicting information… Also the Cannibal is NOT as big or bigger than Balerion… Not even as big as Vhagar…. What even

  22. Toothless would wipe all the dragons out to be honest 😂😂😂😂

  23. So, is Balerion still alive in the show?

  24. Drogon is going to be the next Balerion 🔥🔥

  25. Funny how this is missing dreamfyre oh well

  26. Your unenthusiastic voice makes me wanna rethink being alive…seriously feels like you'd rather die than talk about house of dragons.

  27. you got cm (centimeters = 10^-2 meters) wrong, it should be m (meters)

  28. And Baela Targaryen said that Moondancer could beat Cannibal…🤭

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