House of the Dragon: SIZE COMPARISON

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Which dragon is the Biggest?
How big are they compared to those in Game of thrones?
And in Song of Ice and Fire?

Abbreviations :

Game of Thrones – GOT
House of the Dragon – HOD
A Song of Ice and Fire – ASOIAF


0.00 – Intro
0.39 – The Last Dragon size?
1.16 – Wun Wun Size
2.10 – Vermax Size
2.26 – Syrax Size
2.49 – Seasmoke Size
3.10 – Drogon and Sunfyre
3.35 – Meleys Red Queen
3.58 – Caraxes True Size
4.10 – Vhagar Size
4.29 – Vermithor and Balerion
4.36 – The Cannibal Dragon

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  1. sunfyre was not bigger than syrax as he hatches on dragon mount in and is then claimed by aegon in 120 ac but he was born abt 115-17

  2. Sunfyre is same size as Syrax and Meraxes is at Vhagar size

  3. Is there any chance of vermuthhall. Used by black against vhgar (greens)

  4. What if Drogon lived 220 years like Balerion the Black Dread, how big would he be?

  5. Wun Wun was definitely way taller than that💀

  6. This video shows… that he didn´t have read the book.

  7. who is vermithrax, essovius and ghiscar? theyre not in any of the books or showsalso no, vermithor is smaller than vhagar in any book or show

  8. you seem to be confused Arrax was tiny compared to Vermax and Vhegar is the biggest dragon alive Vhermithor is the next big and Silverwing after consindring they are a mated pair that was hatched almost at the same time. And Syrax is certainly bigger and older than Sunfyre

  9. Its kinda confusing with you listing some of the Dragons twice.

  10. Wtf Where are other important characters?And Cannibal is not Bigger than Baleriab

  11. Drogon was bigger than Meleys. So, this video is dumb!

  12. I just 🧡 the Deadly 🔥breathing
    #Dragon🐲🐉 of Asia & Europe equally.

  13. sl made please do a video of the strongest Mr and Doctors in fiction.. size comparison is to much on this channel now

  14. Balerion’s design is really cool

  15. Please show us always a human or a small dragon as comparison otherwise we can only see numbers and pictures but not the real size of the dragons( my English is bad , I’m sorry) but I guess you know what I mean

  16. Can you please make another like this for dragons from movies and shows that PG 13/TV 14 and below, because they're appropriate in which most people have seen?

  17. The mountain is definitely not 8 and 1/2 ft tall. He's only 6'9

  18. drogon for asoif is wrong, in the books hes no larger than a horse but great vid

  19. I think the fact is that Vhaega is the biggest followed by Vermithor. We only dont wanna agree because we are mostly on the black side and not green

  20. "About the size of Balerion or even bigger" is just pure speculation.

  21. can you guys do thor vs wonder woman pls it would make my day

  22. Who the hell made this video ??

    Almost every thing is wrong.
    – dragons that doesn't exist like essovius and ghiscar were just mentioned by viserys bragging about dragons.
    – mistaken the picture of drogon of season 4 for rhaegal
    – vermithor is no way bigger than vaghar

  23. Vhagar was confirmed by the VFX artists to measure 150 meters(492ft) in length). Plus there ain't no way that Balerion is only that size compared to Vhagar. Balerion was born in 114BC and was the last creature to have ever seen Valyria while Vhagar was born in 52BC on Dragonstone. Balerion was 6 decades older than Vhagar by the time of her birth alone. And he kept growing for another 92 years until his death. Balerion would be easily at least 50% bigger than Vhagar. Also Vermithor is smaller than Vhagar only being the second biggest after her and third biggest after Balerion.

  24. Its already starting wrong because morning didnt grow in size at all

  25. Arrax is Tiny, Vermax is way bigger in the show you can see them flying side by side

  26. 😂 why is the cannibal on the size level of balerion. It’s not even bigger than vhagar or Vermithor

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